BitNautic Partners With Ethx For Airdrop Promotion

12 September 2019 ( PR Submission Site ) – Ethx is pleased to announce that it has entered into a partnership with BitNautic to airdrop BTNT tokens through ethx platform.

About BitNautic:

BitNautic is a decentralized platform, based on the Ethereum Blockchain, for matching demand and supply of shipping services, for all the industry stakeholders: producers of goods, ship owners, charterers, brokers, importers and exporters.

BitNautic comes with distinctive features like AI (Artificial Intelligence) based booking system, a real-time tracking of ships and cargo, and a wholesale e-commerce platform.

About Ethx:

Ethx is a global cryptocurrency exchange which is making blockchain accessibile to masses and providing blockchain solutions for enterprises as well. In our recent release we had launched TRSTS, which is providing a solutions for enterprises to eliminate the single point of failure when it comes to signing and storing their most critical documents by putting it on blockchain. For more information over TRST you can visit –

New users need to sign up over to claim the BTNT tokens.

Each users can claim upto 40 BTNT tokens by completing the simple tasks. Once their claim has been verified respective tokens will be credited into their account.

It is a decentralized platform, based on the Ethereum Blockchain, for matching demand and supply of shipping services, for all the industry stakeholders: producers of goods, ship owners, charterers, brokers, importers and exporters.

Digital Dollar Coin Partners With For The Listing Of DDC Token

29 july, 2019 ( PR Submission Site ) –, a global cryptocurrency exchange, which is making crypto accessible to masses and providing blockchain solutions for enterprises, is pleased to announce that it has made a strategic partnership with Digital Dollar Coin for their coin listing services for their token.

DDCT is a fully tradable and transferable digital decentralized asset that is simple to use and secure on the Blockchain and suitable for P2P and centralized environments.

Ethx global cryptocurrency exchange which has users from every part of the globe, which is around +950K and has a good stronghold where it is directly positioned. is confident that this will pave the way to DDCT to become a leading player in the decentralized ecosystem. Through this engagement, DDCT will aggressively form alliances with other dynamic partners who can provide a strong global network for the decentralized ecosystem.

About DDCT: Digital Dollar Coin goal is to inspire users to join and build a self-supportive, decentralized ecosystem, which supports a better world by leveraging the ethereum blockchain technology to create an unparalleled, self-supporting global system of sustainability.

Signup & stay tuned for more updates:

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Crypto Research Institute Launches A New Site For Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Awareness

Nov 24, 2018 ( PR Submission Site ): Crypto Research Institute ( CRI ) has launched a new site focussing on educating novice to the blockchain industry and cryptocurrency market and equipping people with fundamentals of crypto investing and trading. CRI is an independent organization composed of a team of miners, traders, developers, and analysts and has more than 20 years experience in other business niches.

The tutorials featured are from the most common question ‘ What is Blockchain’ to the most current trend ‘Pros and Cons of Decentralized Exchanges’ Furthermore, unqualified opinions on trending topics on crypto and fundamental analysis on a coin or token garnering news and attention will be featured on a weekly basis. Webinars and conferences will be held as well to further connect to the cryptocurrency community.

“Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are revolutionary technologies that will significantly improve today’s world in next decades. Because the governments around the world are not putting proper attention to regulate this arena, we have founded an independent self-regulatory institute to help people get informed on facts, not fraudulent actors. I have witnessed my friends losing their homes because of the fraud in crypto markets and that’s why I decided to establish an independent organ that will provide real nonbiased information and thus protect people from crypto fraud. We are proud to have this privilege, knowledge, and experience to help others who need us the most,” said Dejan Skeledzija co-founder and Editor of CRI.

Despite setbacks in the crypto market in the past year, positive news and developments are underway making today the most exciting time to be alive, witness the movement and be part of it – wisely. Bakkt which will be the first Federally regulated, physical delivery price discovery contract for the digital currency and is backed by the same parent company of the New York Stock Exchange will be launched on Jan 24, 2019.  Goldman Sachs and Mike Novogratz have invested 15 million US dollars in Bitgo, the leader in security, compliance and custodial solutions for blockchain-based currencies. The biggest of the news is Fidelity Investments’ announcement of spinning a stand-alone company for institutional investors to take part in the cryptocurrency market. Fidelity is the third largest asset manager in the world.

CoinDesk and MarketWatch research collaboration on market sentiment showed a contrast of belief about crypto market between their audience. 48% of CoinDesk audience see 2019 as the start of Wall Street money flowing into the market while 37% of MarketWatch audience thinks they will not enter. Same contrast of belief is found whether to trust bitcoin blockchain more than a bank’s record-keeping protocols and cybersecurity. Only 10% of CoinDesk audience thinks bitcoin as too risky for investment while the majority of MarketWatch respondents view bitcoin as too risky to buy. However, neither group is interested in government-backed cryptocurrencies.

Interesting how everything will play out by next year, and there’s no other way to prepare but to learn and watch out.

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Network Launch Announcement | open-source p2p infrastructure for smart cities and factories

Airalab is developing an open source robonomics system available on the Ethereum network that implements the standard of economic interaction between human-to-robot and robot-to-robot via liability smart contract. The team has worked tirelessly over the past several years, and is launching the fully functioning version of their product.

They launched a global, decentralized-network where market forces guide the participants—an economy of robots—and at the current stage of robotics development this makes it possible for autonomous robotic systems to communicate and exchange services among themselves and with humans.

 The Airalab team is comprised of a wide array of specialists whose expertise ranges from robotics, IoT, industrial automation and ethereum smart contract development, to name a few. Their advisory board consists of PhDs who specialize in areas including system analysis and finance, as well as an adjunct professor at Boston University.

 Back in 2015 the Airalab team was conducting decentralized IoT concept research. Just a year later in January 2016, they created the first smart contract for drone employees. The year after that they had already developed a robot liability contract prototype. In May 2017, after the successful first phase of their tokensale, the team launched the alpha release of the Robonomics game based on Industry 4.0, and tested the management of completely autonomous supply chains via investors’ capital.

 Use Cases

Their primary use cases have allowed them to do the following: build trust in the services and products produced by smart cities and factories, allow direct user access to autonomous cyber physical systems and manage multi-agent systems with the help of capital. The use cases provide:

 – Decentralized IoT Data Marketplace: Trade data collected by IOT devices and sensors without intermediaries

– Industry 4.0: Direct communication between consumers and smart factories, as well as solely among smart factories

– Trackable Supply Chain: Transparent history of goods and services

– Autonomous Service Providers: Robot-performed services in smart cities

– Management tools for the mass production of services and goods through capital

– Launch of a global supply chain consisting of autonomous factories and logistic services

 What They Want

The platform will empower the Ethereum network infrastructure to be used in Industry 4.0, the IoT and smart cities. The team at Airalab wants to find more individuals to support their project through the contribution of open source code, develop a larger community of like minded individuals who believe in technological progress and spread a deeper understanding of the value of AI: the means by which humans can reinvigorate the value of self-expression and development by replacing menial human jobs with robots.

 Your Opinion

Airalab’s project has produced incredible results, as evidenced by their use cases. The fact of the matter is that no other blockchain based, Industry 4.0 projects provide working solutions. They have a small, but dense community of experts and enthusiasts involved with the project, and want to share their values, ideas and attract more individuals who believe in robonomics.

 They are launching the mainnet very soon, and their whitepaper describes everything the project intends to accomplish in much greater detail; so please, give it a readthrough. If you like what you see, but think you know someone else who might be more interested in what they do, go ahead and shoot them a link to the whitepaper.

 You can also read through the Airalab project’s Github Repositories if you are interested in collaborating through open source. To stay updated you can follow the team’s official accounts on Twitter and Telegram, or just sign up for the newsletter on the official website.

They’re waiting for you, so for more information contact: