Massage Center in Florida Increases Patronage with Rejuvenating Swedish Body Massage

South Miami, 06 Dec 2018 – Shangri La Massage Spa, a popular massage center in Sunset Drive, Miami has been experiencing increased patronage following the use of improved techniques in the Swedish Body Massage offered. This form of massage is famous globally, offering ultimate relaxation through the unique gliding strokes involved in the massage. The stimulation offers results that help to improve blood circulation significantly, while enhancing flexibility and reducing toxin build up.

YuYu, the founder of Shangrila Massage Spa, gave additional details about Swedish Body Massage, ‘Results of multiple authoritative studies have indicated that this massage considerably reduces stress hormone levels in individuals. Tests proved that individuals who have undergone this massage have significantly reduced cortisol levels compared to pre-massage levels. This is the scientific basis for the complete rejuvenation experienced by individuals.’

Various techniques form part of this massage routine that is popular globally. The application of pressure involves the use of a kneading technique where the palms and hands gently, yet firmly exert circular pressure on the body. Depending on the expected outcome of the massage, the routine will also include bending, stretching and gently tapping. The whole exercise generally involves movements and strokes in the direction of the blood flow towards the heart. There are reports of the massage also helping in the improvement of the count of cells in the immune system.

Shangrila Massage Spa, traces its massage therapies to ancient Asian traditions that work holistically to improve the mood and physical well-being of individuals on the massage table. The use of essential oils and heated stones are part of other massage therapies that work towards offering ultimate relief to sore and stiff joints. The Swedish Body Massage offered by the centre has contributed to increased patronage, and this is largely due to the use of the right techniques, combined with a super clean environment, an ambience that creates a relaxing atmosphere and the warmth of the hosts. As YuYu explained, ‘our services have consistently helped individuals reach the state of mind and body for ultimate relaxation, and the Swedish Body Massage has given us a proven option to take it higher.’

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YuYu brings to Shangrila Massage Spa a vast knowledge of specialized massage therapy in South Miami. Shangrila Massage Spa specialises in a variety of massages including Asian Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Swedish Massage, Sports Massage and more.

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