Time Travel Fiction Trending On Kickstarter

05 july, 2019 PR Submission Site ) – From one of the most successful science fiction authors on Kickstarter comes a new masterpiece of time travel literature.

A new science fiction novel released on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter.com is trending fast among readers. Released on July 2, the book is already among the most popular fiction books tracking on the crowd funding website.

Described as an interesting blend of Arthur C. Clarke and Tom Clancy, “John J. Clifton, Temporal Specialist” recounts the story of a time traveler from the year 2151 who is stranded in the past and reaches out to a New York news media company for assistance. Skeptical at first, the company producers are shocked to discover he is what he claims to be. While preparing to announce their extraordinary visitor to the world, they learn he is concealing a tremendous secret, a secret that could change the course of the future.

The latest work from science fiction author T. E. Willis, this is a thoroughly enjoyable science-fiction mystery adventure filled with travel to exotic lands, fear and flight, time travel, strange technology, violence, and romance. Readers who enjoy science, physics, mysteries, or the topic of time travel will enjoy this work immensely!

Fans of science fiction can reserve a copy and support the work on Kickstarter.com.

For more information, please visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/visit2151/john-j-clifton-temporal-specialist