Exclusive Survey: Continue the Lockdown after 14th April say 97 % of India’s Best Medical Minds

(prsubmissionsite) April 13, 2020 : TheRightDoctors.com, India’s leading Medical Knowledge platform, released the results of a nationwide survey designed to track the opinion of the medical community on the extension of the 21 day COVID-19 lockdown curently underway in India.

The survey polled a representative sample of doctors in leadership positions of their specialty associations, medical journals, chairman of hospitals, thought leaders and leading practitioners. 
The COVID-19 Lockdown Extension Survey covered the following questions:
  1. Should the lockdown be extended? 
  2. If yes, for how long ?
  3. Do you believe the onset of summer offers protection against COVID-19?
  4. Your suggestions to the government and citizens?
  5. Are you happy with the availability of protective gear for doctors and medical staff? 
  6. What is the biggest challenge Indian healthcare faces from the COVID-19 pandemic?  

The results of the survey were declared on the TheRightDoctors website late on April  11th (https://bit.ly/2XtWqnm ).  Around 96.38% of respondents wanted the lockdown to be extend. Many Indian states like Odisha, Maharashtra,Telangana and Punjab have already extended the lockdown till April 30.

For the second question, 36.67% responded to extend the lockdown by one month or more. 33.33% wanted the lockdown to extend for three weeks. 23.33 wanted the lockdown to extend for two weeks since the incubation period of the virus is 14 days. The response for a one-week lockdown and no lockdown was the same (3.33%).   
53.33% responded negatively on being asked if summer offers protection against COVID-19 whereas 46.7% felt the summer could help stall the progression rate .

The respondents had a lot of suggestions for the government. They wanted the government to do more testing. They also advised the government to impose strict lockdown in COVID-19 hotspots. PPE kits should be provided to healthcare workers and the underprivileged should be fed, were the other big suggestions to Government.

For citizens, the survey participants advocated social distancing norms and regular washing of hands with soap & water, wearing masks when stepping out and to keep calm and stay indoors.

46.67 percent of the doctors believed that there was a shortage of protective gear with only 23.33 percent saying they were satisfied with the protective gear available for doctors and medical staff.
The respondents felt that India’s medical infrastructure is vulnerable in terms of ICU facilities, trained manpower, availability of PPEs, sanitizers, N95 masks and surgical masks for an epidemic of this scale.Other challenges mentioned by the respondents were fewer testing kits, urban slums with chances of community spread and financial distress. 

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