Star Visa Services Ltd Offers Varied Options When Applying For Passport Renewal

February 15,2019 ( PR Submission Site ) Star Visa Services Ltd , a trusted provider of passport services, offers various options when applying for passport renewal, enabling them to cater to every need there is. So regardless of how quick the clients want their new passports to be released, the company can provide the appropriate service.

Renewing a passport can take a lot of time and effort especially to those who aren’t familiar with the process. But with the help of Star Visa Services Ltd, it’s possible to complete the task in just a couple of days or less. This company is known in providing swift service to all customers without compromising on their efficiency. Hence, clients can expect their new passports, with no fault or mistakes, to arrive on time.

This company is fully aware that clients have different requirements when renewing their passports. Some may need it urgently, while others can wait for a week or so to get it done. For those who want their passports to be replaced immediately, Star Visa Services Ltd offers the British Passport Renewal Same Day Service which is available for £321.00 for Adult 32-page passport and £331.00 for Adult 50-page passport.

For a more affordable option, the company offers One-Week British Passport Renewal Service which costs £243.00 for Adult 32-page passport and £253.00 for Adult 50-page passport. Meanwhile, those who can wait for their new passports after two to three weeks just need to pay £171.75 for Adult 32-page passport and £181.75 for Adult 50-page passport.

For all interested parties, please take note that the company reserves its right to change prices without prior notice.

From the application up to the collection of new passports at the HM Passport Office, Star Visa Services Ltd can do these without any hassle as long as the required documents are already provided. These usually include a completed UK passport renewal application form, the original passport, payment form, two identical photos and more.

Aside from providing passport services, Star Visa Services Ltd further extends the help they offer by assisting clients with the visa application process. This enables them to travel to popular destinations like Russia, China, India and Saudi Arabia.

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About Star Visa Services Ltd

Star Visa Services Ltd is 100% committed to helping people with the passport renewal process. They are staffed with experienced and professional agents who can handle the application and collection of a new passport on your behalf. So all you need to do is wait for it to be delivered at your doorstep. If you are interested in availing a passport service form this company, kindly check their website at For written enquiries, you may fill out their online contact form or send an email at To speak with someone directly, please call 020 7487 3544.