Aromatherapy Making Class Will be Held on November 3rd in Halethorpe, MD

(prsubmissionsite) October 28, 2019 – Sonja Secrets Aromatherapy & Wellness Lounge to conduct Aromatherapy101 make/take Class on Sunday, November 3, 2019


Sonja Secrets Aromatherapy & Wellness Lounge to conduct Aromatherapy101 make/take Class on Sunday, November 3, 2019, 11am-1pm, the class will take place at 2817 Hammonds Ferry Road Halethorpe, Maryland 21227. All participants will be charged a fee of $60.00, all materials included for class. Participants will learn the secrets of how to blend ingredients and make own bath and massage oils, hand and face lotions, or room refreshers and potpourri.  

Maria Talton is the owner Sonja Secrets Aromatherapy & Wellness Lounge in Halethorpe MD. This is the place where people can get custom made aromatherapy products made on the spot while they enjoy relaxing in their beautiful lounge snacking and drinking for free. On the course, she will teach how to make custom made aromatherapy products. The class of aromatherapy making is demystifying and it will teach many ways to add essential oils in life. After the class, the participants will be hoped to gain enough knowledge to start trying some simple blends and courage to experiment by creating own unique blends. Some activities will be conducted on the class, such as learn a little about the plants and the history, learn about what exactly are these things called essential  oils, carrier oils; learn ways to add essential oil and herbs into your life, learn how to dilute and blend, learn the correct way to measure and blend, learn where to buy the oils and supplies, learn about safety and storage issues, and the participants will be given many recipes for beginning concoctions.

Sonja Secrets Aromatherapy & Wellness Lounge is a black owned woman business the first of its kind in Maryland. They provide alternative natural  remedies using herbs and aromatherapy that may reverse or prevent different ailments.

“We are not physicians and do not diagnose anyone. We create all natural remedies  that is based on your individual needs. Anywhere from acne treatments to hair growth, we got you covered”, Maria Talton – The owner of Sonja Secrets Aromatherapy & Wellness Lounge

About Sonja Secrets Aromatherapy & Wellness Lounge

Sonja Secrets Aromatherapy & Wellness Lounge by Maria Talton is a new place in Halethorpe, Maryland, where people can get their custom made aromatherapy and herbs products are made directly while they relax in the beautiful lounge enjoying snack and beverage for free. Their services include Reiki Therapy, Chakras Clearing, Body Scrubs, Herbal Consultation, Cleopatra Milk Bath, Meditation Therapy, and Sonja Secret Aztec Facials. Aside from services described above. They are also conducting  Aromatherapy101 make/take Class, which will be held on November 3, 2019. For more information about the class, feel free to visit



Maria Talton

Sonja Secrets Aromatherapy & Wellness Lounge

2817 Hammonds Ferry Road, Halethorpe, Maryland 21227, United States



Benovate Launches New Employee Satisfaction Insights Within Wellness Platform

The Living Growth Assessment expands on Benovate’s wellness engagement platform to support a healthy workplace culture.

Minneapolis, PR Submission Site ) Dec 5, 2018: A staggering 51% of employees in the United States are searching for new jobs (Gallup, 2016). The modern workforce is ever-changing, and culture and engagement are key drivers in keeping and retaining top performers. Does an employer know how satisfied and engaged their employees truly are at any given time? If so, what do they do about it? Benovate, a nationally recognized health technology startup, recently released their Living Growth Assessment to help organizations zero in on what factors are impacting their employee satisfaction and performance through real-time data.

Combined with Benovate’s patented wellness engagement platform and Living Health Risk Assessment, organizations are now able to gain unique insights across both health and employee satisfaction. By utilizing Benovate, employees are able to answer questions, connect health trackers and integrate biometric data, all of which inform what content and programming an employee will see. Every employee gets their own unique program, based on their needs and interests. Work has an enormous impact on an employee’s health, from stress and burnout to environment and resources. Overall, health also affects an employee’s ability to engage in their work. Bringing work insights into Benovate’s existing wellness platform deepens the impact of the program because of the ability to guide an employee through both synonymously, as well as enhancing the wealth of easy-to-access aggregate data to the employer within their Admin Dashboard.

The first step in changing workplace engagement is understanding what leads to indifference. Burnout and culture are high-level indicators, but diving deeper into key measurements such as work expectations, growth opportunities, and work environment help get to the root cause of disengagement, help predict turnover rate, and indicate related health risks. These factors are continuously changing, so checking in with employees on a regular basis allows for real-time feedback and intervention before an employee becomes complacent or leaves an organization, or before a catastrophic health event occurs. “At Benovate, we believe that consistent and regular micro-assessments are key to making each individual employee experience as beneficial and impactful as possible,” notes Katherine Rowe, Lead Content Specialist at Benovate.

Data collection is only one piece of the puzzle. Understanding what is happening within a workforce is only as valuable as the action that is taken from that data. Benovate’s Living Growth Assessment is embedded with weekly pulse questions to support answers to longer-term work questions. Combining this with answers about health, relationships and finances give Benovate the ability to fine tune programming, and target content activities that are truly going to make an impact on an employee’s health and work engagement. Content adapts to each individual based on their immediate needs for improving their lifestyle for better health and work engagement. Organizations can use real-time aggregate data to make cultural changes in specific areas most impacting their workforce. Combining intrinsic change with organizational and management support lends itself to a higher rate of successful engagement.

Businesses in the top quartile for engagement see a 21% higher profitability and 41% lower absenteeism (Gallup, 2016), not to mention a healthier workforce. Benovate is leading the way by embedding employee satisfaction within a wellness technology. This innovative solution opens the doors to new employee insights that can change the way organizations look at employee engagement, and helps guide them in what they should do about it. Information and solutions for health and employee satisfaction no longer need to be siloed, making it easier for employees to participate and make changes in their everyday lives that will impact their own health and their organization’s culture simultaneously.

Benovate is based in Minneapolis, MN, working with clients nationally on their employee health engagement needs. The workplace wellness program is administered through a digital, interactive platform, enabling organizations to reduce workplace stress, boost morale, increase productivity and alter workplace culture for the better, changing the way employees think about health. When employees learn to make healthy choices on a regular basis, they are empowered to accomplish more.


– Americans are rarely engaged in their work, and more than half are looking for new employment (Gallup, 2016).

– Benovate embeds real-time employee satisfaction insights into to their health engagement platform, bringing a new, rarely integrated solution to market.

– Growth opportunities, pay/benefits, management, and company culture are among the top reasons for employee turnover. The new Benovate Living Growth Assessment adapts to employee concerns to improve engagement.

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Michael M. Birdman, President & CEO
Phone: 877-236-6828
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AHP Launches Revised Wrap Book for Veterans and People in Active Service

Sudbury, Massachusetts, United States ( PR Submission Site ) – Human Potential Press (HPP), the publishing arm of Advocates for Human Potential, Inc., (AHP) today announced the launch of an update to the 2007 book Wellness Recovery Action Plan for Veterans and People in the Military. The brand-new publication, Wellness Recovery Action Plan for Veterans, Active Service Members, and Military in Transition, is now available for preorder and will begin shipping August 17, 2018.

As WRAP’s customer base of individuals, facilitators, trainers, and organizations continues to grow, so has a need for evolving materials. WRAP for Veterans, Active Service Members, and Military in Transition has new information and tools specifically for the needs of active duty military members, Veterans, and reservists. Supported by the key concepts, values, and framework of WRAP, this book addresses major issues experienced by today’s Veterans and service members, such as traumatic brain injury (TBI), substance use, trauma, homelessness, and suicide.

“WRAP for Veterans, Active Service Members, and Military in Transition applies recognized principles and practices to challenges and situations unique to members of the armed forces,” comments Mary Jaffe, WRAP Business Manager. “Veterans and service members using WRAP have reported experiencing better overall physical and mental health, reduced use of substances, better pain management, improved sleep, and lower levels of stress, among other benefits.”

WRAP for Veterans, Active Service Members, and Military in Transition presents a proven process to help individuals improve the quality of their lives by incorporating wellness strategies into daily life both during and after military service. This book now features important framing information about how Veterans and people on active duty in the military can use WRAP; real-life stories from Veterans and active military personnel, including women Veterans and people of color; information on transitioning to civilian life after military service; and a dedicated section that directs Veterans to additional resources.

A new foreword from U.S. Army Veteran and Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator, Robert M. Leavy, Former Spc. ARMY 13B, provides readers with an introduction to WRAP from someone who has shared many of the same challenges. “Using WRAP doesn’t mean I have all my issues fixed—it just means that I acknowledge them, and I am taking action by facing them with a plan,” says Leavy. “Putting a spotlight on your problems, bringing them into the light, and facing them head-on is the only way to have power over them. WRAP has taught me how to live the healthiest life I possibly can by giving me the tools to face those issues instead of letting them run my life.”

WRAP is used around the world as a powerful process anyone can use to get well, stay well, and make their life the way they want it to be. Originally developed in 1997 by a group of people who were working to overcome their own mental health challenges, WRAP is now used extensively by people in all kinds of circumstances and by healthcare and mental health systems all over the world to address a variety of physical, mental health, and life issues.

AHP acquired the full line of WRAP and Recovery Books products in July 2016, including 30+ books, manuals, curricula, and other educational products on wellness and recovery, along with websites, a mobile app, and elearning curricula.

Updates to many products in the WRAP catalog of books, recordings, and other products will be rolled out through 2018 and beyond. WRAP recently unveiled the first substantive update in 20 years to its flagship Wellness Action Recovery Plan (WRAP) or “Red Book.” WRAP has also undergone a branding revival, resulting in a fresh new identity for this product line. The WRAP community will also see this new identity throughout WRAP communications, including the email newsletter, website, online bookstore, and social media presence.

Wellness Recovery Action Plan for Veterans, Active Service Members, and Military in Transition is available for immediate preorder at The new books will ship by August 17, 2018.

For more information about Wellness Recovery Action Plan, or to schedule an interview or presentation on WRAP, contact Linda Wolf, Senior Marketing Manager, at 978-261-1401 or