Top Reasons to Use Article Forge Over Other AI Writing Tools

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March 9, 2023 ( PR Submission Site )

Article Forge uses AI to write the best possible articles from scratch. Their content is focused on SEO and is very easy to read for the masses. If you run an online blog, Article Forge can save you both time and money by making your workflow extremely efficient and faster. It can also be integrated with other tools to make your Article Forge experience even better.

There are many reasons that would make you want to use Article Forge. The number 1 reason is that it can write an entire 700+ words article, including images and videos, and subtopics in less than one minute. That speed is impossible for any human to achieve no matter how fast they type. Article Forge does not have any limit on how many words you can write in an article. However, you can be limited to generating 1500 words maximum in some cases.

Article Forge not only offers a lot of additional features in comparison to other AI writing tools, but its pricing plans are also much better options. For example, their basic plan of 25,000 words can be bought at only $13 a month. That price is ridiculous given that you get human-quality articles. If you were to hire an actual content writer, the cost and time it will take for 25,000 words, will be just too much.

Stick with me till the end of the article to find out many other reasons to use Article Forge rather than any other AI writing tool.

Why You Should Use Article Forge?

What kind of features make Article Forge stand out from the rest of AI writing tools? These are interesting and valid questions given that there are so many options these days. Keep reading to find the answers to these questions.

The biggest advantage that Article Forge has over any other AI content writing tool is that Article Forge is fast, fast like no other tool. Article Forge can write you a fully furnished article in less than 60 seconds. This might sound impossible but they made it possible with the help of the strong and smart use of AI. Article Forge also offers flexible pricing solutions for its services. You can get benefited from their regular discount offers as well.

Article Forge is extremely easy-to-use and anyone from any background can use it. Even people who are not tech-savvy use Article Forge daily to create many different articles every day. All you have to do to use Article Forge is enter your keyword/topic. And select how long you want the article to be. And you are good to go for Article Forge to write a complete article for you.

One other key factor that makes Article Forge so special is its API access. It is a great chance for any developer to integrate other useful tools into Article Forge. This leads to ease in the workflow and improved quality of the content that Articel Forge writes for you. You can integrate SEO tools into Article Forge to make the content even easier for Google ranking.

Some of the main tools that you can integrate into Article Forge include WordAi and the Post Scheduler for WordPress. WordAi can help you rewrite the article that you have just created with Article Forge. This article can be made into 100 different copies via WordAi. The WordPress post scheduler lets you publish the articles written by Article Forge to WordPress automatically.

The other tools that you can integrate into Article Forge using its API include RankerX which is super helpful for SEO ranking. The rest of the integration options are also centered around SEO and include tools like SEO AutoPilot, CyberSEO, GSA Search Engine Ranker, and SEnuke TNG. All of these tools make Article Forge even more useful. They also help in making the articles more optimized for SEO.

The quality of the content written by Article Forge cannot be ignored as well. No other AI tool is as consistent as Article Forge when it comes to the quality of content. You will feel like the content is written by a human when you read Article Forge’s articles. The AI technology that they use is pretty well-trained. Hence resulting in some really good quality articles on any topic.

It is also worth noting that Article Forge willfully writes content that is undetectable to AI content-detecting tools. Their content also passes Copyscape with flying colors. Which is the go-to tool for detecting plagiarism. All this can mean only one thing, Article Forge is the best AI content writing tool so far.

The pricing plans of Article Forge are super easy to understand and anyone can clearly see what they offer and at what price. They have flexible payment and word-limit solutions for a large number of groups. They also offer a custom pricing plan for big enterprises. Article Forge allows you to pay monthly and yearly, depending on your priorities.

Article Forge’s pricing plans start from $13 a month and this plan includes 25,000 words of writing. If you go up, the price increases to $27, and the word limit is 100,000 words. You will have to pay yearly for the prices to be so low. Their custom plan can also allow multiple users to work on the same plan.

The Best AI Content Writer: Conclusion

It is quite understandable that many AI content writers would claim to be the first-choice tools. However, it is rarely brought to reality by these tools. Article Forge is the opposite of those all. It uses AI to write the best content possible. It does all this while still keeping the content SEO-focused and easy to read.

Article Forge offers pricing plans that are cheaper, and more flexible than other competing AI tools. One other reason to use Article Forge is the plethora of features that it offers. Including the API to open the door to integrations and endless creative features. It all comes down to Article Forge providing quality in its articles which makes it the best option among all the AI content writing tools.


This post talks in details about the top reasons why one should be preferring Article Forge over other AI Writing Tools for their SEO & Link Building Campaigns.

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