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(prsubmissionsite) October 18, 2019 – If you are accused of any offense or charged with a felony or misdemeanor, your life can turn into a living hell. You will not be able to defend your case without the help of your attorney, and you will need the help of an experienced law firm. The law firm provides you assistance at every step, which includes the initial court filing to fighting the case for your innocence.

The Lady Law Practice Areas:

Experienced professionals of The Lady Law can fight your case for different offenses – these include:

Misdemeanors – In Texas, misdemeanors fall under three classes which are usually based on how serious the crime is:

  • Class A – This is the most serious offense, which can often lead to imprisonment. This might be for a year of confinement or might involve a monetary fine of $4000. Such offenses can be related to marijuana possession, possessing weapons illegally, intoxicated driving, perjury, and also assault.
  • Class B – These are offenses that are not as serious as Class A. Such offenses can cause a jail term of 180 days. The monetary fine might be as much as $2000. Offenses under this category include indecent public exposure, minor in possession of drugs, and intoxicated driving.
  • Class C – This is a serious offense in Texas, which can involve a fine as much as $500. Misdemeanors include thefts, assault, disorderly conduct, intoxicated driving, minor in possession of tobacco or alcohol, and other crimes.

The experienced team of The Lady Law uses their experience and knowledge for building a defense against misdemeanor charges.

Felonies – The Lady Law also deals with cases that involve felony charges. Felonies are often crimes that cause physical harm or threaten physical harm. Offenses that are also considered to be felonies include fraud schemes and white-collar crimes. Texas has categorized felonies into five different categories, which include capital, a first-degree crime, second-degree crime, third-degree crime, and also state jail felony. The Lady Law helps all clients charged with felonies.

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The Lady Law is founded by Attorney Alisa A. Woodward. The firm has a team of professionals who are experienced and knowledgeable about the different laws.Attorney at Law Alisa Woodward and Christopher Gore and Legal Assistant Marisol Nevarez are some of the most reputed people of the law firm.

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