13 September 2019 ( PR Submission Site ) – This press release is portraying the all-new Amla Capsule from BioAyurveda which is making a revolution in the ayurvedic world. Amla or Gooseberry is known for being an abundant source of vitamin C as well as containing other potent antioxidants that may help rejuvenate the body’s system.

These capsules are lightly tart, sweet and stimulating. These tablets are made from tree-ripened whole gooseberries with the seeds removed, dried at low temperatures and finely crushed to preserve the unique flavor and nutrition. Amla flavors best added to fruity juices and smoothie concoctions. Amla capsules can be taken as a powerful home remedy to treat cough flu as well as mouth ulcers. It is a great deal in treating cold and cough. Amla has unbelievable health benefits. It cures millions of diseases at one time. We’re proud to offer a full line of certified organic high-performance supplement sourced direct and straight.

Amla capsule, part of BioAyurveda health supplement’s range, which is the world’s largest selling ayurvedic brand, enjoys huge demand among consumers for its light formulation featuring Amla, and other natural ingredients that help strengthen hair, body and keep the fill the stamina. Amla capsule, which is the best product of its kind for premature hair loss and greying, roughness in hair. Which are all made from a special blend of natural ingredients infused with Vitamin E to provide natural nourishment and protection. Amla capsules also shield the hair from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, thus preventing dullness and brittleness. Amla gives them amino acid and protein that leads to hair growth and tackles hair fall. It conditions hair and gives it a healthy and shiny look. This effective Amla capsule slows down the graying process.

This product is available in a convenient pack of 40 capsules and 90 capsules with an all-new natural remedy for those who generally color their hair.

Amla capsule has gained a huge acceptance form worldwide and it has the massive number of consumers who have appreciated the remedies provided by this organic hair care capsule which is specially formulated to keeping it moisturized and protecting the hair colors from early fading. Love nature, Love the beauty in and beauty is a harmony between something in nature and the quality of the product you are using. The enriched version of this product reflects BioAyurveda’s success in leveraging over 3 years of expertise in natural beauty and healthcare to meet the demands of modern society.

BioAyurveda has a huge organic family with colon supplements, mud face pack, and ayurvedic products that can be viewed at our site

BioAyurveda accepts it as true that ayurvedic science is one of the oldest remedies which Indian culture follows. It demonstrates how a tiny plant can make sure of effective treatment from a Vedic vision. It is the world one of the trusted ayurvedic brands. This company has established in 2016 and within two years it became world one of the biggest online marketing brands.

Let Food be the Medicine and Medicine be the Food

Chandigarh ( PR Submission Site ) 17th August 2018 – Sound mind means a sound body! What if you can get both a healthy mind and a healthy body naturally?!

    • No need to practice different routines to keep yourself healthy.
    • Completely natural and a confirmed tradition that promises a long life and a healthy mind.
    • From hair growth to heart health, Ayurveda has solutions to everything your body needs!
    • From anxiety to nervous breakdowns, Ayurveda has the right treatment to get you on your feet.


Access the wonderful world of Ayurveda and reap the benefits of nature with just a click of a button from anywhere and at any time. Vedickare brings to you the best of the world’s Ayurvedic treatments right at your doorstep.

“Let food be the medicine and medicine be the food”

Why Ayurveda?

Going natural to stay healthy has been the buzz in the healthcare industry right now. Do not be fooled by the multiple campaigns that guarantee a natural way to stay healthy, but trust the 5000-year-old, well-practiced form of medicine, the Ayurveda.

Ayurveda, unlike other forms of medicine, does not treat the symptoms. It treats the root cause of your problems ensuring that you have a sustainable and long-lasting solution.

Ayurveda reviews your entire body and finds a solution that will benefit both your body and your mind.

With Ayurveda you can find the inner balance and harmony between mind and body! It is not medicine but a form of living that can change your lifestyle and therefore your health for the better.

About Vedickare

Vedickare, an organization dedicated to ensuring that the benefits of Ayurveda reach the masses, has been providing health supplements and medicines, derived from Ayurveda for nearly a decade now!

Well researched Ayurvedic cure available in multiple forms at a reasonable price! The treatments available in multiple forms like powders, tablets, and tea are made to fit individual requirements.

·         Each component in every medicine has been tested individually and holistically for their effectiveness.
·         A complete cure for all ailments available at a reasonable price
·         Benefits of Ayurveda are now easily accessible and delivered to your doorstep
·         100% natural ingredients in the making.
·         Every product has been tested for its effectiveness and quality before it is offered.

For better health and a peaceful mind, practice Ayurveda with VedicKare!

Dr.Sonika Sharma