TranslatorPub: Opportunities For Interpreters

March 2, 2019 ( PR Submission Site )  – TranslatorPub is a worldwide-known platform that helps connect agencies and freelancers in the translation industry. For several years now, this job portal has expanded to different countries and opened new business opportunities, strengthening existing cooperation and helping translators and employees find new possibilities and reinforcing professional relationships.

 In the translation industry, interpreting is also highly demanded. Interpreters make it easier to interact with people from different cultures and often ensure procedures are conducted appropriately.

 Since TranslatorPub is one of the biggest platforms, interpreters have access to thousands of job opportunities with agencies from anywhere in the world. In TP, employers and freelancers have access to a top-notch platform developed to help each party reach the desired benefits.

 One of the biggest advantages of this job portal is that registration is free and users can connect with different agencies across a wide range of industries including Medicine, Law, Fashion, Science, Finance and more.

 Interpreters that get to form part of the TranslatorPub community are able to advertise their services in a platform that is visited by thousands of people from all over the world each day. They create a profile including their degree, experience, language pairs, contact information, and more.

 There are two ways for the communication and job search. The first model is when agencies go to the freelancers’ window and apply filters to look for freelancers in a certain subject area, language pair, etc. After applying the filters, they will get a list with all the persons whose profile align with what they need.

 The other way refers to freelancers looking for jobs. Interpreters can find agencies by simply directing to the window called Agencies, with a fast searcher. The window has multiple filters to make the search faster.

When looking for a job, interpreters can find the agencies posts by entering the Agency Name, Subject Areas, Type, Source Languages, Country or Destination Languages.

 The fact that freelancers and agencies have two ways to find the pair they need for a certain project and connect to achieve the desired translation, makes it easier than ever to start building business relations.

 With TranslatorPub, interpreters can find the job of their dreams in every occasion and even have multiple collaborations. They also have a window to advertise their services and knowledge to every country and every brand.