Research has shown comic books can make students smarter

October 20, 2018 PR Submission Site ) A revolution is taking place across schools. Comic books, once disregarded as too superficial to rival the intellectual rigor of “real” books, are gaining an increased level of respectability across our classrooms. This is in response to a growing body of research which has shown comic books help increase children’s vocabulary, listening and comprehension skills: three cornerstones of early literacy development.

While comic books used to be seen as a classroom menace, attitudes are changing as more and more teachers are recognizing its value as a teaching tool in education. According to literary experts, teaching material that students are fully engaged with is not a bonus of learning to be literate, but rather an integral part of the process that should be prioritised by educators.

Given the advantages of using comics to develop literacy skills, teachers are now learning to exploit the genre as a powerful teaching resource. The pairing of visual and written plotlines in comics provides contextual tools that can help foster word recognition and also increase children’s confidence.

They also help in developing a range of crucial literacy skills, including developing an understanding of plot sequencing, as well as getting children to think critically. And, as more and more educators share their success stories of using comics in the classroom, their usage is rapidly set to expand.

Recognizing this change, content producers for children are stepping up to provide E-comics that teachers can use to educate and entertain their students. One such superhero is Aychu, an environmental warrior who loves plants, flowers and all things green.

Although she is shy, Aychu shines when she stands up for what she believes in: the environment. Guided by principles and by a strong moral compass, this “Guardian of the Green” can teach kids important moral values, as well as literacy skills.

Reading Comic Books Can Improve Reading Skills in Children, Say Experts

Reading comic books can improve reading skills in children, say experts

October 15, 2018 ( PR Submission Site )  While conversations about literacy typically begin when children start school, the roots of reading skills begin at birth. The first few years of life are vital for the development of literacy skills, as children absorb the building blocks of language. Through recognising pictures, listening to short stories and eventually identifying words, exploring books at an early age creates a strong foundation for future literacy development.

Experts now advocate for a more natural unfolding of literacy skills instead of formal instruction at an earlier age, because during these developmental years, the children’s earliest experiences with books and stories should be about enjoyment.

Comic books, as a genre which combines colourful images with small snippets of text, can be the ideal way to introduce children to reading. Comics can familiarise children with the concept of reading, long before they can read for themselves. At an early age, they can also interact with the pictures in books, such as by gazing at pictures, laughing and even pointing at familiar characters and objects. These recognition behaviours demonstrate the earliest stages of picture and story understanding.

Comic books also have the same elements of plot development seen across a range of genres, with rising action and an exciting climax. Familiarising children with these constructions in stories will help aid their comprehension of storylines across genres, and ultimately help in making their transition to more text-based formats, smoother. Comic books help children not only develop their literacy skills but also their understanding of social norms, values, and complex human emotions.

Fabelizer, a content producer for children, recognises the potential for comic books to teach moral lessons, as well as literacy skills, and is a recommended brand for parents and educators that want their children’s superheroes to be strong role models.

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