Campus Solution Chosen by Industry Experts in Pitch Competition

Denver-based student portal and mobile-app company find industry recognition for helping colleges and universities connect people, information and systems.

DENVER, ( PR Submission Site ) November 29, 2018: Campus was chosen as ‘Runner Up’ during the “Under the Ed Radar Pitch Competition,” held during EDUCAUSE 2018. AWS was the sponsor of Start-Up Alley, where 47 emerging EdTech companies exhibited solutions involving machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data analytics. Of those, eight startups were selected to compete in the Pitch Competition.

Each presenting company delivered a six-minute pitch to judges from AWS, Tom Andriola (University of California Chief Information Officer), and last year’s winner (Sabina Saksena, Founder and CEO of Cytilife) and Runner-Up (Chris LaConte, Chief Strategy Officer at SpyCloud).

The pitch was evaluated based on a 6-part rubric, including:

1. Clear definition of an unmet higher education customer need (a key issue needing to be solved), combined with how the proposed solution benefits the industry.

2. Demonstrated knowledge of appropriate colleges or universities and how the solution will uniquely serve them.

3. The actions/solution so as to resolve the problem/meet the need.

4. How is the proposed solution different from others in the market today? What is the solution’s unique value proposition for schools, illustrating the company’s advantage?

5. What is the market opportunity and impact to be made? Similarly, can the solution scale to meet demand?

6. Description of the team, which actually drives execution. What experience and differentiated value does the team have? How flexible can the company be?

First place went to Sense Education, an artificial intelligence grading solution for Computer Science courses. Campus was honored to be chosen as Runner-Up, illustrating the power of connection and efficiency.

“This was so affirming,” said Dr. Jeff D. Borden, Chief Academic Officer of Campus, and Pitch presenter. “Hearing one judge say they wanted us to win really supports our belief that connecting students, faculty, and staff to the right people, information and systems at the right time is crucial to student success and institutional effectiveness. Hats off to the ‘in vogue’ AI solution, but this win really helps us maintain focus on the mission of the company. As our vision statement states, ‘Our partners don’t have students who can’t succeed.’”

Campus was awarded two ads in the EDUCAUSE Review, access to an EDUCAUSE event in 2019, and is excited to be coming back as a Graduate Start-Up Company at the Annual EDUCAUSE Conference in Chicago, IL, next year.

While looking forward to next year’s conference, Campus also looks forward to sharing our award-winning solution with all of Higher Education.

About Campus:

Campus is a product of Ucroo Incorporated. Campus is a modern student portal and mobile app (a “digital campus”) that better connects people, information and systems across the student lifecycle – helping universities and colleges improve student recruitment, experience, success and fundraising.

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edynamic Rebrands to Altudo – the 1:1 Personalization Company

New York ( PR Submission Site ) October 26, 2018 – edynamic, a leading global digital marketing, and technology agency, announced their rebrand to Altudo, today. The comprehensive rebrand reflects the company’s new vision and evolution into a specialized customer experience company that leverages best-of-breed Martech platforms, to drive revenue through personalized experiences.

“It’s an opportune time for us to refresh our brand. Today, brands compete on customer experience. Customer Experience leaders deliver personalized and meaningful experiences, wherever their customers can gain their trust and loyalty. Over the past few years, our business has expanded across the breadth of customer experience solutions, and we’ve grown substantially with this singular focus.”

“Altudo finds its origins in the Greek word ‘Altitudo’. To us, it signifies our mission to improve the customer experience our clients deliver to their customers, and take CX to new altitudes. Our growth framework – Revenue Engine, brings our value proposition to life. With the Revenue Engine, we work across Martech ecosystems, with technologies such as Sitecore, SalesForce, and Adobe – combined with experience and strategy capabilities, to create personalized experiences that drive revenue for our clients. Our new brand, Altudo, promises to deliver this value proposition – every time,” says Rahul Khosla, CEO Altudo (formerly edynamic).

“Brands need multiple partners to make their customer experiences work – technologists, data scientists, experience designers and digital marketers,” adds Vivek Mehra, CDO Altudo “We have methodically built out the talent, capabilities and assets, to address these disparate needs in one unified paradigm. We’ve put together Martech frameworks, customer experience design & implementation, and analytics skills for over 8 industries – to deliver end-to-end solutions. With this rebrand, we are unifying these elements to help our clients re-imagine their customer experience and provide clear ROI & growth for their business.”

Learn more about Altudo at

About Altudo

Altudo (formerly edynamic) enables brands to deliver personalized customer experience by integrating the Martech eco-system and create 1:1 personalized experiences, driven by data to grow revenue streams.

Altudo’s Revenue Engine methodology brings together deep Martech Expertise, CX & Demand Gen Strategy, Engagement Analytics & Cross Channel Orchestration to drive personalized experiences.

Altudo counts Sitecore as a key partner. As a Sitecore Platinum partner with 6 Sitecore MVPs, Altudo unleashes the power of Sitecore solution in seamless, personalized website experiences throughout the customer journey.

The organization has completed 2000+ projects for more than 200 clients, including 45+ Fortune 500 firms, to help deliver ROI using their Martech stack including CX strategy, marketing automation, and data analytics.

For more information, pls reach out to:

Amit Thapliyal
Global Director- Marketing