Quartz Construction Started To Provide Discounts On Room Addition Services In San Jose

USA, 08 August, 2019 ( PR Submission Site ) — Quartz Construction, a bathroom remodel san Jose service provider which also provides a series of renovation services to customers as per their requirements, recently started offering discounts on their key services. Room addition is one of the primary offerings that the unit excels in, besides kitchen remodel San Jose services, which most customers opt for. Quartz Construction experts avowed to bring forth effective ways to add rooms in a cost-effective manner during a recent press conference.

According to one executive, prior to going ahead with the room addition service, a project appointment is usually scheduled. The company officials of the kitchen remodel San Jose unit have also strictly advised customers to fix an appointment and start off the work.

“Our professionals need to get a clear look about the zone they will work and how a separate area can be squeezed in for the purpose. For some, it might be a storage area while for others it can be an adjoining space or simply a guest room. Depending on how much of space is available, the room addition service will be a success; which can be best determined by our skilled employees. And on top, special discounts are available to those who go for our offerings,” said one of the most senior board members of the company.

Room addition is certainly a creative aspect of the home remodeling service that the company has excelled with time. The remodeling contractor San Jose of the company are so efficient that they know exactly how an add-on can complement and be in sync with the rest of the house.

The CEO of the unit, Ohad Malul said, “We offer a free quote to customers. We take that further and cut down the rates, which is a huge boost to our clients. However, the discounts and offers will vary; depending on the work. But one thing is certain- there’s something for everyone. And no one will feel left out; as all our customers are very dear to us.”

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