What Are Some Of The Best Team Building Activities To Improve Employee Engagement In Your Team?

Any the company, business or organization needs a dedicated, determined, and passionate team working towards a common goal. To ensure a cohesively working team, it is important to organise team activities that increase employee engagement to a significant extent. The aim is to get co-workers outside their normal activities, allow them to mingle and mix up with each other and have fun while nurturing teamwork. It helps the workplace get a nice boost with more motivated and energetic employees.

Things to avoid when choosing team-building activities

These days, a great variety of team building activities is available that bring employees with diverse skills, knowledge and experience come together and work cohesively. The companies are very enthusiastic when organising these activities. While doing so, they must ensure that the activities do not leave an opposite impact on them.

The employees must not feel coerced, unorganized and forced as it will leave them disheartened, dejected and demotivated. They will keep looking at the clock and wonder why they were asked to be a part of this event in the first place. Look for activities that are fun-filled and bring employees together without being imposing on them.

The company or the organisers must be thoughtful about the goal they are trying to accomplish through these activities. They also need to research a little and choose activities carefully. It is significant to note here that more the activities are personalised as per participating employees, more they will appreciate the effort and enjoy.

What factors to look into when deciding appropriate team-building activities?

Before choosing team building activities for your employees, do consider the team member’s personalities, find out their likes and dislikes, check if they would like to indulge in mental exercises or physical exercises. Armed with this knowledge, set the goals that you are hoping to accomplish. These goals may be relationship building, alignment, member appreciation, employee engagement, or problem-solving. Here, we bring you some of the best team building activities that serve the purpose of enhancing employee engagement.

The Triggertronics

It is a very interesting and exciting project-based activity. It brings team members together for performing a few simple activities through myriad transactions. They are assigned required supplies to build the project from scratch. They have to design and build an energy conversion machine. It is possible only when every team member pitch in and bring his unique skill, experience, and knowledge on board.

The team members learn a lot from this activity. They learn the art of open communication, close collaboration, unleashing creativity and working as a cohesive unit. The level of employee engagement seems to be at an all-time high when the team is engaged in this activity. They also learn the proper use of limited resources and enjoy increased team morale.

F1 Challenge

It is another of the best team building activities where the team is assigned with the required resources to design and build a customised concept car. Once the cars are ready, the teams engage in racing them. This is a fun way to celebrate the event finale amidst a lot of excitement. There are certain rules that need to be adhered to by the team when building the car.

The entire activity entails the team members to come up with design ideation, modifications if any and finally testing the car to see it works. The team learns to make the best use of their creativity, management and use of resources, communication and close collaboration.

Jumbo Cricket

In India, cricket is considered as one of the most popular sports played and followed by a majority of the population. The concept of gully cricket is quite famous here. As part of this team bonding activity, the teams are given a giant-sized cricket bat which is 50 kg in weight and 10 feet in width. Each team can have players around 8-20. The players are challenged to wield the heavy bat and manoeuvre it in such a way that maximum runs are made. It is tough to hold such a heavy bat and hit the ball to make runs, but a team that is working with complete collaboration can ace the activity.

The team members learn how to make strategies, implement them flawlessly and work with complete collaboration and coordination. There is a degree of interdependence among team members, but they learn how to win the game despite being dependent on others.

Kontiki Boat Building

It is another fun-filled team bonding activity where a team has the supplies required to design and build a ‘Kontiki Boat.’ The entire team pitch in to build the boat and finally tests its working efficiency in an exciting and exhilarating boat race. The team has to take care of several safety parameters and make the best use of blueprints handed over to them for designing the boat.

The activity is judged depending on design, décor, cohesiveness and functionality. It is the best activity to build a dedicated team. The team members identify leadership skills lying dormant in them.

Roller Coaster

It is a team building activity that aims to bring cohesiveness in teams. Employees working in an organization in different departments with different skills and capabilities come together to create a roller coaster. The team is assigned with necessary raw materials which they have to use optimally. The roller coaster is designed and built by the entire team in a way that the ball, when rolled over it, passes by uninterrupted with gravitational force.

The entire activity has to be completed within a stipulated time. This activity help co-workers learn the essence of project planning, time management, resource management, amazing teamwork, and open communication. It brings them closer to each other and they are more receptive to each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

The Corporate team building activities mentioned above help an organization bring its employees closer to each other. Inhibitions are done away with and the team is more open to each other. They learn the significance of communication and collaboration and how it helps them achieve their organizational goals.