Introducing The S6 Titan Security System – The Newest Product Line From Fortress Security Store

WALLA WALLA, Wash.May 2, 2018 / PRSubmissionSite/- This month, Fortress Security Store released their newest product line, the S6 Titan Home Security System. A competitor with other large names such as SimpliSafe and ADT, Fortress Security Store specializes in low-cost, self-monitored security systems for homes and small businesses.

The S6 Titan Home Security System represents the next generation of research and development coming from the 2005 startup. The S6 Titan main panel integrates with the existing accessories of current Fortress systems, and Fortress Security Store will be providing incentives and deals to encourage adoption of the new system.

Consumers who seize the opportunity to be among the first to try this favorably-priced system will enjoy the updated look and feel, as well as the many improvements in performance over previous Fortress Security Store lines. The S6 Titan touts a new “Over-The-Air (OTA) Update” feature, which allows Fortress to more quickly and easily resolve any potential issues reported by customers. It also adds a “Call Filtering” feature, so that customers can limit which phone numbers are able to contact the system. (The S6 Titan panel includes support for a landline phone connection or a GSM SIM card, in addition to the ability to connect to WiFi.) Other new features of the S6 Titan system include an improved mobile app, improved accessories that can now be scanned and added to the system directly from a smartphone, custom zones and names, email notifications over WiFi, and more.

Current customers of Fortress Security Store who are familiar with the Total Security and Total Security WiFi systems will notice that the S6 Titan is a natural evolution of these systems. However, Fortress Security Store is also branding this new system separately, as it represents a significant departure from the previous generations of Fortress systems.

When asked what customers should know about the S6 Titan, Program Coordinator Kip Coleman said, “The S6 Titan Security System has been a project over a year and a half in the making. I’m proud to announce this new system because it represents a lot of hard work under the surface in many areas. You’ll find that we’ve gone above and beyond just updating the hardware, and instead focused on improving the entire customer experience. We’ve received a healthy amount of feedback from our customers, and we’ve truly been listening! We’ve developed a completely new mobile app, redesigned our user manuals and documentation, improved our server and backend infrastructure, and more. Keep an eye on our website for a new look and feel coming up there, too. As always, I like to recommend our newsletter as a great way for people to learn more about us, as well.”

“In the near future,” Coleman adds, “we’ll be launching our own centralized monitoring service, all with our classically low pricing and excellent customer service. This is going to make our new S6 Titan system even more enticing to a number of our customers, whom I know have been waiting for just such a service! When you take a look at the peace of mind and value that Fortress Security Store can provide, you won’t want to look anywhere else!”

Fortress Security Store currently offers security systems for sale on their own website, as well as through many other channels such as Amazon, eBay,, and more.

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