LeBitGo: Modular Titanium / Stainless Steel Hand Tools

The LeBitGo is a unique set of hand tools that will transform the way users get things done around the house and in their daily lives. At its core, LeBitGo is a modular set of bits and attachments. Depending on the configuration of these interchangeable pieces, the tool can function as a screwdriver or light-duty hammer. Users can configure the pieces in virtually any formation, making it easier to operate screws in tight spaces and at awkward angles.

The modular design follows the common style for bits, meaning that the pieces in the LeBitGo set could be paired with a wide range of tools that users might already have in their homes, including drills, socket wrenches, and other kits. Users can operate LeBitGo by hand or use the bits with their existing power tools to open up even more capabilities.

Although LeBitGo is highly useful as a tool, the creators have found that users often spend the majority of their time just playing with the pieces or using them in other, non-traditional ways. Many users find that the pieces are quite fun to play with. Strong magnets snap the pieces together or push them apart, which can create some fun, spinning effects for those willing to take the time to play around.

Users can also arrange the pieces in shapes of people, animals, robots and more when not in use, turning these tools into art. This is great for getting inspiration when working on DIY projects, and once users have come up with their great idea, they can use the tools to bring their imagination to life.

Constructed from durable titanium,316SS or special nylon++, all of the modular pieces are magnetic, snapping together tightly before use. This magnetic functionality opens up a host of other uses as well. Users can utilize each piece as an individual magnet to post reminders on a refrigerator or whiteboard, or they can attach the entire set together for secure, compact storage, minimizing the risk of losing pieces.

To help bring LeBitGo to consumers, the creators plan to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to generate the funds needed. The campaign will have an initial funding goal of $12,000, which it must meet in full by the end of the campaign to receive the funding. Those who back the campaign will be treated to a series of rewards, depending on the amount they contribute.