Himalayan Steps Announces the Launch of Himalayan Trekking Tour Services

Kathmandu, Nepal,February 27, 2019 ( PR Submission Site ) — Himalayan Steps, a Nepal-based tour operator that organizes some of the most affordable and awe-inspiring trekking tours across the Himalayas recently launched in September 2018 and has seen an incredible demand for their tours. The company and its friendly local tour guides and porters deliver an unforgettable experience of the world’s tallest mountains.

Himalayan Steps is one of the world’s fastest growing tour operators based out of Kathmandu city, Nepal. Launched in September 2018, the company offers some of the best trekking tours to iconic destinations of the Himalayas in Nepal, India, Tibet, and Bhutan. According to the founder of the company Christian Carella, Himalayan Steps organizes trekking tours to destinations like the Everest Base Camp, Annapurna, Nepal’s Gokyo Lakes, India’s Valley of Flowers, the famous Trekking Teahouses in Nepal, tours of Kathmandu and more.

Since its debut, Himalayan Steps has organized multiple tours for tourists around the world. The company’s unique customer service, customizable tours and affordable packages has endeared it to hundreds of tourists. With its team of knowledgeable and friendly local guides and porters and the company’s affable Operations Manager Ramesh Bhatta, Himalayan Steps takes you through an unforgettable journey in the iconic Himalayas.

Thanks to its exceptional customer service and unbeatable knowledge of the Himalayas, Himalayan Steps has become one of the preferred tour operators in Nepal. Regardless of how far or challenging the terrain, Himalayan Steps’ guides will take you safely to your destination in style. As the company’s popularity soars among local and international clients, the tour operator is committed to providing industry-best services that will satisfy customers and make their trip

Regardless of your budget or schedule, Himalayan Steps has something for everybody. From its 23-day Annapurna circuit, 1-day Kathmandu tour, to the wildly popular 14-day Everest Base Camp trek, Himalayan Steps takes you through some of the most scenic landscapes on the planet at competitive prices. The company’s guides introduce you to the rich Sherpa culture as you discover the tallest mountain peaks in the world.

Himalayan Steps offers a unique way to explore the tallest mountain ranges in the world across the most exotic destinations. Whether you want to see millennia-old monasteries in Tibet, drink from a spring in the peace-loving country of Bhutan, or hike the most picturesque trails in Nepal, the company’s tour guides will take you there safely and on a budget.

Himalayan Steps understand that travelling great distances from different parts of the world to see Everest is a once-in-a-lifetime event for most people, and the company is dedicated to make it one of the most memorable times of your existence. Himalayan Steps achieves this through its unparalleled local knowledge, customer-centric services and a drive to deliver over and beyond your expectations.

For more information about Himalayan Steps tour packages, contact info@himalayansteps.com.

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Exclusive Deals on Hotels introduced by Travoline for the Spring Break

February 26,2019 ( PR Submission Site ) Travoline one of the leading hotel booking sites has begun its Spring Break Sale 2019 for its customer travelling to the United States, United Kingdom and the Europe. Travoline offers around 25% savings on the hotel bookings, flights and the car rental for its customer. The discounts are available with most of the leading hotels listed, whilst the rest of the hotel already displays the pre-negotiated rates which anyways provides savings to the travelers.

Travoline always provides hotel bookings at discounted rates, while during the season sales the discounts tend to be higher when compared to that of the regular rates for specific regions, based on their local holidays and seasons. The sophisticated technology that Travoline has incorporated on its website allows customer to choose a hotel with deals that pre-exist along with the hotel search results. For instance, if the customer wants to travel to New York, just enter the destination name, and any hotel that’s available with deals would show up along with other search results, making it easy for the customer to choose their itinerary easily.

“Travoline has been striving to give better prices for the customers be it – Hotel Bookings, Flight Reservations or Car Hire. Based on the pricing and deals available the results are displayed in the portal for the customers to pick and book it easily” said Nishanthi, Managing Director of Travoline. “Our technology integration makes is easy to incorporate the deals, see the availability, provide instant confirmation upon booking, making it a hassle-free online experience for the customers.” She added.

Soon there will be offers that would be rolled out to other regions too, that include the Asian, Middle-Eastern regions. At present, the deals are available for the car rentals in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Jordon, Turkey, New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, Costa Rica, London, Paris, Germany and Greece.

To learn more visit www.travoline.com or to check our exclusive deals go to – https://secure.rezserver.com/sale/6989-hotel_deals. Travoline donates a part of its profits to the needy by identifying them in real, in a way contributing to social responsibility.

360-Degree Makeover: World Trip Singapore Wants To Reinvent “Travel” With Their Social Blockchain Platform

Singapore  ( PR Submission Site ) January 10,2019  Chief Operating Officer of World Trip Singapore, Mr Guy Tan, recently revealed in an interview that they will be launching a beta version of their WTS social travel platform in early 2019.

On the platform, tourists (or “guests”) can communicate and work closely together with locals of their travel destination (or “hosts), who serve as their guides, where both the guests and hosts can use and share information, skills, services and reviews. This allows the guests to get a more customized, accurate and ultimately enjoyable travel experience at a potentially lower cost, as they can craft individualized trips with the knowledge that the hosts bring.

Hosts will also be rewarded with specialized promotions and even compensation in the form of World Trip Xperience (WTX) tokens, World Trip Singapore’s very own digital currency, which can be bought with Bitcoin and Ethereum currencies.

In the interview, Mr Tan explains that the social platform is the brainchild of World Trip Singapore founders Mr Kazuya Aoyama and Mr Noriaki Murosaki, and that “the founders share a vision of a unified social travel platform that can connect travelers and hosts from all over the world in creating and sharing their travel experiences.” Mr Tan, an avid traveler himself, is passionate about travelling as well as elements of the current landscape that can be further improved, and believes the project “will change the travelling experience for all participants involved.”

Mr Tan further explains that the team view the current tourism sector as “a huge horizontal industry with many vertical and highly centralized systems, covering different aspects of the various services. However, they are not connected, resulting in many restrictions and inconveniences for the end consumers.” The upcoming platform will thus serve as a value-added disruption to the market in four different ways – making travel cheaper, easier, safer and more fun.

“Due to the high cost of commission, this results in tour agencies pushing out run of the mill itineraries focusing on main destinations and attractions. This has taken the fun out of traveling,” Mr Tan says. “But with our platform, hosts from all over the world will be able to create personalized and unique itineraries which will allow travelers to experience new and unique traveling experiences during every single trip they take.”

On top of that, Mr Tan states that the platform will also “gamify” the entire experience by providing cryptocurrency rewards for every transaction they make. “Users can also earn rewards for completing fun travel challenges in our app while performing revenue-generating actions that benefit all participants of the ecosystem.”

Travelling will also become simpler for users of the platform, Mr Tan says. “We will be working hard with partners that cater to the diverse needs of travelers so that they will be able to just use a single platform to arrange and make payments for all the services that they will require during their trip.”

As a blockchain-powered platform, World Trip Singapore’s decentralized ecosystem will also tap into AI technology to “to provide users with transparent reviews for each booking, ensuring genuine results for users that are not affected by third party manipulation. These will ensure the transparency in all the reviews and data provides by all participants of our platform.”

Finally, users of the platform can look forward to a more affordable way to travel. “Currently, industries are dominated by a few OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) with highly centralised systems. This result in high commissions for businesses and consumers, and poor services rendered due to high overheads,” Mr Tan says. As a result, “travelers pay more than they should but do not get the experience they expected.” However, the WTS platform “utilizes blockchain-based smart contracts to eliminate high middlemen commissions and service fees of 20-30% per transaction from OTAs and third-party providers, passing the savings on to the consumer.”

In the near future, World Trip Singapore plans to grow and expand its existing partnerships with stakeholders both inside and outside of the travel industry to add further value to its users. Upcoming potential services include transportation, outlet shopping, restaurant bookings, telecommunications and more.

Currently, Mr Tan has announced their most recent strategic partnerships – with Air Locker, the world’s first storage sharing service, and beauty e-commerce site Best Buy World. Moving forward, the WTS founders envision a future where the platform will serve as an all-encompassing travel ecosystem that will allow for the collection of all kinds of new data and travel-related information.

“For the users, they will be able to use the unrestrictive data and reviews to plan for itineraries for destinations that are lesser travelled and discover more hidden gems around the globe. For merchants and service providers, they will be able to gather valuable data based on the consumers’ traveling habits and behaviors to cater for more effective logistic arrangements or targeted promotions,” Mr Tan says.

As part of their activation preparations, World Trip Singapore has started a pre-launch promotion for their WTX tokens, in anticipation of their official launch on March 1 2019. During this period, the tokens will be sold for USD0.50 each – a 50% discount off the official launch price of USD1 each.

For more information on World Trip Singapore as well as well as the pre-launch WTX token sale, please visit https://wtxt.io .

World Trip Singapore is a social travel platform connecting travellers and tour guides to create unforgettable travel experiences. It is a brand-new model of travel powered by Blockchain & AI.

A survey by Travelex reveals that 24% of consumers refuse to go cashless

January 8, 2019 ( PR Submission Site ) The study conducted by Travelex explores consumers’ attitudes towards cash and cashless technologies in the UK, Australia, Brazil and South Africa.

In Brazil and South Africa, where the majority still uses cash, there is a stronger desire for more widespread use of cashless technologies such as payment cards and digital wallets.

60% of consumers surveyed from these countries state that they have worries about cash theft, reinforcing the idea that convenience is not primarily the ulterior motive for cashless implementations.

In the UK and Australia, where cashless technologies are more commonly used, 80% of consumers say that they are comfortable using cash. However, respondents across all countries always carry cash and are unwilling to go that last extra mile and never use cash again.

“While the proliferation of cashless payment technologies has generally led to a reduction in cash usage across developed economies, banknotes have unique properties that consumers value, such as security against fraud,” said Michael Batley, Head of Strategy, Travelex.

“As long as this is the case it’s unlikely that any attempts to abandon cash completely will succeed. Even Sweden’s bid to go cashless, touted as a successful model, has seen pushback. Ultimately, only consumer demand will drive the change towards a truly cashless society and our research indicates this is further away than many realise.”

The report is available on request. Please email press@travelex.com

To view more about Travelex and their services, visit https://www.travelex.com.au/