Choose the Correct Way to Rank up Your Website and Not Just Any Rumour

(prsubmissionsite) October 16, 2019 – If you own a website or in a regular use of SEO then you must always want to try and know new and effective ways to improve the rank of your site and you may come across several ways, one of these ways you may be hearing these days a lot is that how you can rank up your site with the help of nofollow anchor text links. But is it true or just another myth? If you want to know anything else about SEO experts, then you should visit this website to find an expert.

The explanation behind nofollow link

There are two theories suggesting how nofollow link helps in ranking a website. One of them is that anchor texts are picked up by search engines and then used for ranking but there is no basis on this theory so let’s cross it out, the other one is that the spammer republishes the nofollow link and also might make it into a dofollow link. This theory assumes that few spam links will help with the ranking of a site but the reality is that it will not. You can learn more about getting SEO expert services by going to this website.

The truth behind nofollow link

The link is removed by nofollow from its existence and so it has no existence for Google. When Google removes the link from them nofollow anchor texts become just words which are not related to any site, hence they no longer remain anchor text. But if no link is attached to it how will it help any website to rank up? It won’t that is the answer. Google even made a video explaining to its user that nofollow link does not help with ranking up the site in any way.