Barnacle Busters – Affordable underwater maintenance services in Fort Lauderdale

(prsubmissionsite ) Friday, 07 February 2020 Barnacle Busters is one of the eminent underwater yacht maintenance companies in Palm Beach County. The company comprises of fully trained and experienced professionals to provide the best underwater maintenance services. They also have service vehicles to provide maintenance services right at the customer place or in their dock. The company is licensed and offers 24/7 emergency service.


Underwater Yacht Maintenance:

The company offers various services on underwater maintenance it includes barnacle removal, Zinc replacement, and propeller repair. After finishing their initial inspection on your yacht the dive service team can do regular or monthly scheduled maintenance at an affordable cost. 

Barnacle removal:

Barnacles are the unwanted things that stick to the bottom of your yacht. These barnacles will affect your boat efficiency in a considerable way. It is a very important one to maintain your hull in a good way. Hull cleaning will improve your boat speed and fuel efficiency. It also makes your boat to run faster and gradually increase the boat’s life span. Barnacle removal is not a decorative or unwanted process. It is a needed one for all types of boats within a certain period. Removing barnacle with the help of barnacle busters is an additional advantage for your yacht. As the company has more than 40 years of experience in the field of underwater maintenance. 


Zinc replacement:

Zinc replacement plays a major role in the process of eradicating the corrosion of boat parts. Replacing zinc is a very important process in underwater boat maintenance. Zinc is used in the boat bottoms to absorb the stray electric current that result in electrolysis. Electrolysis directly affects the propeller, shafts and other boat parts. Barnacle busters can inspect the zinc and replace them at the right time. Genuine high quality zincs are used to replace the old zinc.


Propeller repair and Replacement:

Propeller is the most important part while driving your boat. If the propeller works with some problems it will lead to some serious problems. The professional dive service team will actively sort out all problems in your propeller within a given time. They are very much experienced in dealing with propeller replacement and propeller bents. 


About us: Barnacle Busters is the leading underwater yacht maintenance company. The company has more than 40 years of experience in the field of underwater maintenance. They have a team of experienced divers capable of eliminating all types of underwater problems. For more information about underwater yacht maintenance visit