California Specialty Insurance Brokerage Discusses Restaurant Insurance

(prsubmissionsite) November 8, 2019 Los Angeles, California MFE Insurance, a California specialty insurance brokerage, recently released a blog listing what kind of insurance does a restaurant need. With different types of restaurant insurance, your restaurant will be fully protected from all possible liabilities.

If you are a new or current restaurant owner, the last thing you want is to have to shut down your restaurant because and employee or customer decides to sue your establishment. According to the National Restaurant Association, the industry’s protected sales in 2019 is approximately $863 billion. Even though the business is lucrative, it is still crucial to purchase restaurant insurance to make it stay lucrative.

The first type of restaurant insurance to consider is general liability insurance. It will protect you and your restaurant from third-party claims including bodily injuries, personal injury, and property damage if you forget to put a caution wet floor sign on display. Product liability insurance will insure you if you accidentally serve food that is spoiled or a meal that has ingredients that gives a customer an allergic reaction. This policy will further cover any medical costs, business damages, and victim compensation. Inventory insurance is designed to cover you if your food stock needs to be thrown away due to a fire, theft, or other unforeseen circumstances. Your food is the backbone of your business, therefore, this insurance policy will replace the goods to prevent a cease in operation. You will want to consider liquor liability insurance to protect you if your restaurant manufactures, sells, or serves alcohol. It will protect you against claims that can occur if a customer drinks too much and causes an injury to themselves, others, or your property. Lastly there’s commercial auto insurance that covers all types of cars, vans, and trucks you use to transport goods and if there is a collision.

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Restaurant Insurance Brokerage Discusses Restaurant Insurance Policies

Los Angeles, California PR Submission Site ) May 24, 2019  MFE Insurance, a restaurant insurance broker, recently released a blog answering the question, “what kind of insurance does a restaurant need“. In the restaurant industry, there are several restaurant insurance policies restaurant owners should acquire to protect against risks and liabilities.

As with all businesses, business owners should assess the potential risks and liabilities that could be detrimental to the success of their business. These potential risks and liabilities include property damage, bodily harm, intoxicated patrons, equipment failure and more. When building a restaurant insurance policy, it is important to consider the various types of coverage options available. These coverage options include general liability, product liability, liquor liability, assault and battery, property, automobile, workers compensation, equipment breakdown and spoilage insurance.

Restaurant insurance is an essential step in running and operating a restaurant. Among the various coverage options available, there are a few that are absolutely imperative to acquire. The most important coverage options restaurant owners should acquire are liquor liability insurance, assault and battery insurance and spoilage insurance. Liquor liability insurance, or dram shop insurance, protects restaurant owners against patrons who have consumed alcohol and are liable to cause damage to themselves or others while either on or off their property. Assault and battery insurance protects restaurant owners against liabilities associated with physical altercations or conflicts between patrons. Spoilage insurance can help cover the costs associated with the spoiling or contaminating of food stemming from equipment breakdowns or power outages.

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