AdMedia Gears Up to Provide Free Lunch for Safe Virtual Meetings

(prsubmissionsite) April 7, 2020 : AdMedia has launched a FREE Lunch & Learn Program for COVID-Safe Virtual Meetings, valid till 3oth April 2020. This is in line with the unstoppable quest to come up with new & innovative ideas in the Digital Marketing industry even in the exceptionally turbulent times.

The United States, 3rd April 2020

In response to the COVID-19 Challenges faced by the industry, AdMedia has prepared itself with FREE Lunch for COVID-Safe Virtual Meetings & discussions. These meetings are well-curated and will be conducted remotely. The participants will be provided with FREE Fresh & healthy Lunch at their doorstep.

With the prevailing health crisis, keeping safe in self-isolation, maintaining social distancing, and functioning in the usual ways are the only key to killing this deadly virus. In this challenging time, when we are hit hard, both emotionally & financially, finding innovative ways to bring the balance will only make us win over. And, this FREE Lunch program for COVID-Safe Virtual meetings is one such initiative that AdMedia is providing, in the wake of this unforeseen crisis.

Talking on this initiative, the CEO of the company said that, “AdMedia, more than anything else, values the health & safety of its Clients & associates. Every person associated with the company has always been an essential catalyst for its success. And, therefore, we care for their safety & wellbeing above anything else. But, at the same time, we wish our associations & professional relationships to get further to another level irrespective of the prevailing circumstances. To work out a solution and create a conducive environment, we have come up with this unique Idea of FREE Lunch & Learn for Virtual COVID-Safe Meetings from the comfort of home/workplace. This way, we can work together, and prove that nothing is insurmountable when one has the zeal to succeed.”

How FREE Virtual Lunch for COVID-Safe Virtual meetings will Help?

  • It will help our clients & associates remain Safe during COVID-19.
  • There won’t be a breach of the concept of Social Distancing.
  • Our Common Business Goals won’t get hampered.
  • We can function in the usual way with no need for Face-to-Face Meetings.

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