Xportsoft Technologies Launch their Mac Optimizer Pro Utility Tool for Mac Users

Mac Optimizer Pro Utility Tool

Chandigarh, India ( PR Submission Site ) July 15, 2018. Mac Optimizer Pro is aimed to address concerns such as why is my mac so slow by providing easy and effective yet cost-efficient tools to speed up Mac.

Xportsoft Technologies, the publisher of the legendary Windows performance optimization toolkit PC Optimizer Pro, has released its much-anticipated Mac utility Mac optimizer Pro.

Mac Optimizer Pro has been designed specifically for Mac platforms to help users clean up, optimize and speed up Mac at just the cost of a hamburger. The software package features a 5-in-1 toolkit that consists of handy utilities such as Mac Guardian, File Shredder, Login Startup Cleaner, Cache Cleaner, and more.

Macs are well-built machines; however, over a period of time users tend to experience a performance lag, which stems down to various factors such as unwanted startup programs, setup and uninstallation logs, browser and application cache and cookies, large unwanted files, malware, and other junk files. With its recently-launched toolkit Mac Optimizer Pro, the company aims to provide a legit, apparent and authentic solution to helps users speed up mac like never before.

In his dialogue during a recent product launch held in the Haryana state of India, Xportsoft Technologies CEO MR. Sunil Ohri revealed, “Mac users were long posting us queries on our social threads for PCOP regarding the warning out performance of the Mac devices. Questions such as why is my mac so slow or is there some best free Mac cleaner were most common. Though there are solutions available in the market to help speed up mac, most of them are too costly and work rarely. And that’s where we decided to release a Mac version of our flagship product PC Optimizer Pro to help users speed up Mac.”

The company aims to address the most important user query as to why is my mac so slow with its latest release. The developers are confident that their latest product will come handy for Mac users, allowing them to speed up mac. Though not the completely best free mac cleaner around, the product is well destined to emerge as the best mac cleaner at an affordable cost that can easily fit into the pockets of even the most general Indian users.

About Xportsoft technologies Ltd.

Xportsoft Technologies is an Ambala-based software and web development enterprise that has to its name the glory of being thrice in a row awardee of the most coveted Highest Software Export Award by the STPI scheme of Government of India for the Haryana state of India, thanks to the company’s unremitting excellence in developing worthwhile software and mobile applications across various operating platforms.

And now the company looks all set to give India’s its very own best mac cleaner. The product also features a dedicated 24×7 customer support for its users through a voice call, email and chat to ensure users from India as well as from across the globe can make the most of their utility without any technical difficulties.

Xportsoft Technologies Launch their Mac Optimizer Pro Utility Tool for Mac Users


Xportsoft Technologies, an Indian IT enterprise, has recently launched its most-anticipated Mac Optimizer Pro, a handy Mac tool to speed up Mac and help address user queries such as, ;why is my mac so slow'.

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