Get The Finest Wadding For Quilting At Doughty Brothers Limited!

Doughty Brothers Limited ( has been in the business of supplying high-quality wadding for quilting for several years now. They are guaranteed to provide every type of batting for commercial use or as a home-based hobby. Aside from wadding, this supplier has a wide range of sewing materials and tools – from fabrics, sewing machines and other clothmaking accessories.

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When it comes to quilting wadding projects, superbly made wadding is always a must. They are made of various materials and in varying thicknesses where each serves a purpose. Some examples are cotton, polyester, wool, and bamboo blended wadding – all available at Doughty Brothers Limited! Anyone can browse through their selection of waddings that are suitable for machine-produced or hand-sewn quilting projects. Plus, their collection ranges from super-soft to well-insulated materials!

This supplier ensures that their products guarantee customers’ convenience and satisfaction. All of their waddings are cut to exact sizes, so quilters do not have to go through the hassle of measuring everything. All they need is to choose the correct dimensions, and they are good to go!

One of the top picks in this shop is the Hobbs Heirloom Wool in 96” wide. Made of 100 percent wool, this wadding is needle-punched lightly and easy to quilt whether via hand or machine. Maintain a 4-inch gap when quilting this. Avail of it now at only £18.99 per meter (Prices are subject to change without prior notice).

Doughty Brothers Limited does not want anyone wasting money, too. If the budget is tight or if it will be for business use, buying in bulk is the ideal option. Get their Sew Simple Super-Soft Cotton at an affordable price of £10.99 per meter only! This 100 percent cotton wadding can be used for machine and hand quilts – whichever one desires.  This only yields a 3 to 5 percent shrinkage and must be delicately pre-washed and air-dried.

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About Doughty Brothers Limited

Doughty Brothers Limited has been in the sourcing and distribution trade of various sewing tools and materials– ranging from sewing machines, needles, fabrics, quilting materials, and so much more, for several years now. Their warehouse is one of the biggest storages of high-quality quilting fabrics across the UK. Moreover, they have established three physical stores in Hereford alone. The quality of their products has satisfied clients for years, making them the one-stop-shop for all sewing project needs. For inquiries, you may fill out their contact form at Alternatively, you can talk to one of their representatives by dialing 01432 353 951.