Study Finds Carisoprodol Effective In Treating Neuropathic Pain

16th August 2018 ( PR Submission Site ) Patients affected from neuropathic pain found a greater relief with minimal side effects, while treated with Carisoprodol followed with commonly prescribed treatments as per medical experts. Current findings came from a study held at the University of Atlanta Neurology Clinic and Pain Clinic in Georgia, and published in the March 18 issue of Neurology research papers.

The contemporary results of our research and controlled study reports prevails that the primary data that Carisoprodol, at a dosage of 350mg and 500mg per day is clinically effective for the advance treatment of neuropathic pain,” according to study author Kenneth Riley, PharmaD, of the Department of Neurology  Science at the University of Atlanta at Georgia. Report also stated the fact that 35 percent of patients improved with carisoprodol.

Neuropathic pain, generally caused from a disturbance of the peripheral or central nervous system of human body, includes symptoms such as tingling, numbness, burning sensations and shooting. Neuropathic pain reduces the patient severe pain for the longer hours. Carisoprodol completely a prescription FDA pain relief medication which helps to reduce the pain sensation and send signal to the brain to stop the pain.

In Georgia City based clinic, 120 patients who had participated in the study were all clinically diagnosed with neuropathic pain relief carisoprodol. It Reports states that carisoprodol reduces the pain with in 40 min of time and next 8-12 hours no pain were moving into the human body. It is highly recommended by the team of researchers in their study.

Millions of people with nerves pain take medicine to ease the burning nerve pain and take ease. A patient only needs the immediate lower down the pain medication without any cost. Several pharmacies websites selling their online pain relief medication without taking prescription from their client. Pain severity highly required the dosage strength into the human body which can only fulfill with the prescription of medical experts after body checkup.

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