Alex Cara With The Weeknd And Many Other Artists on The Same Stage

alex cara with the weeknd
August 8, 2022 ( PR Submission Site )

Alex Cara is a singer from the Republic of Moldova. Until the age of 25, he released a lot of music in the Republic of Moldova and then went to Romania where he was successful. Now the artist will open a big concert that will take place in Frankfurt. Very big names like Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, and many others will sing on the same stage.

Alex Cara, or Alexandru Carabetchi as he is known by his family and friends, is a singer, and songwriter from the Republic of Moldova. The Alex Cara project began in 2017 and quickly rose to fame in Romania as well as in the artist’s home country. March 2018 marks the release of his first single “Cosmarul meu”. his successful single “Te joci cu ea” propelled the artist into the Romanian musical industry.

Alex Cara is one of the youngest artists who has collaborations with very big artists. It all started two years ago when it was launched in Romania and was successful for a year on all radio and TV stations in the country. he had over 100 concerts in a year.

Alex Cara is going to release an Album with 13 songs and 3 videos. For him, this album is the most important thing in his career. that’s what he says. in 2023, it expects to launch in Europe as well

His songs managed to conquer a very large audience in 2 years and he is very proud of that. in every interview, Alex Cara confesses with love everything he went through and said that it is not so easy. there is a lot of work and ambition behind it.
his advice is to move forward and not get beaten up. fight and everything will come by itself. Enjoy the show and have fun!



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