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(prsubmissionsite) Somerset, 29th May 2020 – Web Choice is an award winning web application development company based in Somerset, UK. For over a decade we’ve been busy developing cutting-edge web applications for our clients. We invite potential new clients together with industry partners, for an in-depth discussion covering both web application development and mobile application development, two services offered by web design companies such as Web Choice.

Web Choice’s two avenues for app development services are; web application development and mobile application development. The process of web development comprises two distinct elements (the client interface and the server system). The client interface is the front-end, using a script such as JavaScript or HTML to communicate to the server all the information a user requests. The server consists of an application, a database and the server itself. It processes the data received, generating results to the web server, which responds directly back to the client with the requested information appearing on the user’s display.

Examples of web based app products include; online banking, social networking, e-commerce, interactive games, online training, emails, CMS etc. Today most content displayed online is dynamic. The Facebook app is a good demonstration of dynamic content, with their platform requests are made to the web server in the form of HTTP asking for updates or new content. In the event of a newly released update, the web app will update automatically. It is good industry practice to conduct thorough testing processes for web applications, as they harbour large amounts of data that may contain errors. Web Choice offers the very latest web applications to help you overcome challenges that inevitably arise with constantly evolving technology. Our web application development services include Content Management System (CMS) enabled websites, e commerce portals, social networking development services and web based internet applications.

With the growing adoption of smartphones and tablets, mobile application development, UK has quickly increased demand for software creation. Smartphones contribute to 80% of mobile game revenue, with tablets at around 20%. Mobile application revenue is set to grow to nearly £30 billion by 2025. This fast growing industry is attracting users from all corners of the market, looking to cash-in on all the potential new revenue out there. Two platforms currently exist in the smartphone market. The iOS platform from Apple Inc and the Android platform from Google, with the Google platform being used by any 3rd party phone manufacturers. Mobile User Interface is extremely important for mobile apps. Mobile UI design’s main function is to create an intuitive, user friendly interface. Web Choice specialises in digital marketing, with extensive expertise in web and mobile application development, UK. Our highly skilled team is ready to develop a bespoke digital solution for your company.

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Panaesha Capital Introduces a Range of Services to Empower Businesses in New Delhi

December 27, 2019 (prsubmission) New Delhi: Panaesha Capital, a Delhi based agency has introduced a range of services to help businesses in meeting their HR, web and digital marketing needs. Being one of the leading staffing, web and digital services provider in India, the company always strive to come with proven, strategic, and innovative solutions to help companies in empowering their brands in today’s highly competitive business world.

The Panaesha Capital innovative business services, popular as it has always been, aims to provide solutions that are well-researched, innovative, and industry-focused. The services covered include but not limited to just

Website Design: Bespoke Website Design, Mobile/Responsive Design, Website Redesign, Logo Design, Graphic Design, etc.

Web Development: HTML5 Development, WordPress Development, etc.

Digital Marketing: SEO, SMO, SEM, SMM, Content Marketing, Video Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Online Reputation Management, and App Marketing

IT Staffing: Executive Search, IT Staffing, Startup Solutions, Payroll Outsourcing, etc.

“We have always maintained a very high standard when it comes to our services, be it the website design, web development, digital marketing, or IT staffing. And working with a team of dreamers, makers, and doers, we have always gone a step further to create solutions that help brands as yours grow in today’s fierce competition,” states Mr. Sandeep Phogat, CEO & Founder of Panaesha Capital.

To learn more about the services of Panaesha Capital, visit https://www.panaeshacapital.com/.

About Panaesha Capital

Panaesha Capital is a New Delhi based creative agency, where ideas turn into reality, impossible gets possible, and the success of businesses is determined by innovative and bespoke marketing solutions.

Its entire range of services is backed by a team of specialized and dedicated professionals with more than ten years of experience in their specific business arena. Their domain expertise spans website designing, web development, digital marketing, and HR services.


Being in the industry for years and handled more than 350 projects, Panaesha Capital has clients all around the world in various verticals ranging from hospitality to real estate to legal to IT to eCommerce companies.