Let’s Nurture Became Technology Partners At Special Olympics World Games 2019 In Abu Dhabi

April 12, 2019 ( PR Submission Site ) A technical lead from Let’s Nurture, an ISO 9001:2015 certified IoT App Development Company in India, has been to Abu Dhabi to be a part of tech team at this mega event in Abu Dhabi.

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We at Let’s Nurture built an IoT solution to track differently-abled athletes on behalf of an IoT company in Dubai. Our Tech Lead Krunal Sojitra is in Dubai working with the team and has been a part to provide the Technical Support for Special Olympics World Games 2019.

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About the Project:

A website development team at Let’s Nurture were given a project handover for developing a software system that tracks the differently abled athletes through a platform at all times using wearables technology and solutions. This software system was developed using the Laravel framework, PHP and MySQL for the database.

This IoT based Athlete Tracking Solution was specially developed for the Head of Delegation of Special Olympics World Games 2019Spoathletes.

“ We have always believed in our expertise to offer tailor-made IoT solutions leveraging cutting-edge technologies. Our own developed solutions being used at a global sports event like Special Olympics World Games in Dubai represents immense strength and belief in our team. This is exactly what we are capable of. We also want to thank our clients who thought of hiring us to deliver their purpose at the games.”- said Delivery Head, Let’s Nurture.

Our Expertise in IoT Solutions:

Renowned for offering custom IoT solutions and services applicable to diverse businesses, Let’s Nurture has expertise in the following services:

  • Industrial IoT development
  • IoT Applications development
  • Wearable App and integration
  • IoT based Prototype development
  • Product Engineering
  • IoT cloud integration with Watson
  • IoT cloud integration with Amazon
  • IoT cloud integration with Azure
  • IoT cloud integration with BOSCH
  • IoT cloud integration with CISCO Connect

If you want to know more about the same IoT & Wearable technologies based POCs and End solutions that can be applicable to various business domains, get in touch with IOT experts by calling on +1-631-954-6922. You can also drop your inquiry to info@letsnurture.com.

Delivery Head of Let’s Nurture visit to Mumbai for Tech Consultation & ODC Business Development Meetings

Being a top IT offshore development company, Let’s Nurture aims to meet new people, fostering personal interactions with a vision to forge a long term client relationship. Our Delivery Head landed in Mumbai on 5th March and headed towards Santacruz with scheduled meetings with a potential client and an existing client. The purpose of the meeting was to offer a thorough technical consultation about the solutions we proposed along with ODC business development model expansion and collaboration to kick off multiple projects.

Meetings which Brought Good News:

Delivery Head of Let’s Nurture had been in constant communication with the CEO of US-based enterprise to propose ODC business development model for his Fintech Product related to commercial bonds. Hence, to pitch our proposal effectively with on hand tech consultation, our Delivery Head went to meet him first. He gave a presentation to explain the benefits of ODC business development model with detailed technologies, Team resources we will provide and timeline to deliver the product.

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Then he headed to meet our existing client for whom we are working on fantasy cricket application development for web platform using Laravel framework with our expertise in PHP web development. Our Delivery Head had a lunch session with this client and then offered technical consultation around the project scalability.

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Last but not least- A meeting with renowned film artist, Filmmaker, and CEO of the company manufacturing CloudTVs. Our Delivery Head again was in consultation with him over the last month. This meeting proved to be the best opportunity to present ODC business development model with technical consultation over our expertise in Amazon Alexa Skill development.


We proposed a solution based on the client’s requirement for Alexa controlled TV Middleware. This meeting really helped to understand the precise client requirements and for the preparation of a proposal document to kickstart the project along with hiring model for Alexa developers.

This is what Let’s Nurture is all about!

Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified mobile app development company, we have fostered diverse industry solutions around the globe. We can be ideal ODC partners in IT domain for businesses who are looking to have custom mobility solutions to enhance various operations and customer experiences.

Through our ODC business development model, we help businesses know about the upfront operational cost to deliver proposed solutions based upon the requirement. Along with that, we help businesses save cost for human resource management, recruitment process, and infrastructure.

To know more about the benefits we can offer through the ODC business development model, get in touch with our expert team for precise consultation.

Team Let’s Nurture Wins a Trophy on Debut at Socio Gully Cricket Tournament 2019

March 27, 2019 ( PR Submission Site ) Cricket team of Let’s Nurture Infotech have stunned everyone by winning Runners up trophy on their debut at Socio Games Corporate Gully Cricket Tournament 2019.

Never give up attitude, fantastic Team Spirit and dedicated on-field performances have seen Team Let’s Nurture bringing a Trophy home on their maiden participation in the corporate gully cricket tournament. A total of 8 teams participated in this tournament, which is usually the most anticipated sporting events in the city. The credit for organizing such an awesome cricketing festival (from 6th March-12th March) obviously goes to Socio Corporate Cricket League foundation!

A Big Thank You to Socio Games Foundation

“ The purpose of Socio Games is to establish a platform to bring corporates of the city together through Sports and boost CSR initiatives.”– said Jay Shah, the Founder of Socio Games.

Being a top custom mobile application development company, Let’s Nurture has huge influence already in the domain of CSR activities in Ahmedabad. This was the primary reason for us to participate in Corporate Gully (Box) Cricket Tournament to help the cause.

Team Let’s Nurture: Road to the Final:

Under the Captaincy of Abhishek Amin- Digital Marketing Manager, and Vice-Captaincy of Priyank Bhojak- Senior Project Manager, Let’s Nurture was looking a proper unit with all guns blazing.

Let’s Nurture cricket team had been put in a tough group along with strong tournament favorites Yudiz, Synoverge, and CIMCON. Against all the odds, the team Let’s Nurture delivered an all-round performance to win nail-biting contests in the group stages and registered victories over all the other teams in the group to enter the semi-final.

SOPHOS from the other group was another big hurdle for our team to be in the finals with strong bowling power in their arsenal. However, our boys again came out on top with a wonderful victory over SOPHOS with 30 runs. Considered as minnows at the start of the tournament, it was a special feeling for us and especially for the team as it was our debut in a format of this kind.

Team Let’s Nurture played against defending champions TCS in the finals and our team absolutely gave their all in what was meant to be a back-to-back game of cricket. We ended up as being the runners up but we were thoroughly proud to have brought the match to the last over.

Purpose and Future Goals:

This tournament has perked us upbringing in new faces to our Let’s Nurture cricket team. Huge credit to all the team members who did give it all that they had on the field and off too. A big thank you to Let’s Nurture management who made us participate in this memorable corporate cricket tournament by building a foundation for the similar events for the future.

Let’s Nurture Infotech is the ideal place to be in for anyone who wants to build a career working with cutting-edge technologies in domains of mobile app development, website development, IoT app development, Chatbots, AR-VR development and more. We have family right here which is not only bound to work and finish milestones, but also given regular chances to shine through various sports and other technology events participation.

Join our amazing family and perk your life up, even at work, with huge opportunities to blossom your professional career in the IT industry.

Let’s Nurture Organizes “IoT World in Android Universe” Meetup to build IoT Community

February 16,2019 ( PR Submission Site ) Let’s Nurture, A leading IoT app solutions development company held an amazing event at their Offshore Development Center in Ahmedabad just in order to build IoT community within the region. Their aim was to build IoT Community of IoT Engineers by sharing knowledge on how to integrate IoT solutions with Android SDKs to provide automation solutions for multiple industries.

A Message from the Delivery Head:

The meetup started with a bright sunny morning, welcoming Snr. IoT professionals and Snr. Android developers. Their Delivery Head along with Snr. Android developer team, Project Management team, and Business Analyst Team further pioneered the event by introducing the IoT solutions Let’s Nurture provides or has already fostered to the clients. The Android Developer team showcased and performed a live demo of several products.

IoT based Solutions their Android Team Showcased:

Medcheck-IoT based health care solution:

Let’s Nurture strongly believes the success of a company relies on the health of its employees. Hence their in-house team of experts has developed an IoT based mobile app that compiles the data (i.e., blood pressure and glucose history) into reports, which customers can print and bring to doctor’s appointments.

Revita5- Smart Healthcare solution:

A health and fitness tracker that leverages the power of Heart Rate Variability to reduce stress, transform your body & REVITAlize your life. The app displays and stores wellness data, schedules diet plan, workout plan, and meditation plan, calculate the Current heartbeat rate and calories burned and shows Revitalization chart as well.

Y5Home- A Revolutionary Automation Solution:

An application that provides smart home and office automation solutions. The app allows you to have control of electric switches even when you are far away from home. The app helps to manage gadgets from outside, add more safety & security to life and allow access and control appliances and gadgets from literally anywhere.

Luggage Tracker:

The app helps to track your luggage during the journey. The app includes exclusive features like Beacon Configuration, Luggage Scanning, and Distance-Based notifications.

Moving forward, their Senior Android Developers rendered the presentation by providing pros and facts about Medcheck. They also added the technologies used in making the app. The whole event got excited when the audience came up with their own ideas and the whole group brainstormed how to implement them. Overall the whole environment filled up with so many creative ideas brought down the event to great success.

Let’s Nurture – A Top Android app development company having delivered numerous Android projects based on GPS Tracking Solutions, IoT application development, Wearable App Development for various industries like healthcare and fitness using IoT and BLE technologies.

Core IT services offered by Let’s Nurture:

  • IoT App Development
  • Chatbot Development
  • Blockchain Development
  • AR-VR App Development
  • IT Staff Augmentation
  • Custom Mobile App Development
  • Custom Website Design & Development
  • Digital Marketing

If you want to know more about the Meetup on “IoT World in Android Universe”, get in touch with IOT experts by calling on +1-631-954-6922.

Let’s Nurture’s IoT Powered Healthcare App Solution Wins Slush Singapore 2018 Startups Challenge

September 24, 2018 ( PR Submission Site )“We don’t you to Learn Something. We want you to change something” is the aim of Slush Singapore event which has been promoting and appreciating startups based out of Singapore and other parts of Southeast Asia.

Slush is known to be the startup launchpad of Southeast Asia, and as anticipated, more than 350 startups were in the house to showcase innovative solutions. This mega event gathered 3000+ attendees, 250+ investors, 300+ volunteers, and over 90 speakers. This 3rd edition of Slush Singapore has been all about celebrating technology innovation and entrepreneurship.

A leading IoT based solutions providers in Ahmedabad, India, Let’s Nurture worked hand-in-hand with a Startup based in Singapore. And delivered IoT based healthcare app development project. After 12 months of relentless work, it was time to showcase the baby on the grand platform like Slush.

Team Phillips calls this IoT based Healthcare Solution “A Phenomenon”

A customer was overwhelmed having won this amazing accolade and is motivated as ever with the amazing idea of bringing healthcare to homes. The client then presented this wonderful healthcare solution to Team Phillips and guess what, it paid off. They are now preparing for a full demo to Team Phillips with a potential collaboration in place.

Let’s Nurture has shown the potential to be the best IoT solution providers and has proven it by helping many of its customers from Australia, Singapore, Canada winning challenges like Slush. Their speciality in offering IoT solutions is second to none, having developed an array of IoT based Proof of Concepts (PoCs) and proven solutions for various industries.

Let us have a look at what this IoT based healthcare solution developed by Let’s Nurture for Singapore based startup is all about!

IoT App Solution by Let’s Nurture bringing Healthcare to Homes

Using Bluetooth enabled devices IoT based healthcare mobile apps on Android and iOS, users will be able to monitor blood pressure, blood glucose, BMI measurement, and body weights while saving the data to mobile app instantly. Such a solution can be bliss for people who want to keep track of health records of family members including them.

Smart Features of IoT based Healthcare app solution:

– Portable Mobile Kit
– Health Tracking
– Valuable insights on health
– Send messages to friends and family
– Find and connect to doctors with health record sharing
– Reminders and SoS

“Any IoT company looking for app development should definitely contact them. What’s most impressive is their IoT and Bluetooth experience with speed.”- said CEO of Singapore based Startup who won this competition.

Let’s Nurture has overall expertise in following IoT services:

– Industrial IoT development
– IoT Applications development
– Wearable App and integration
– IoT based Prototype development
– Product Engineering
– IoT cloud integration with Watson
– IoT cloud integration with Amazon
– IoT cloud integration with Azure
– IoT cloud integration with BOSCH
– IoT cloud integration with CISCO Connect

Mr. Ketan Raval, CEO of Let’s Nurture, has sent his best wishes to the client and has left a message to his team at an offshore development centre in Ahmedabad saying, “Our customers are our partners in success and I could not be more proud for my Let’s Nurture family. It has been an amazing journey of 10+ years, and nothing more feels special when you cater your clients with such solutions that can transform lives of the millions.”

If you want to know more about the same IoT healthcare app solutions or range of IoT based POCs and solutions that can be applied to various business domains, get in touch with IOT experts by calling on +1-631-954-6922. You can also drop your inquiry to enquiry@letsnurture.com.

Let’s Nurture Aims to Provide Platforms to Fabricate New Ideas for its Employees

August 30, 2018 ( PR Submission Site ) Creative ideas reside in people’s mind but are trapped by fear or rejection. So, Let’s Nurture creates a judgment-free environment, where its members can unleash a torrent of creativity.

We celebrate skill development day on every 4th Saturday of each month. All the departments including iOS development team, mobile app development team, design team, digital marketing team and sales team were the participants who enhanced their skills. We created groups where members of each department are placed wisely and are assigned with some projects or tasks. The company not only focuses on core stuff, they also have games included in these events, everyone celebrates this day as a family with lots of joy and fun.

A day filled with a Plethora of Skills & Innovative Ideas

This time, the company came up with ideas where members can explore their talents and showcase their creative ideas via presentations. This helps to increase team interaction and team building activities. It enhances the technical knowledge. And the whole team gets to know the business strategy. So, they discovered 2 events; Ideathon and Blogathon.


The whole family was divided into 3 teams, and were assigned to develop an app along with its features, designs, marketing strategies, business model and targeted audience on the following projects:

– Team 1 (Bytes On Tap) was assigned to build a “Peer to peer file transferring app like (xender, share it)”.
– Team 2 (Calling Thunder) were tasked to create a “Video calling app for mobile and web”.
– Team 3 (Drishtify) had to design “An app that can provide help to blind peoples”.

The event was judged by Mr. Jay Shah and Mr. Sunil Veluri. The event continued for 6 hours. Each member did brainstorming and came up with different features, which had an impressive impact on our judges.


A blog gives you the opportunity to create relevant content for your customers as it works as a marketing tactic to drive traffic back to a company website. So, new interns were given individual topics to write a blog upon. The event was guided and judged by Mr. Abhishek Amin. Under his guidance participants came up with some really cool contents within a less time.

At the end of the day, our judges were equipped with the outcomes. Winners were revived with awards. Addition to that we also had a brief session on how can we work on our ideas, how can we improve our blog writings, how to represent our ideas in front of others and much more.

We get to learn and develop our skills with much fun embedded. This is how work and celebration go hand-in-hand at Let’s Nurture. Want to know more? Get in touch with our experts by calling on +1-631-954-6922. You can also contact us at  info@letsnurture.com

Allied Market Research Ranks Let’s Nurture As a Top Player in Healthcare App Market

August 30, 2018 ( PR Submission Site ) “With advanced technology leaving footprints in every sector wonderfully, the healthcare industry is no different. It is a matter of great pride for the whole team of Let’s Nurture and it motivates us to keep working hard on new innovations and solutions that would approach real-life problems” – Mr. Ketan Raval, CEO of Let’s Nurture.

Let’s Nurture gets a special mention by Allied Market Research as key players operating in the value chain for the healthcare domain.

Have a look at it: Allied Market Research ranks Let’s Nurture as a tough competitor in healthcare industry

Let’s Nurture Infotech Pvt Ltd, a leading healthcare solutions provider in India, UK, USA, Australia, Singapore, and Canada, feels delighted and thrilled by this elite recognition. Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Let’s Nurture has a rich experience in providing robust and scalable healthcare solutions to the clients since last 10 years.

Implementing cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IoT solutions, AR-VR integration and Chatbot development into healthcare solutions, Let’s Nurture provides a tough competition to other companies that develop healthcare solutions.

Healthcare solutions provided by Let’s Nurture are:

– Wearable Healthcare and utility Apps
– MedConnect to measure blood pressure and blood glucose
– Advanced Hospital Mobility solutions
– Nutrition App for daily calorie intake

IoT based healthcare solutions by team Let’s Nurture that adds glory to their portfolio includes MedConnect which measures blood pressure and blood glucose level and allows to save data with a mobile application. Another such solution is the Nutrition app which enables you to keep a track of daily calories intake and Wearable devices that keep a track of activities, monitor heart rate and sleeping pattern.

For 10+ years, Let’s Nurture has been serving clients globally with its innovative solutions and unparalleled services in mobile application development, website development, IoT based solutions and cognitive technologies like Chatbot development and AR-VR integration.

Get in touch with us to discuss any similar idea on healthcare app solution or call us on 631-954-6922.