Glacia, Solar heating re-radiating coating launched

January 8, 2019 ( PR Submission Site ) Glacia, a solar heat re radiating coating has been launched in the market yesterday.  Glacia is a potential component to prevent global warming and a eco -friendly product that use the possibilities of nano-technology in a better way.  By coating Glacia, any surface can re radiate 93.7% solar heat that comes from the sun to the earth, which ultimately results in cooling the interior of the building. The solar rays and heat are re radiated by Glacia coating and prevent the surfaces from absorbing the heat and disseminate inside the build ups. At the same time, Glacia coating helps the building to be damage free and crack free since the cracks are built upon the constant absorbing of solar heat on the concrete surface and Glacia prevent the building from absorbing the heat and ensure the durability of the buildings.

Besides the building roofs, Glacia could also be applied on water tanks, metal sheets, roofing sheets, ware houses like surfaces to ensure preventing of heat absorption and thus damaging the surface. If Glacia applied on water tanks it prevents the plastic tanks from being heat and spreading the detrimental chemical in the consuming water. Such plastic chemicals may possibly cause cancer sometimes.

Glacia is a result of continuous research and perseverance of the young scientist Mr. Suresh Sukumaran Nair, who spent as big as 15 years in learning and researching a solution to prevent the damages causing from Global warming. The strenuous result oriented study brought forth the fruit in the form of a coating that prevents the solar heat at it maximum. Suresh is a graduate in Chemistry and have masters in Water Micro biology.

Suresh’s face lifting invention has been tested and recognised and approved by Cochin University of Science and Technology, PWD of Kerala, Reliance Energy, Methscott, CII, Building Energy Performance Laboratory, Kerala small industries Development corporation, Sultanate of Oman Ministry of Environment  and Climate affairs, Aerican Society of Testing and Materials etc.. Glacia is an eco- friendly product and economical solution that may help the world in a positive way since it prevents the solar heat as well as filling the minor cracks.

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