How To Teach Your Dog To Fetch In 7 Simple Steps

7 steps teach your dog to fetch
December 22, 2022 ( PR Submission Site )

Looking for ways to Teach Your Dog To Fetch In Simple Steps is crucial. It might take some practice, but once you get the hang of it, your dog will wait for that time every day! There are seven simple steps to train your dog to play a round of fetch. Read until the end of this article to know more about these steps.

Fetching is one of the most common games you can play with your dogs. These furry little friends love balls and sticks to play with. Most of them even wait for that time of the day when they can play fetch with their owners. Whether you own a large backyard or have a dog park next to your location, take your dog with you for a round of fetch.

7 Simple Steps To Teach Your Dog To Fetch

STEP 1. Start playing tug

Always start your teaching methodology with a game of tug-war. To Teach Your Dog To Fetch In Simple Steps, you need to stick him into a game of tug of war. After a few seconds, let go of the toy. While supervised, give your dog a few seconds to shake and play with the newly found toy.

If your dog is playing tug of war for the first time, there are simple steps to follow this game for a successful round every time.

STEP 2. Call your dog

To get an answer on How to teach fetch to a puppy, you need to learn how to call your dogs first. While your dog still has the tug toy in its mouth, give them a call from a short distance.

It helps in providing that consistent command. Ask your dog to “bring it” to you by calling him out first by its name. When the dog gets right back to you, get that toy from its possession and re-engage the game. Repeat this step a few times.

If your dog is unwilling to move forward with the tug, try to run away. Most of the time, the dogs will follow you. Then grab that handle and re-engage in another round. Practice this step a few times before calling them again from a short distance.

STEP 3. Ask for a leave

Once you start playing the tug game, ask your dog to leave. When they let go of the toy, toss it around a foot or two. Make sure to throw the toy only a little. Whenever your dog picks it up and runs back to you, praise him for his excellent work. He takes the toy from his mouth and then throws it again to re-engage the game.

STEP 4. Add distance

Once your dog can run and fetch the tug toy, it is time to increase the throwing distance. After asking your dog to leave the toy:

    1. Throw it further away.
    2. Increase the space, so you set your pet up for success every time.
    3. Once the dog gets the toy you have thrown, tell them to bring it to you and re-engage in the game further.

If you think at What age to teach the puppy to fetch, it is usually when the dog starts to walk and run. Introduce this game at a tender age to help dogs grasp the rules of it pretty well and fast!

STEP 5. Use different toys

It would help if you chose a tug toy that is weighted perfectly for throwing. These toys are great for retrieving without adding too much pressure on the dogs. Once your dog gets the hang of all the steps mentioned above, it is time to add different toys, balls, and Huggies with each round.

If your dog doesn’t feel motivated to go and retrieve the tug, try using a food-based toy. The Clam is an excellent choice for you to address now.

STEP 6. Teach your dog to “drop it.”

You are looking for ways to Teach Your Dog To Fetch In Simple Steps, and this one is another exciting step to follow. You will teach your dog to drop the toy after fetching and bringing it back to you. It is fun to play tug of war with your pet, but it will get old soon. Your dog might feel frustrated after a specific time.

You can practice this working mode by adding “fetch” and “hold” as commands, but you must introduce some treats when the dog finally drops the toy. The dogs will then drop the toy after fetching it because they want to munch on some goodies.

STEP 7. Start small, and teach “hold.”

While teaching around fetch, you can set up your pup by using smaller products or toys first. It helps in minimizing frustration, which will put a damper on the fun. It would help if you also tried rewarding your dog every time he performs the desired action.

It doesn’t matter how small the action is; praising your dog for that is always better. It helps your pet to understand what you are trying to achieve and will get him excited throughout the process!

Once you know what pheasant toy for dogs your pooch love, spend some time and teach him to hold the toy tightly; at first, hold the toy out and reward any form of interaction like sniffing. Then present your pup with a treat and verbal clue “hold” while putting the toy in his mouth.

When you are comfortable with these steps, wait to remind him and let him hold the toy for 1 to 2 seconds. Work your way up slowly by infusing the command “hold” with treats. For more information visit Crew LaLa website.

The final say:

These simple steps help you understand how to treat your pup and how to fetch it. There are so many toys to use in this regard. Join our team at Crew LaLa, where we provide great discounts on quality bringing toys and even all-natural treats.


Fetching is one of the most common games you can play with your dogs. These furry little friends love balls and sticks to play with.

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