Now the entertainment media is based on the Internet, mainly on social networks. Only a few years ago, it was very expensive to obtain video or television in the cinema.

In fact, video is one of the key trends of recent years and it will remain so in the years to come. Estimations for next years consider that audiovisual pieces will not stop growing. Indeed, by 2020, the videos will represent 79% of Internet traffic. The animated graphics will be part of another dimension to what would be static images, combining design and video trends.

That technological development that is part of our lives has modified our way of interacting, transmitting and sharing information. It has put us all in the same place, providing equal possibilities to promote us. That’s why a storytelling video with engaging content can transmit your message in an attractive way and make the difference among your competition.

Therefore, this is the right time to start noticing, because it is the best way to stand out from the rest. Having quality videos on your business website can help get your customers’ attention.

You can give yourself the opportunity to hire a professional in recording, editing or video animation to see the answer you have in your business.

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Mirrorfly Launches Video and Voice APIs For Businesses to Communicate Effectively

Chennai, India, December 24, 2018 ( PR Submission Site ) Mirrorfly today announced the API support for integrating Voice & Video call into chat applications with SIP and WebRTC implementation. The most successful leader in providing the messaging solution to global clients took the effort to assist enterprise to build a chat application embedded with voice and video calling features.

“Businesses today are filled with communication as a significant process for an instant solution in real-time. Whether it’s chat, voice, video, or in-app messaging, we are building the platform that enables businesses to make persistent calls anywhere at any time,” says Balasubramaniyam. K, CEO, and Founder of the Mirrorfly.

Understanding the Implementation of Voice Call API:

The integration of Mirrorfly’s voice call API significantly enhances the connectivity of users across devices and amplifies the value of businesses communication. With the integration of SIP, the possibility of making calls over network carrier from chat application is made easy with Mirrorfly’s voice API.

Mirrorfly’s voice call API leverage enterprises connectivity with the customers in a personalized, official and conversational way. The feature also streamlines the workflow and conferences with adequate features like call recording, speech recognition, and transcriptions.

With today’s announcement of voice call API, it can connect more than a million of concurrent users in a daily base at low bandwidth and enhances the organization’s’ productivity with a clear one-to-one or one-to-many conferences.

Understanding the Implementation of Video Call API:

Business across the multiple industries function under a conventional way which affects the productivity over the years. Such businesses demand a real-time interaction with global users and customers to excel the business value and productivity. Through Mirrorfly, the possibility of real-time video call across any geographical area is made simple at its best.

With WebRTC implementation, optimization of HD video call experience wholly helps industries and sectors like Customer Support, Healthcare, Gaming, Education and Social websites to engage and provide solutions to users regardless of the devices and platforms.

With the announcement of video calling API, businesses streamline the meetings, activities over the video call conference on any platform without any buffering. The in-built WebRTC signaling initiates the routing of calling between the servers in a secure platform.

To know more about Mirrofly’s Video Chat API Visit:

About Mirrorfly:

Mirrorfly, a leading chat solution providing company established in the year 2015 and backed by Balasubramaniyam. K. The company is headquartered in Chennai and the regional office in California with having about 200+ developers. Mirrorfly is the parent company behind all the chat suites contrived to assist enterprises and individuals to build customizable chat apps across Android, iOS and Web applications.