Brooklynz Stainless Steel, The Top Stainless-Steel Fabricators In Singapore, Revamps Their Website

11 july, 2019 PR Submission Site ) – The brand-new website offers a fresher feel, elegant finish, and uncluttered look with detailed insight into the company’s wide range of services.

The leading stainless-steel fabricators in Singapore, Brooklynz Stainless Steel has announced the launch of their brand-new website today. The revamped website offers a fresh look with bright, bold color patterns and an elegant, uncluttered layout. The finely articulated contents offer easy access to information for all the website visitors. The website throws light on the information related to the company’s high-end stainless-steel fabrication products and services. The website also boasts of an attractive project gallery, product gallery, and galleries for videos to offer highly informative contents for the website visitors.

The new website of Brookylnz Stainless Steel offers visitors a better user interface, easier and faster navigation capabilities, improved search, and instant updates. This helps in elevating the functionality levels of the website so that the viewers get a view of the entire Brookylnz portfolio in detail. The website offers a wide range of services for Builders, Construction Contractors, Architects, and Interior Designers. The company spokesperson noted that the website will be updated regularly with the latest information about products, activities, events, projects, and customers.

The CEO of Brookylnz Stainless Steel quoted that “We are very excited about our new website launch and hope that our visitors will have better and easier access to our services. We aim to offer all the necessary information about Stainless Steel products for our customers. Our new website’s main focus will be to make it easier for our clients to locate and learn information. We are completely in love with the new design, especially the gallery which displays all the stainless-steel portfolio in a single place.”

Stainless steel works are well-known for their anti-rust behavior, which goes on increasing as the chromium content increases. It is also easy to maintain, hygienic, easy to recycle, available in a variety of finishes, aesthetic, and can be used for manufacturing everyday objects with ease. It is commonly used for building exteriors of roofs or facades, cladding purposes, decorative or interior works, and metal works. It can easily blend with other materials like glass, concrete, timber, composite, etc. 

Brookylnz Stainless Steel Company is also well-equipped with a skilled group of workers and well-experienced staff members. They offer end-to-end stainless-steel works with the best quality at the best price. The new Brookylnz website offers easy access to the clients so that they can get connected to the company through easy communication modes like email, telephone, or WhatsApp.

About Brooklynz Stainless Steel:

Brooklynz Stainless Steel Pte Ltd is one of the top specialized tier 1 companies specialized in the design, fabrication, and installation of customized stainless-steel products for construction projects. Ever since its inception way back in 2012, Brooklynz has grown by leaps and bounds and worked on various projects which range from residential, commercial, governmental and religious establishments. It provides premium services to both reputed local as well as international contractors.


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REMIIT Releases MVP For B2B Money Transfer Technology

The blockchain remittance platform REMIIT has come one step closer to commercializing its blockchain powered remittance, releasing their MVP of its REMIIT Smart Contract.

The MVP video released on Friday illustrates the process of B2B funding between the Money Transfer Operators (MTOs) and remittance transaction of an end user sending money from South Korea to the Philippines. In addition, the MVP allows the validation check under the transaction supervisory system on whether the data recorded by MTOs are forged or not.

REMIIT’s CEO Stevie An said, “We have filed a patent application for the ‘method and apparatus for recording transaction details on the blockchain ledger of an environment in which funding and remittance are separated’ which is the core technology of REMIIT’s B2B remittance platform” and that “in this B2B remittance platform, all transactions between the MTO and banks and also all transactions between the MTOs can be recorded on the blockchain ledger to transparently manage all the data.”

Stevie also mentioned that “the B2B remittance platform also includes a supervisory system that allows third parties to easily analyze data recorded on the blockchain and resolve any problems through the supervisory system when problems arise during the remittance process.”

REMIIT is aiming to launch its B2B business supplying and selling the remittance platform while at the same time building REMIIT System ver 1.0 which will be the product prior to the remittance platform network by the end of the year. Also, REMIIT announced they will launch their Derivatives Exchange in the first quarter of 2020.​

​For more info contact: