Angel Air Ambulance Service In Kolkata Provides Medical Transportation

angel air ambulance service
May 10, 2023 ( PR Submission Site )

The medical transportation medium that is safe and time efficient plays a major role in saving plenty of lives every year and nothing more than an air ambulance can be of that caliber. Angel Air Ambulance provides Air Ambulance Service in Kolkata that guarantees to reach the selected destination without much waiting time or complication as we have a team that responds to the emergency relocation needs of the patients as soon as the requester confirms the booking.

We provide services that have recognition from the healthcare industry and never fail to come up to the expectations of the patients. As we have a proven track record of being a casualty-free and comforting medical transportation provider and the accolades we have earned for offering successful evacuation missions prove it. We provide Air Ambulance from Kolkata to Delhi, Guwahati, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Jaipur, and several other cities of India and even abroad so that the patient receives services both domestically and internationally without any complication.

Angel Air Ambulance Service in Delhi has Earned Prestigious Accolades for Presenting Successful Medical Transportation

Angel Air Ambulance Service in Delhi has earned a prestigious rating notch and several accreditations for offering hassle-free and safety-compliant medical transportation services amidst medical emergencies. People can trust our company to provide medical transportation with a hospital-like environment inside the aircraft carrier having an intensive care unit and basic to advanced life support facilities inside the medical jets that are opted for punctual transfers. We have a team of expert case-managing personnel who ensure the transportation mission is laid out without causing any difficulties or delays at any step of the journey.

It so happened that Air Ambulance in Delhi was requested to shift the patient to a medical center away from the residing location so that the patient could reach the medical facility without any trouble. We quickly arranged the air ambulance with the intensive care unit which would have ended up shifting patients without any discomfort. The journey to the medical center was not delayed and the interior of the medical jet was incorporated with advanced life-saving equipment so as to conclude the evacuation process without any casualties. To keep the patient in a stabilized state we also ensured a medical team accompanied the patient throughout the journey and that the transportation mission got completed efficiently.


Angel Air Ambulance provides Air Ambulance Service in Kolkata that guarantees to reach the selected destination without much waiting time or complication.

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