Huddle IQ: Best Video Conferencing Online Whiteboard Tool in 2020

(prsubmissionsite) April 27, 2020 The world has become a village post-globalization and in this fast-paced era, you cannot survive with communication vulnerabilities. You should be able to collaborate with your peers in real-time and without any geographical or other issues. A powerful virtual communication medium that allows real-time collaboration with friends or colleagues to brainstorm, share, and define ideas and designs is the need of the hour. 

What is Huddle IQ?

A team of passionate individuals driven by technology and innovations, HuddleIQ is a name that has carved a niche for itself by offering the best smart collaboration tool called HuddleBoard™, an online whiteboard which is a real-time application to communicate, collaborate, illustrate and educate regardless of time zone and distance.

Founded in 2015, HuddleIQ was an online educational platform initially. However, after identifying several issues people face in the online communication and collaboration sphere, they developed a highly effective virtual whiteboard, HuddleBoard™ that has redefined the way we communicate and collaborate online. 

Advances Features of HuddleBoard™

Some of the most significant advanced features of HuddleBoard™ are listed below:

For Seamless Annotations 

Write and Highlight, Eraser, Sticky Notes, Shapes and Arrows

For Superior Collaboration 

Video Conferencing, Screen Conferencing, Polling, Chat, Comments, Timer 

For Productive Education 

Chemistry Tools, Mathematics Tools

Other Tools

Library, Resources, Document Support, Document Export

Smooth and easy Usability 

Alignment Aid, Infinity Board, Undo/Redo, Board Map, Grouping, Full-Screen, Backgrounds, 

Why choose HuddleIQ?

There are several reasons why you should choose HuddleIQ for personal or professional communication or collaboration with your peers. Let’s dive in and know some of the reasons:

Smart Tools

There are several smart tools available with the free online whiteboard, HuddleBoard™ to make your collaborations more engaging and smart. Users can draw or write on the virtual whiteboard, can add comments, use sticky notes, erase unwanted remarks, conduct polls for knowledge testing and use different icons to make the presentation more unique and professional. Not just that, there is a large number of other tools available with HuddleBoard™. 

Data is Safe

Data security is very crucial in today’s era and with HuddleBoard™, your data is safe and secure. They have employed several security measures such as data encryption, geographically dispersed data storage, and multiple backup locations. These data security measures make HuddleBoard™ a safe and reliable platform to collaborate and communicate. 

Live Chat

You can chat with other collaborators who live without any delays. You can share feedback instantly and also participate in group discussions. The built-in live chat feature is perfect for engaging with fellow collaborators. 

Free Video Conferencing

Not just that, you can also go for advanced free video conferencing with the collaborators to discuss some important issues or simply to conduct simultaneous screens with them to explain your point of view to them.  

Document Support

If you want to share documents during the presentation, you just simply need to drag and drop the documents and it is as easy. Not just documents, you can also share images with other collaborators. 

Grab a Free Trial 

During this COVID-19 pandemic time, you can get an extended 75-day free trial for the online whiteboard, HuddleBoard™, and access all the features without giving any credit card details. What are you waiting for? Just grab the offer. 

Contact Details 

Address: The Gardens, Unit 9 204 Alice Street, Brisbane City, Queensland 4000