Calsoft to sponsor SNIA SDC India 2018 as “SDC India Premier Partner”

San Jose, California, April 19, 2018 /PRSubmissionSite/– Calsoft, an ISV preferred product engineering services partner in Storage, Networking, Virtualization, Cloud, IoT and analytics domains, announced its participation as “SDC India Premier partner” at the Storage Developer Conference (SDC) organised by SNIA from May 24-25 in the IT city Bengaluru. As the premier sponsor at SDC, Calsoft will showcase its unique capabilities in the areas of conventional Datacenter technologies and the new disruptive areas alike. 

SDC brings together solution-seeking developers, engineers, architects, product/program managers, and technical managers. The event also provides engineering managers, directors, and C-level executives the opportunity to meet the industry’s leading experts, and explore synergies. The 2-day event lets attendees share the best practices and learn about leading storage development topics including file systems, solid state, open source, OpenStack storage, software defined storage, big data, Internet of Things, cloud storage, object storage, SMB2/3, NFS, long-term preservation, RDMA, storage hardware, developer tools, storage networking, security, and more.

Dr. Anupam Bhide, Founder and CEO, Calsoft opines, “It’s an honour to be a part of SNIA India’s successful journey. Being one of the proud sponsors at an elite event like SDC will give our Datacenter engineering services a big boost among the right set of audience. Calsoft team looks forward to meet fellow sponsors and IT stakeholders at the event.”

Yogesh Anyapanawar, AVP – Engineering, Calsoft will deliver the keynote talk on ‘Storage and Data Management Trends: 2018 and Beyond’. During both the days of the event, Calsoft representatives and technical experts will be available at the booth to discuss its portfolio of services along the length and breadth of Datacenter space and aligned technologies. Prior appointments can be made by sending email to


About Calsoft:

Calsoft is a leading software product engineering Services Company specializing in Storage, Networking, and Virtualization and Cloud business verticals. Calsoft provides End-to-End Product Development, Quality Assurance Sustenance, Solution Engineering and Professional Services expertise to assist customers in achieving their product development and business goals.