Automatic Trap Releases Safety Shield Excluder For A Safer Rat Trap

 Sonoma, February 21, 2019  ( PR Submission Site ) Automatic Trap is proud to bring an extra layer of safety to the best rat and mouse trap on the market. With the announcement of the brand new Safety Shield, Automatic Trap has provided a pragmatic and practical solution to a question their customers continually ask them. “Will the trap harm other species? Is it safe around pets and children? How do I know that only rats and mice will trigger the trap? “

 While the A24 is a safe rat and mouse trap, the Safety Shield aims to answer all of these questions with it’s sleek and functional Goodnature design. It works by acting as a cage around the entry point to the traps chamber. Small openings allow access to only tiny creatures such as small rodents. These perforations act as a barrier preventing larger mammals, pets, and even children from getting into the trap and triggering its CO2 powered system.

 The Safety Shield, like the A24 trap itself, was born from conservation and not destruction. The original aim of the trap was to prevent rodents from decimating bird populations in areas in which they are considered an invasive species. The Safety Shield is no different — through innovation, the New Zealand inventors were able to create a solution to keep bird populations thriving and rat populations shrinking.

 In North America, while the trap does assist in conservation, it serves more as a pest control tool. The benefits of the Safety Shield in the North American market extend beyond protecting native species. It also provides customers with peace of mind not only that they are protecting those species, but also a layer of assurance for children and pets. While the Goodnature A24 Rat & Mouse Trap are safe around family members (including the furry ones), the Safety Shield ensures an extra level of defense and exclusion.

About Automatic Trap

 At Automatic Trap, we’re breaking the cycle of rodent control through the distribution of the A24 Rat and Mouse trap. We offer a more pragmatic solution that eliminates these creatures in the most humane and efficient way possible.

 Our product provides the basis for brighter, humane future in pest control

The Safety Shield retails for $24.99 from Automatic Trap. For more information about Automatic Trap, Goodnature products, or the Safety Cage visit or email