TOYOTA Introducing “Universal Street Games”: Global Competition in Hunting for Best Street Musicians, Dancers and Athletes


TOKYO, April 20, 2018 /PRSubmissionSite/– The “Universal Street Games” brought to you by Toyota Motor Corporation is the first competition of its kind in the world. The “Universal Street Games” is bringing the streets to the international stage with a global hunt for the world’s best street musicians, dancers and athletes.


 After two competition voting rounds, the nine finalists (three from each category) plus three voters will win a trip of a lifetime across the United States of America to the “Universal Street Games” at the X Games Minneapolis 2018, Minnesota.

The first round of the competition, calling for entries and votes from all over the world, closes on April 30, 2018.

Following the second round, starting on May 1, the top 10 voted performers from each category will be on the match to be chosen as one of the nine finalists leaving for a trip across the U.S.A. to show their performance and decide the No.1 of street performers at the final stage of the “Universal Street Games.”

From July 15 to 21, those finalists travel around the U.S.A. to get the inspiration from it and develop their final performance, while creating one performance by all nine of them as an integration of music, dance and sports. Finally, all the efforts they make are to be spotlighted at the final stage.

The whole trip is professionally filmed and uploaded daily on the “Universal Street Games” website during the trip.

The “Universal Street Games” is a four-month competition where artists and athletes record, upload and vote on entries via social media and the “Universal Street Games” website or app.

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