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UK, 11th May 2018

Lean Six Sigma Course

Lean Six Sigma is a business concept that focuses to increase customer’s satisfaction with bespoke results. By reducing variations, it always tries to dispose of any mistakes. It uses several statistical and managerial tools to improve the condition of any process. It basically runs on the concept of DMAIC methodology which is Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control.

The training program in ILSSI helps individuals to understand the concepts to improve the quality of business productivity. There will be theoretical sessions involved in the process to explain the use of statistical tools for solving the issues into the organization. You will have practical exposure to real-time problems, thus, you will be able to judge your managerial skills.

It is advisable for all the organization, irrespective of their size, to eliminate glitches and errors to drive a result oriented process. Team leaders will help to identify the waste in the organization so the company can produce more in limited resources. Lean Six Sigma training programs enable individuals to efficiently craft and implement process improvement projects, develop leadership skills and to make fact-based decisions.  The training helps to revamp critical point in organizations with the help of team members.

Benefits of Six Sigma Training in ILSSI

• You will build a capability of data-driven decision making power

• You will use concepts and terms for real in an organization

• You will be providing assistance in the growth

• You will enhance the project management techniques

• Support leadership

• You will enhance your career

About Us

ILSSI is a renowned place for training and consultant related services for Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma. It offers many lean six sigma training programs ranging from Yellow belt, green belt, black belt to master black belt. We believe in offering our services with a realistic approach so you don’t face any problem while solving an issue in the organization. We have Sigma professional in UK, Switzerland, EU, USA and in the middle east to provide you global standards for both lean and six sigma courses.

We design our contents based on the facts, researchers and case implementation. To make you understand better, we provide on-site training with implementation guide. We have professionals to guide you through every step you take at the time of implementation. Avail this course from us to empower yourself with exceptionally appealing strategies.

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