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10 june, 2019 ( PR Submission Site ) – Delivering clear messages through voiceover recordings is not always an easy thing to do. That’s exactly why Lucy Brown Voiceovers  is committed to providing professional voiceover services to produce quality recordings that sound amazing.

The services offered by this artist include recordings for promotional videos, radio and TV advertisements, narration for audiobooks, IVR, as well as eLearning voice over. For companies or corporate needs, Lucy Brown Voiceovers is also happy to do a quality recording for internal procedures, guidelines, and announcements.

This professional artist is known to have a warm clear, friendly, and reassuring voice. What’s more, this voiceover artist also has a passion to create recordings based on the specific project’s requirements. According to Lucy Brown Voiceovers, “I value professionalism and the ability to deliver great recordings for commercial, corporate, charity, and narration purposes. And I do it all under your direction. Whatever you’re looking for or need from a project – whether it’s intensity for a high impact advert, or a tender voice for a children’s book – I’ll make every professional voice over sound the way you want it to sound”.

Lucy Brown Voiceovers is also proud to have the ability to do both Spanish and English recordings. This voiceover artist can fluently speak Spanish and English, and ensure that the message of the scripts won’t be lost in translation. This is something very useful for businesses that are producing marketing and advertising materials targeting bilingual market.

With years of experience, this professional has the right skills and knowledge to create recordings using the right tone, pauses, enunciation and style. At the same time, this artist uses professional audio equipment to ensure high-quality and clear recordings at all times. But apart from being excellent at delivering lines, Lucy Brown Voiceovers makes sure to give the right authenticity, emotion, and feeling into each recording. With such qualities, this expert can provide a familiar voice that the audience can identify and associate with a project or brand.

Whether the recording needs a tender voice for a children’s book or an intense one for a high-impact commercial, Lucy Brown Voiceovers can confidently provide it. To all interested parties, this experienced voiceover artist is happy to provide a series of demos. To listen to some of them, just visit

About Lucy Brown Voiceovers

Lucy Brown Voiceovers is an experienced voiceover artist who provides quality recordings for e-Learning projects, podcasts, audiobooks, commercial and more. With clarity and flexibility, this professional can surely give the right tone and voice quality for any particular recording requirement. To get in touch with this voiceover artist, you can call 0034 95121 75 22. As for any written questions and comments, you can send an email via On the other hand, you can fill out the contact form on