StockChain Lands in the Heart of Global Finance, at New York’s Iconic Times Square

NEW YORKMarch 19, 2018 /PRSubmissionSite/ — Stockchain (SCC), the world’s first decentralized professional digital currency quotation and exchange platform, launched a new advertising campaign in the heart of the global financial sector, at New York’s Times Square on March 15, 2018.

The campaign, featuring the company’s logo and website, is announcing StockChain – the ecosystem for big data – is coming. At the heart of Manhattan in New York City, Times Square is one of the world’s most instantly recognizable public spaces – and a hub for the global financial services sector, with the NASDAQ headquarters located right on the square. NASDAQ MarketSite, the huge digital billboard on the exterior of the NASDAQ building, is one of the most iconic advertising spaces in the United States. Every year, approximately 50 million people visit Times Square, making it one of the busiest pedestrian areas in the world.

StockChain is an online platform that connects international digital currency exchanges, to enable cross-platform information sharing and trading and enhance trading efficiency across networks. At its core, StockChain aims to solve the “island” problem in the international digital currency market whereby individual exchanges trade in isolation, without connections to other exchanges. Since digital currencies commonly use erc20 and other standards, they can theoretically be traded on any exchange. However, most global exchanges remain centralized, not sharing data with other networks.

StockChain tackles this problem by providing an integrated platform where traders can monitor information across multiple exchanges, and make investment decisions in real time.

“Our ambition is to support global trading in digital currency in the same way that investors currently trade stocks — by providing investors with the real-time information and access that they need to make informed investment choices,” said Jin Xiang, CEO of StockChain. “We aim to make StockChain the go-to platform for investors to access information to inform their trading strategies, purchase traditional financial investment products, and innovative predictive services that leverage our expertise in AI.”

StockChain is the first platform to use big data analysis techniques to monitor trading data across various exchanges, predict trading trends in advance, and recommend promising trading strategies through sophisticated machine learning technology. To achieve this, StockChain’s machine learning engines monitor and analyze vast amounts of trading data across multiple exchanges, to develop indices that closely track performance across exchanges or industries — a world first for the digital currency industry. Building on these indices, in addition to its role as an information provider, StockChain is also working with third party institutions to enable trading of financial derivatives products.

“We intend to launch different types of options contracts for investors to choose from, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and other ICO currency’s options,” explains StockChain’s CEO Jin Xiang. “Our C2C margin-trading platform develops effective and uniform interest rate algorithms and security deposit management mechanisms for various types of ICO currencies, ensuring a safe, fair and transparent way to trade on digital currency futures. We will also provide ETF index fund that contains a basket of digital currencies, which will allow investors to trade in more than one related currencies.”

StockChain’s management team brings years of Wall Street expertise and experience at bulge bracket banks and brokerage firms. Its product development team is led by one of the earliest product managers of the digital giant Baidu, while its tech team is led by a founder of 360, another search engine giant in China. Full details of the management team and advisory council can be found on the StockChain website.

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