The Mirat- Operating System Insight Tool

(prsubmissionsite) May 04, 2020 In any organization, the metrics of monitoring the different services/asset of the operating system is very important to maintain the IT infrastructure in a right way. The Novel IRS is providing this unique tool which includes in the MIRAT software application.

With the Novel MIRAT Operating System Insight tool, you just configure the monitoring item and then get the metrics of that item in a graphical representation. It is very useful to evaluate and use the server in a most appropriate way by taking instant decisions of your business or organization’s growth. The server’s monitoring status item like anything, for example, Memory RC, SNMP, CPU, Data Storage, Webservice, Login Info etc. Once configured the item it shows the metrics in different formats.


  • History (like What happened?).
  • Present Scenario (What is it happening?).
  • Live update (What is happening now?).

Graphical representation for the History (i.e. what happened) provides the metrics of what was happened to the configured item between the two configured dates. For example, if you configured CPU, it gives the full data of the CPU in between two specific dates.

Present Scenario (i.e. what is it happening) graphical representation provides the status what has been happening to the configured item in an organization.

You can also get the live updates of the configured item in the Live Update (i.e. what is happening now) representation.


In the market, there are many tools are existing. Each tool supports with one function to monitor an item/asset of your IT infrastructure. The MIRAT software monitors whatever be the item/asset of your IT infrastructure. Just you need to configure the respective item in the tool.


  • You can configure any item relating to your IT Infrastructure.
  • Get reports in three levels like what happened, what is it happening, and Live report.
  • It eases the crisis management.
  • Reveal the status from minute to minute to avoid any interruptions.
  • Provides clear status to take future business decisions.

The Configuration Management Database Services | Mirat


(prsubmissionsite) May 04, 2020 The Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is used to keep track of the state of assets like products, systems, software, facilities used in company’s IT services and the connection between those components. CMDB works for a specific view of configuration data and checks the data from any desired perspective.


  • The Configuration Items (CI) to be identified and included in the CMDB.
  • Only authorized persons need to control data and can make changes due to security reasons.
  • Update the details of if any CI is recording consistently and keep reporting.
  • Check by audits and reviewed to make sure the data is accurate.



  • In Asset Management, mostly refer CMDB to know the association of assets with organizational entities.
  • The CMDB is useful to resolve spontaneously and analyze data on implemented assets.
  • Facilitates to associate incidents and problems to services and the resource groups.
  • Delivers necessary statistics on how efficiently accomplishes an agreement with a service client.
  • Provides a necessary source of control related statistics valuable for both internal and external audits.
  • Our Operating System Insight solution helps to calculate CPU and memory usage in your organization’s IT infrastructure. The insight takes into consideration the 95th Percentile Trend Scorecard view which is based on studying the data samples collected for a period of time. Operating System Insight is crucial to learn about the resource utilization so as to carry out the required changes if the resources run out of capacity


  • MIRAT CMDB increases control with its Monitoring Tool.
  • Increases the reliability of systems by rapid detection and resolving incidents.
  • Check improper configurations which could negatively impact on performance.
  • Define and enforce policies and procedures like assest identification, status monitoring and auditing.
  • IT asset management improves with proactive, preventive, and predicative measures.
  • Accurate analysis of hardware, software, firmware, testing procedures.
  • Provide matrices of complex system and infrastructure.
  • Allow Organizations to manage within it change IT environments.
  • It monitors how components are connected in a system.

IT Service Level Agrement (SLA) From Mirat


(prsubmissionsite) May 02, 2020  As defined by ITIL, IT Service Level Agreement is an agreement between an IT Service Provider and Customer. A single SLA is useful for number IT services or a number of customers. For example, if you are using an ATM card of a certain bank, there is an agreement between you and bank that when you make a transaction in ATM the maximum transaction time is 10 seconds. If it exceeds, it shows the transaction is declined. Of course, you might have similar kind of experience while using websites for online transactions like booking train tickets or banking transactions. The website shows time is expired after the certain period as per the SLA between vendor and you.  SLA may take place either within the organization or between the organization and customers.


  • It is better to create SLA for each IT service separately for better understanding.
  • SLA must be based on the real data and to deliver improved service with properly testing and prototyping.
  • It tracks the real performance against the SLA and it directly related to IT services. It should contain a period to deliver the service.
  • If the SLA relates to change management. The change should be perfectly planned as it affects service hours, availability, uptime, completion, or response time.
  • You must judge yourself that where and when SLA is required or applicable.


  • MIRAT is flexible to make your own SLA rules.
  • It diagnosis if any SLA rules breached and provides response notification to the user.
  • If the user is failed to resolve of the issue with the time as per SLA, it issues a Resolution Miss notification to the user.
  • NovelIRS solution can monitor and receive alerts on missed SLA targets, measure performance, manage problems, track response time, and more.
  • As per the incident priority, MIRAT categorize P1, P2, P3, P4 levels. These levels start from high to low level impact. It notifies based on the priority.
  • The User get notifications either through emails or SMS.

Mirat | Suits Your IT Asset Discovery Needs

(prsubmissionsite) May 04, 2020  Overview – For the last several years, companies are moving towards IT diversified environment which includes cloud, virtual, and mobile devices. The companies decided to make a common place for connecting or disconnecting the enterprise network. All these developments put a challenge in front of them to maintain and control the technologies in a most lucrative way. The network security is one of the most challenging tasks to them. It is somewhat difficult to control the malicious intruders into your network as the network is using different modes like desktops, laptops, and smartphone. Because of the advanced cyber threats, companies focused on their IT assets. Therefore, many companies come into the market with the IT Asset Discovery Tools to help the IT companies.


Generally, the asset discovery tools provide the following services.

  • It diagnoses and resolves the problems.
  • Maintenance of Assets.
  • Mitigate the security risks.
  • Avoid malware threats.
  • Eliminate unlicensed software.
  • Prevent commercial risks by not leaking their sensitive data.

 IT Discovery implements are as follows.

  • It enhances the level of IT security.
  • Penalties are avoided by finding unlicensed software.
  • Easily learn about the software and hardware networks.
  • Keeps on reminder to update your network.
  • Generate reports and procedures of its tracking your assets.


The Novel’s Configuration Database (CMDB) maintains the solution maps and assets in a single system of record for every asset in your IT infrastructure. You could rapidly configure and launch secure discovery of hardware, virtual, software and cloud resources.


The Novel’s Configuration Database (CMDB) maintains the solution maps and assets in a single system of record for every asset in your IT infrastructure. You could rapidly configure and launch secure discovery of hardware, virtual, software and cloud resources.

  • It supports Linux, Unix, servers and non-IT devices.
  • Get an accurate inventory license and regulatory compliance.
  • Handle IT asset discovery with or without deploying agents.
  • Find out any IP connected device.
  • Expose all hardware.
  • Align with most of the operating systems.
  • Capability of reporting, analytics, simple export and simple publish.
  • Disclose virtual operating system.
  • Automatically provide inventory details of the hardware.
  • It helps eliminate unwanted software by checking its licenses.
  • You can create and generate custom reports with in no time.

Software Management Tool – Mirat

(prsubmissionsite) May 04, 2020 Overview – The software management is a complex subject and people used different names like Managing Software or Managing Software Development. The software management helps to formalize a set of structures that make sure your software is accessible and reusable in any time periods. The most common activities in software management are like version changing, building, testing, packaging, configuring, installing, distributing, software auditing, and so on.

MIRAT identifies, collects, monitors and reports on the overall operational health of IT infrastructure, to help the organization to understand and evaluate the performance of its systems.

Monitoring the performance of your IT infrastructure can help you detect underlying problems before they mutate into something big and have an adverse effect.

The image on the right has CPU as the metric that is being analyzed. From other dropdown options, the server, date & time, and duration (at which the data is to be collected) are selected.


There are a number of benefits of Software Management.

  • In a project, it provides clear roles and responsibilities to members.
  • It maintains the project consistency even if team members are changing.
  • You can make better planning and estimation of resources.
  • There is a possibility to cut reputation and organizational risk.
  • Maintain good engagement between user and developer communities.


Being an organization, you must buy different software and used by many people in the organization. The Novel’s MIRAT helps you maintain the entire software in your organization as follows.

  • MIRAT provides the details of how many total software are using in your Organization.
  • Checks whether all software have licenses.
  • Detect how many licensed software kept idle so that you can reduce buying the same software.
  • Find the number of open-source software using in your organization.
  • It detects any unauthorized or without license, the software using in your organization.
  • Informs you if more users are using the same software beyond the limit offered by the vendor.
  • Lists out each system using how many licensed and open source software.
  • The MIRAT application fully audits your software and give the latest report.
  • With the help of MIRAT, the software management in your organization is very accurate and well performed.
  • Reduce the operational cost of your software using the MIRAT Software Management service.

Mirat Threat And Vulnerability Management Tool

(prsubmissionsite)  May 01, 2020  – Overview – Threat and Vulnerability management is a key aspect in any sector especially in IT. It is critical to know about this management to prevent hazardous consequences in the organization. One way, it is a challenge to company’s IT that there is a lot of communication inflow and outflow on day to day basis.

In view of the above, almost all companies focus their attention to safeguard the IT infrastructure using the available tools in the market.

Threat deals with risks. Threats are applicable in different environments and can carry out throughout the service lifecycle and do not limit to a certain phase of the service lifecycle.

If there is a threat, first it must be identified, analyzed and then manage it. A vulnerability is like having open ports in your server due to running unnecessary services. Sometimes these open ports can be a source of entry for attackers. Another example, you can find unnecessary or old software lying in servers which are affecting on work efficiency of the systems.

MIRAT Self-Healing engine has the ability of systems or environments to detect and resolve issues automatically. It auto heals incidents without raising a ticket. It is very useful to the organization for performing better operations management.

Self-Healing / Orchestration helps utmost utilization of your IT by way of finding and fixing issues. You will get consistent feedback from the Incident Management and Monitoring Tool. It makes perfect coordination among teams. There are several benefits to it, reduced tasks and faster processes being the two of them. Agility and avoiding redundancy, in turn, is directly proportional to improved productivity. A set up that heals itself is a vision of the future.



  • It organizes all your assets depending on their role in your organization.
  • All your systems are scanned deeply, accurately, efficiently to check vulnerabilities.
  • Provide analytics report to identify and prioritize risks.
  • Diagnosis vulnerability for a period, generate and assign tickets, manage implementations and executions.
  • It provides a comprehensive report to IT, business executives, and auditors.
  • Scan the LDAP, RSHD Services, SAMBA, TELNET, and TFTP.
  • It also scans USB, XINETD, YPSERV, SSHD protocol.
  • It detects if any intruders ping your IP address.
  • Get the comprehensive report on the software used in systems. The report is useful to streamline sortware in the organization.

People, Process, Technology, Automation – Mirat – The Next Generation Tool

(prsubmissionsite) May 01, 2020 –  Overview – In ITSM process, first address to people, starts develop a process, then create a technology. The idea behind this generally takes the form of a software solution which captures tickets, routes work, and features of the self-service portal. The best part of these tools to change the collective mindsets of individuals. The difficult part of the process is design and implementation. MIRAT is a next generation ITSM enabled infrastructure tool highly aligned with ITIL. It is the way to design and implementation to resolve things automatically and smoothly.


  • It is a technology trigger to incidents, problems, creating tickets etc.
  • Provides monitoring solutions to trigger incidents or events.
  • ITSM initiates via different tools with advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cognitive computing.
  • Businesses can reduce their costs with ITSM software.
  • Employees of the organization can visualize workflows rapidly and easily.
  • Provides greater efficiency to automate some steps of workflows.
  • It improves your business ROI (Return on Investment).
  • Across the organization, the IT procedures to be standardized and integrated.


MIRAT is a next-generation remote IT infrastructure management application built on sophisticated technologies.

  • Digital: Workflow for repetitive tasks to get ready in a minute.
  • Futuristic: Parametric database driven workflows.
  • Insightful: Considers 95th percentile Trend Scorecard.
  • Predictive: Predicts failures to offer deep insights predictive analytics.
  • Automation: Eliminates human intrusion.
  • MIRAT is a tool having different modules. Each module works like different tool with unique feature as follows.
  • MIRAT is a tool having different modules. Each module works like different tool with unique feature as follows.
  • Asset as a Service: It is like an asset management that you can create any number of assets and can maintain as a repository of information.
  • ITSM Suite: It is embedded with Incident, Change, Problem Management and Workflows.
  • Monitoring: It is useful to creating monitor on each asset that you created.
  • Self-Healing / Orchestration: Configurable calls executed through REST APIs.
  • Triage Live Poll / Admin Tools: You can perform all administrative tasks through this tool on different platforms or databases.
  • Root Cause Analyses: It reveals the status and root case on created assets.