The First Insurance Chatbot In Asia Launched In Taiwan By PHEW

TAIPEI, Taiwan, April 26, 2019 ( PR Submission Site )  –  ​PHEW, the No. 1 digital platform for insurance professionals in Taiwan, officially announced the launch of its “Insurance Chatbot” at its press conference on April 16, 2019 in Taipei. PHEW is one of the brands operated by PruWell International, which builds digital platforms that connect consumers with the right insurance products at the right time.

Insurance advisors can customize the Chatbot for their individual sales and marketing efforts towards their existing and prospective customers. With the introduction of this AI-driven Chatbot, PruWell is one step closer to achieving its mission of changing the way insurance is distributed to consumers. This is also a historic step for InsurTech in Taiwan and Asia.

“The Insurance Chatbot empowers insurance professionals and enables them to provide better services to their customers, combining AI and Human Intelligence,” said Mr. James Liu, who is the Founder and Chairman of PruWell International, the parent company of PHEW.

Ms. Jennifer Wang, the former Chairwoman of the Financial Supervisory Commission and a guest speaker at the PHEW Chatbot press conference, commented: “I expect PHEW to take the lead in InsurTech innovation in Taiwan and in Asia and become an InsurTech unicorn in Taiwan.”

Mr. Hsien-Nung Kuei, the Chairman of Taiwan Insurance Institute, also commented at the press conference that global VC investments in InsurTech have been rising rapidly since 2013 and likely will continue rising over the next 5 years.

Mr. CY Huang, the Founding Chairman of Taiwan M&A and Private Equity Council, additionally emphasized that the domain know-how in insurance has become more critical than ever in the success of an InsurTech startup.

Founded in 2016, PHEW started as an insurance content provider. To date, it has published nearly 10 thousand insurance content articles and achieved 17 million page views. But PHEW went above and beyond being a content provider. It has become an insurance advisor enablement platform. It has developed various digital tools to: (1) track the preferences and behaviors of web visitors; and (2) identify for its member insurance advisors suitable insurance products to cross-sell to their end customers. The overall objectives are to enhance efficiency and to improve customer engagement for insurance advisors.

About the PHEW Insurance Chatbot

The PHEW Insurance Chatbot employs its patented technologies in providing three main functions: “Digital SuperPost,” “Smart Secretary,” and “Data Genius.”

“Digital SuperPost” is a personalized marketing tool for insurance advisors. It helps to enhance an advisor’s professional image by allowing the advisor to digitally share new product information and insurance knowledge with existing and potential customers in a timely and convenient manner.

“Smart Secretary” allows an advisor’s customers to interact with the advisor’s personal Chatbot with functions such as: facial recognition, financial needs analysis, retirement planning, risk tolerance analysis, personality testing, insurance hot topics search, etc.

“Data Genius” is a data-gathering tool that allows an advisor to understand the advisor’s customers’ preferences and interests.

About PruWell International

PruWell International builds platforms that connect consumers in Asia with the right insurance products at the right time. Currently, PruWell operates two brands in Taiwan:

iCompare: offering online comparison for simple insurance products with convenience and transparency; and

PHEW: offering offline insurance advice by professional and technology-empowered financial advisors for more complex insurance products.

The PruWell platforms are increasing consumer engagement and doing so at lower costs.

The PruWell mission is to help consumers find the right-fit insurance products through a data-driven omni-channel approach. The traditional process of insurance sales is push-driven, inefficient, and not focused on the actual needs of consumers. PruWell strives to revolutionize that traditional process for the benefits of both insurance advisors and consumers.

PruWell was founded in 2016 by James Liu, Executive Member of Asia Pacific Financial Services Association and the former founding CEO of AEGON Taiwan. PruWell is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan.

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MoBerries Bot – The AI Powered Job Hunt Pioneer

MoBerries Bot – The AI Powered Job Hunt Pioneer

The future of HR lies in this Messenger chat robot

Berlin, Germany, 16/01/2018: MoBerries, one of the 100 hottest startups in Europe according to WIRED, continue their commitment to revolutionizing the antiquated recruitment business through their next-gen job discovery chatbot ‘jobbot’. The real time Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) based bot is now freely available on Facebook Messenger. Jobbot is backed by MoBerries’ proprietary job matching technology which surpasses existing industry-standards. It has resulted in Jobbot already becoming one of the 10 most used messenger bots worldwide.

The chatbot helps professionals discover exciting new jobs on one hand, and companies to hire the best fitting talent on the other by eliminating frictions in the hiring market. The bot will soon be able to overtake the entire job application process, even seamlessly taking over the first round interview. Already, the bot has delivered an exceptional 92% candidate response rate within the first 2 minutes of engagement for MoBerries’ current customers.


“We grew from 80K monthly active users to 120K monthly active users in one month, after launching our MoBerries Bot. Bots help us to collect important information from candidates in order to strengthen our recommendation engine. This enables us to offer them the most value when they need it most – during their pressing job search. This eliminates the headache of candidates having to look for new job postings daily. Any Job, posted anywhere in the world, anyhow relevant for the candidate, is shared directly to the candidate’s messenger. Our advantage is that the bot is not standalone but an extension of our platform, and unlike most standalone bots, is not overly reliant on the typical rules-based matching. Bots are nothing new, for us it is all about how we can be part of ushering the new era of this technology. We see the bot as being part of a robust stack as the real advantage” says Founder Terence Hielscher.


MoBerries has partnered up with several hundred companies including many industry leaders such as Rolls-Royce, Deutsche Handelsbank, almost every top Tech company in Germany, several company builders such as (Axel Springer & Egon Zehnder), Rheingau Founders, B10, and more than 20 leading Venture Capital Funds.The release of the bot to the public makes the MoBerries offering even more robust, allowing for further granularity and better targeting for job seekers as well as hiring managers. This will only further accelerate its international expansion and attract more businesses that want to stay on top of their hiring game.

What makes the MoBerries Bot so unique is its ability to learn from personal interactions in order to provide a customized guided experience for the candidate. Unlike other platforms, MoBerries is clearly positioning themselves outside the classic parameters of matching by focusing on the release of products built off of their neural network stack. “As a candidate who was hired through MoBerries after spending enough time on the platform you get a sense for how recommendations are evolving based on your interactions on the platform.” – Clemens Meyer, former candidate of MoBerries.

About MoBerries GmbH: MoBerries is a Berlin-based AI-driven hiring SaaS platform enabling companies to hire highly qualified candidates to fast. Capitalizing on network effects, all partner companies contribute to a shared talent pool consisting of high-caliber job seekers. In exchange, partner companies receive a pre-ranked selection of exceptionally suited candidates. Founded in 2015, MoBerries developed and honed its technology with a select group of customers referred by Europe’s leading VC Funds. Earlier this year, the company raised a 7-figure funding round from 42cap, HTGF, LITTLEROCK, several hedge fund managers, and well-known business angels.