Canadian startup Airy Affair is selling Cans of Fresh Air and Oxygen across the world

February 1,2019 ( PR Submission Site ) Air Pollution is Killing Millions of People across the World. Canadian firm named Airy Affair has developed a solution bringing Fresh Air & Premium Oxygen in a Can available whenever & wherever you want.

Air pollution is something that is affecting the entire world. According to the World Health Organization, up to 97% of low and middle-income countries do not meet the air quality standard that WHO has set. While there are only 49% of high-income countries affected, it is still a high number.

The numbers are constantly on a rise, and with decreasing air quality, the risk of diseases such as lung cancer, stroke, and other acute respiratory diseases has increased in many parts of the world including India, China, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Pakistan, UAE among many others.

Want to know the Air quality in your city at this moment in time – Simply Google AQICN & select your city to know the air quality index within a matter of seconds.

Airy Affair, a Canadian-based startup company is now selling Fresh Canadian Mountain Air & Premium Oxygen in a Can. Their products are portable and come in two sizes 5L & 10L with upwards of 120 & 240 Inhalations. They are easy to use and can be used whenever & wherever you want.

Their Fresh Mountain air is captured and extracted from various exquisite locations, beautiful landscapes & difficult terrains across Canada. While it is a painstaking & an intensive effort to bottle these cans with pure intention, the team works relentlessly to provide the best quality air for the end users. The fresh air is captured by using medical grade equipment and extracted by using a cold press compression technology. The technology has three-fold approval process to ensure the cans are of the highest quality. First process starts with their unique device that captures the air quality in the area, once that is confirmed, the air is compressed using 3 stage filtration process that filters the air to its optimal level, it is further followed by sample testing where Sampled Air is tested against many parameters. The final Can that comes into the hands of their consumers undergo rigorous approval process to ensure that only the best of the best reaches the end users.

Oxygen on the other hand is a Performance product which is 95% Pure & premium available in two sizes. They say “Oxygen in your Palm, like never before” It is portable, easy to use and can be taken anywhere for any occasion, whether you’re partying, studying, working or playing. It is suitable for all ages and is completely safe to use.

100% Fresh Mountain Air & 95% Premium Oxygen (Peppermint, Lemon, Orange, Lavender)

Surprisingly the Fresh Canned Air is not only used by people who are living in highly polluted cities but also have often being requested from people who are deprived of Fresh Air even in a non-polluted city For ex: Construction workers, Mill workers & even office staff in some cases. You might have often heard of the phrase “Let’s get some Fresh Air outside” that’s the feeling that this company has captured in a can, the only difference is that this air is not just from anywhere but from exquisite locations in Canada where you can’t go every day. While it is not an all rounded solution for this serious problem, but it is certainly a relief for a lot of people, especially in countries like China, India, Pakistan, UAE, KSA etc.

Canned Oxygen on the other hand can be used by anyone & everyone irrespective of age & profession. It is portable & easy to carry & is often used for many purposes including Concentration, Performance, Reducing Stress, Hangovers. You must have heard of Oxygen Bars in USA, these are your personal oxygen bars that are portable and available for use whenever & wherever you want. It is used by people from all walks of life including Athletes, Sports personalities, Party animals, Students, baby-boomers, Hikers, Tourists travelling to polluted cities, Gym enthusiasts, Construction workers, Office staff, Students, Long haul drivers & many more fits the bill, least of all it’s a perfect gift for any occasion & a souvenir from Canada.

The company is also offering flavored oxygen in four exciting flavors (Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, and Orange) and is adding more to the portfolio. Each of the flavors has its own individual properties suited for its own unique purpose while adding the benefits of premium Oxygen. While the Lavender helps remove anxiety & promotes sound sleep, the Lemon flavor is a great option for digestion and respiratory function. Peppermint on the other hand is formulated to achieve clear breathing. Meanwhile, Orange promotes healthy immune system & is great for uplifting body, and mind.

The mission of the company is not only to earn profit from this growing Industry but also to make an impact in the world with simplest of the efforts, as simple as planting a tree for every bottle sold. Imagine how much of an impact will it be on our mother earth when 50,000 plants will be planted for every sale.

Not only that, Airy Affair also have plans in place to Empower Women, Educate the Youths & Employ the needy, all with the common objective of protecting the environment. The company is also trying to promote Canada to people across the world and what best you could take from Canada as a souvenir, A can of Fresh Mountain Air or a can of Premium Oxygen.

Airy Affair has opened its doors for Investors & distributors and is looking for like-minded people who are willing to contribute and Join this very important affair of life with nature which makes them name the company as Airy Affair. The company is ramping up its efforts to reach many countries & spread this love of Joy & happiness in a can.

Interested Investors & distributors are welcome to apply from all across the world. For more information about the company simply log on to their website.

About Airy Affair:

Airy Affair is a Canadian Startup developing innovative products such as 100% Pure and Fresh Canadian Mountain Air and 95% premium oxygen in a portable can. The company has a commitment to providing fresh air to anyone who needs it around the world, especially for people who live in highly polluted cities & promote good health with natural oxygen while planting tree for every bottle sold & protecting the environment with their sustainable practices.

Airy Affair products are reasonably priced and come with a purpose to contribute to the environment with their 3E’s (Empowering Women, Educating Youth & Employing the needy) so when you buy, become a distributor or contribute in any way, you know that you are spreading the joy and happiness around.

You can send them an inquiry or join them as a Marketer, Brand Ambassador, Distributor, Investors or Agents, Simply log onto their website or Google Airy Affair.

You may also check their latest offers & promotions on their website.

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25 Year Old Millennial, Shenice Gross, Launches Alkali60: Educating the Community Through Healthy Water

The First Alkaline Water to Make it’s Mark in the Crabby Town

Washington D.C. ( PR Submission Site ) 14th August 2018 – 25 year old millennial, Shenice Gross, is growing to become one of the most influential women in Maryland. After watching the family plagued by cancer, the influence to change their community into a healthier environment was imperative. Since 2013 – by drinking alkaline water – the Gross family rarely experienced; skin breakouts, dehydration, fatigue, hair loss, weak nails, or major health issues. Alkali60 was introduced February of 2018 to the Maryland area. The company has grown tremendously in the past few months!

St. Charles County, Maryland was born, 1936, and was one of the first parts of the Patuxent River. According to EcoHealth Report Cards, the Patuxent River has a below average health rating, scoring a 38%, compared to the Chesapeake’s over all health rating of 54%, as of 2016. Not a river you would quench your thirst with, the Charles County residents in the past has resulted in bottled water as their outlet. Luckily, Alkali60 founder, Shenice Gross, has solidified her mark of change. The DMV 30 under 30 winner, is attacking the issue of healthy water by educating on maintaining a good acid/alkaline balance in your body to help it function. Through community work, volunteering, corporate partnerships, and more; they are showing people how having a good pH in your body is key for optimal health.


Many are aware that you should maintain a good acid/alkaline balance in your body to help it function. The pH level is a number that measures how acidic or alkaline a substance is on a scale of zero to fourteen. The higher the number, less acidic your product will be. Alkali60 has 9.5. With the mission of a healthier mind, Gross came to difficulties when finding the right factory to work with to produce such quality grade water. Assuring to produce water that was 9.5 on the pH scale to distribute, rose difficulties. The family sat with over 10 companies in the course of sixty days through; meetings, phone calls, emails and video chats.

Since starting Alkali60, February of 2018, the water company has gained partnerships with international brands such as; PNC, Tropical Smoothie Cafe, and more; the 9 pH scale water will be in health food stores such as Wegmans, Whole Foods and Trader Joes in no time! They’ve donated water to organizations such as “Santa Cause” and “Pillars of the Future” on numerous occasions. The organizations teamed together to pack healthy and nutritional lunches for the homeless. Alkali60 continues to stress their mission by educating members at the New Beginnings Youth Development Center in Laurel MD about hydration and and a balanced pH in the body.Akali60 has gained support from community leaders such as WPGC – 95.5, Media Personality Poet, and organizations such as Pillars to the Future. Alkali60 will be partnering with Gulf Gas Station and 7-Eleven soon.

To stay abreast with Shenice Gross, Alkali60 and their new endeavors, make sure to follow @Akali60 on Instagram and LIKE her Facebook page.

If you’re a media outlet interested in interviewing Shenice, please send inquiry to or

About Alkali60

pH stands for potential hydrogen. You should maintain a good acid/alkaline balance in your body to help it function. Having too much acid in your body can be detrimental to your health. Side effects include tiredness, infections, acid reflux, and other digestive issues. On the other hand, maintaining a more alkaline based body helps with fighting off illnesses such as cancer, improves cellular function, better hair, skin, and nails, and increased energy.

About Serene MGMT

Serene Management is a management firm specializing in coordinating events, public relations, and branding. With a specialty in events and public relations, they bring brands to light with development and exposure through quality events, deliberate strategies, and calculated execution. Planned, developed and marketed with complete serenity. Noted in Huffington Post as one of the Top Millennial public relations company in 2017 their strong passion for events mixed with a passion for the elements of marketing, they’ve crafted the all-inclusive branding paradise. Serene Management is based in New York and Washington DC.

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