PPT Solutions Announces The Launch Of Opptima Operating Model

ULSA, Okla., March 4, 2019 ( PR Submission Site ) –  PPT Solutions, a premier provider of customer experience and business optimization solutions to many of the world’s leading brands, announced today the launch of a new and innovative operating model that merges the company’s industry-leading people, process and technology capabilities and expertise within a single proprietary operating model. Branded as Opptima, the operating model focuses on the successful management of a variety of managed services solutions with a primary concentration on achieving cost-effective, efficient and best-in-class customer experiences through profitable and enhanced service delivery.

“Delivering a differentiating, engaging and sustainable customer experience while growing profitability has become a defining challenge for even the most modern businesses,” stated Dennis Weikle, PPT Solutions’ founder and managing director. “Our Opptima operating model provides companies the critical management consulting, managed services and development and integration capabilities required to increase customer advocacy, enhance revenue and optimize operational efficiency.”

“Opptima represents a significant milestone for our organization,” said Kris Kramer, PPT Solutions’ managing director. “It’s our commitment to a disciplined and methodical approach to business success and delivering transformative and innovative solutions to our clients. It’s also another demonstration of our Reimagining Business vision and evolving our services and solutions in a manner that provides optimal value for our clients and the marketplace.”

The Opptima operating model brings together a combination of leading contact center operations practices and management solutions centered around people, process and technology. Opptima is designed to seamlessly integrate within any facet of the contact center ecosystem to deliver optimized business strategies and enhance the customer experience. This bridging of strategy and operations through standardized methodologies and tools empowers organizations to better adapt and improve the customer journey as business needs change.

Visit pptsolutions.com to learn how PPT Solutions can optimize business operations and customer experience. To learn more about Opptima, visit www.pptsolutions.com/opptima.

About PPT Solutions
Since 2013, PPT Solutions has served as a premier provider of client-centric, performance-based customer experience and business optimization solutions. Whether a Fortune 50 company or an emerging business, we passionately deliver a broad range of people, process and technology solutions customized to increase customer advocacy, enhance revenue and optimize operational efficiency. With over a century of combined experience and an extensive portfolio of management consulting, managed services and development and integration services, our clients rely on us for advanced insights, adaptive business processes and innovative growth strategies. Visit pptsolutions.com to learn more.

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edynamic Rebrands to Altudo – the 1:1 Personalization Company

New York ( PR Submission Site ) October 26, 2018 – edynamic, a leading global digital marketing, and technology agency, announced their rebrand to Altudo, today. The comprehensive rebrand reflects the company’s new vision and evolution into a specialized customer experience company that leverages best-of-breed Martech platforms, to drive revenue through personalized experiences.

“It’s an opportune time for us to refresh our brand. Today, brands compete on customer experience. Customer Experience leaders deliver personalized and meaningful experiences, wherever their customers can gain their trust and loyalty. Over the past few years, our business has expanded across the breadth of customer experience solutions, and we’ve grown substantially with this singular focus.”

“Altudo finds its origins in the Greek word ‘Altitudo’. To us, it signifies our mission to improve the customer experience our clients deliver to their customers, and take CX to new altitudes. Our growth framework – Revenue Engine, brings our value proposition to life. With the Revenue Engine, we work across Martech ecosystems, with technologies such as Sitecore, SalesForce, and Adobe – combined with experience and strategy capabilities, to create personalized experiences that drive revenue for our clients. Our new brand, Altudo, promises to deliver this value proposition – every time,” says Rahul Khosla, CEO Altudo (formerly edynamic).

“Brands need multiple partners to make their customer experiences work – technologists, data scientists, experience designers and digital marketers,” adds Vivek Mehra, CDO Altudo “We have methodically built out the talent, capabilities and assets, to address these disparate needs in one unified paradigm. We’ve put together Martech frameworks, customer experience design & implementation, and analytics skills for over 8 industries – to deliver end-to-end solutions. With this rebrand, we are unifying these elements to help our clients re-imagine their customer experience and provide clear ROI & growth for their business.”

Learn more about Altudo at www.Altudo.co

About Altudo

Altudo (formerly edynamic) enables brands to deliver personalized customer experience by integrating the Martech eco-system and create 1:1 personalized experiences, driven by data to grow revenue streams.

Altudo’s Revenue Engine methodology brings together deep Martech Expertise, CX & Demand Gen Strategy, Engagement Analytics & Cross Channel Orchestration to drive personalized experiences.

Altudo counts Sitecore as a key partner. As a Sitecore Platinum partner with 6 Sitecore MVPs, Altudo unleashes the power of Sitecore solution in seamless, personalized website experiences throughout the customer journey.

The organization has completed 2000+ projects for more than 200 clients, including 45+ Fortune 500 firms, to help deliver ROI using their Martech stack including CX strategy, marketing automation, and data analytics.

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Amit Thapliyal
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