Raffles Design International Launches Design Portfolio Building Program To Help Design Students

22 August 2019 ( PR Submission Site ) – A designer’s portfolio offers a window for the world to look at their work and judge their talent, skills, and experience. Whether a graphic designer, a product designer, an illustrator or a web designer, design portfolios are the prism through which designers are constantly evaluated by clients and potential employers alike. A great portfolio can propel any designer towards a ladder of success and open up new opportunities. However, failing at present the same can lead to rejection and spells of doom. A design portfolio can make or break a career and it can be a daunting task to create an impressive portfolio. In fact, in itself, it becomes the most important design exercise of a designer’s career, curating their life’s best work in an impressive fashion for everyone to judge.

Raffles Design International has initiated a “Design Portfolio Building Program” to help all those design students who have to struggle in making their most important project – A design portfolio. This initiative was started with the sole purpose of helping all those who struggle with creating an impressive portfolio and have no guidance in that process. Under this initiative, all the design students, even from outside institutes and self-learned designers, are welcome to seek guidance. Guidance regarding what a portfolio should look like, how to curate the best works of art and what platforms to select in order to achieve this task will be provided by successful professionals. Raffles Design International believes that making your way into the design industry and building a successful career should not be difficult for a designer or an artist just because they have a less than extraordinary portfolio.

There are various types of folios based on their area of expertise. Raffles have courses like interior design, graphic design, fashion design, visual communication design, product design, and digital media design. However, under these topics, there are multiple subtopics in which a designer specifies and wishes to work with. To build a portfolio highlighting these talents is a skill, but it also requires a sound knowledge of what tools should be used to build the same. While most design students are talented and have a unique sense of design to showcase, they lack knowledge of various portfolio building tools and guidance in curating the best artwork. Raffles Design International plans on changing that status by providing all the design students with much-required counselling and supervision, thus helping them in building an extraordinary career path based on their talents. Seeing designers succeed and have a flourishing career is the ultimate goal behind this unique activity. Such activity has not been performed before by any university or private institution in or around Mumbai. Raffles hopes that this opportunity will prompt designers to make the approach for assistance and guidance.

Raffles Design International, Mumbai lives by their tagline ‘Success by Design’ and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. This portfolio building exercise will remain open to all art and design students for the next six months. Therefore, if you are a struggling designer looking for someone to point you in the correct direction, feel free to visit Raffles Design International, Mumbai for more details.

About Raffles:
Raffles Design International, Mumbai is a part of Raffles Education Corporation Limited (Singapore) that expanded their horizons and stepped into Mumbai in the year 2004. The institute has been thriving ever since, and today, it is among the best design institutes in Mumbai, India. Conveniently located at a prime location in Mumbai, the institute offers a plethora of BA (Hons) Degree courses such as Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Product Design, Fashion Management, and Communication. Their aim is to produce talented and skilled graduates who will shape the future of design and business-related disciplines.

As a part of the largest private education group in the Asia-Pacific region, Raffles is set to create history with this unique activity and is the only institute offering such guidance in current times.

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At PeopleCoach Digital Transformation Begins With People

Marina Del Rey, California PR Submission Site ) May 23, 2019   PeopleCoach – Digital Solution Lab, combines neuroscience, behavior, and Agile methodology to build custom-tailored business solutions. These solutions are designed to address complex modern-day issues ranging from building the right product and faster value delivery, to built-in quality and improving culture for sustained learning and development at-scale.


“Beware of staff augmentation disguised as digital transformation. There’s plenty of consulting companies out there, who unleash dozens of uncoordinated contractors, siphoning away your budget, but never bringing about measurable change. We link the right culture with the right strategy and never lose sight of one important fact; Our customers want more than to just check the boxes, they want to win. Our Digital Solution Lab helps them do just that.” says D. Ray Freeman, CEO of PeopleCoach.

PeopleCoach – Digital Solution Lab aims to help clients plan for success by taking a strategic look at the bigger picture. During initial discovery sessions, leaders are challenged to identify value and current-state obstacles, establish milestones with key metrics, and partner to co-draft a transformation roadmap. A coach and advisor will also facilitate and co-draft an improvement plan for aligning their business vertical for continuous organizational success.

Upon initial discovery, a time-boxed solution and incremental approach is created to blend transformation preparation, training and coaching objectives into a single enterprise-wide outcome. These outcomes are progressive and in-context with the client’s near and long-term strategic goals.

“I am extremely excited about the opportunity to partner with PeopleCoach. Our efforts combined help bridge the gap of having a strategy coupled with the behaviors and thinking required to bring the theory to life in tangible way to ensure that organizations are delivering on its strategy, vision and mandate. We offer a unique value proposition and competitive edge for organizations that want to bring digital transformation to life through people – their greatest asset.” says Joanne Trotta, Founder & Managing Partner, Leader Edge Inc.

PeopleCoach – Digital Solution Lab is the go-to move for clients navigating the costly trend in traditional coaching models where big consulting firms are inexperienced and outdated in their digital approach. As compliance and fiscal responsibilities constrain the ability to scale innovation, blending training with coaching capabilities empowers culture change. PeopleCoach has the hands-on processes and technological know-how that keeps the focus on your best asset – your people.

Learn more about PeopleCoach:
PeopleCoach – Digital Solution Lab, visit: www.mypeoplecoach.com or call 1+ (323) 539-7480.

Learn more about LeadersEdge:
LeadersEdge Inc. visit: www.leadersedgeinc.com or call 1+ (855) 871-3374

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Company Name: PeopleCoach
Contact Person: Tahonie Freeman
Email: Info@mypeoplecoach.com
Phone: 323-539-7480
Address: 4640 Admiralty Way Suite 500
City: Marina Del Rey
State: California
Country: United States
Website: mypeoplecoach.com