METIS Technical Services LLC Dubai To Celebrate Their 5th Anniversary

“METIS celebrate their 5th anniversary this year. With these many experiences, the various services that they provide also become much important for their client.”

22 January 2019 ( PR Submission Site )  METIS, the company that provides home maintenance service from Dubai, to celebrate their 5th Anniversary. With 5 long years of running the business in this industry, this company is considered to be one of the most experienced and top players in Dubai. Their experience is also shown on the service they provide as well as the response from the client that receives their service.

METIS provides several different services for their client, such as:

Renovation Service – this company provides makeover or addition for the home/office.
Electrical maintenance Service – this service helps client to create a good electrical system and maintain it.
Painting Service – help to finish client’s painting works on their building.
Plumbing Service – a service to repair any plumbing problem,
Swimming Pool Cleaning – Just like its name, this service helps client to maintain their pool.
Gardening – a service to maintain the garden,
Bathroom Cleaning – this service keeps the bathroom hygiene at a good level,
Handyman Jobs – METIS deal with all home maintenance jobs,
The ac maintenance and repair services – AC installation, repair, gas-refill, and removing service.
Carpentry Works – METIS provides the service to help the installation and building of carpentry projects.
Gypsum Works – the service that helps the Gypsum related project.
Carpet & Curtain Works – one of the office maintenance services from METIS.

I was pleased by the quality of service provided by Metis. They have worked on time and could finish it accurately. Moreover, I value safety from their work. I trust Metis, as they personally verify their team background.” said Celina CEO of KG Ltd.

Currently, METIS is well-known as one of the best service providers in this industry in Dubai. Their 5 years experience will become the most important thing in how they offer their service. It also will become a good way to improve their branding on the market, where it can improve the company business in the future.  Now, the client and the potential client just need to wait what this company can give to them.


METIS TECHNICAL SERVICES LLC DUBAI is a company that provides the house maintenance service. However, this company isn’t focusing on house maintenance only. They also offer several services that help the client to maintain their building. And, with 5 years in this business, this company has become one of an important player in the maintaining service in Dubai.

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