AMPLEXOR Announces the Development of an Enterprise-Grade, Neural Machine Translation Solution as the Next Phase in its Artificial Intelligence Programe

LISBON, PortugalMarch 19, 2018 /PRSubmissionSite/ — Global digital solutions provider, AMPLEXOR, today announced the next phase of its Artificial Intelligence (AI) program – to develop an enterprise-grade, neural machine translation solution. The solution, which will target the Medical Device market, is being developed in collaboration with the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), one of the largest centers of excellence in AI worldwide.

AMPLEXOR has supported its worldwide customers with ‘smart solutions’ under its broader Content Intelligence (CI) portfolio – enabling organizations to apply artificial intelligence concepts to multilingual content processing. In 2017, AMPLEXOR established a dedicated AI/CI competence center in Madrid to develop these smart solutions.

Speaking of this latest phase in AMPLEXOR’s AI journey, Markus Welsch, Vice President Content Intelligence and Chief Solution Architect, AMPLEXOR, commented, “NMT is a very promising translation technology, but still has some way to go to be fit for purpose for true enterprise use.  That is exactly what we aim to deliver – enterprise-grade NMT in our translation workflows that address the security, scalability and mission-critical content for demanding operational contexts and use cases.” Markus continues, “This approach to NMT in translation workflows is what the Medical Device market, as an example, is calling out for – a domain that requires absolute accuracy and high precision and where translation errors could lead to regulatory liability and are a leading cause of device recalls. This enterprise-grade capability is a key differentiator in our approach to NMT and one that will help to transform the way companies approach translations, delivering accuracy and efficiency at all times.”

The AMPLEXOR NMT solution will initially focus on life sciences, and specifically on the Medical Device sector. This is part of the $3 trillion healthcare industry, in the US alone, and a sector that researchers and manufacturers are particularly focused on using AI and automation to achieve greater efficiencies and improved accuracy.  Following the successful deployment of NMT for the Life Sciences industry, AMPLEXOR aims to expand this capability for use in other sectors.

“We have long put AI at the heart of our Content Intelligence portfolio,” said Mark Evenepoel, CEO, AMPLEXOR. “An enterprise-grade neural machine translation solution is the next step for us and one that represents a huge opportunity for our customers across industries and applications. We are delighted to combine our domain-specific knowledge and data assets in the Medical Device domain with DFKI’s technology knowhow in AI to make this happen.”

DFKI was founded in 1988, and in the field of innovative commercial software technology using AI, is one of the largest centres of excellence in the world. The AMPLEXOR DFKI relationship stretches back to 2010 when the companies first collaborated on a ‘tribrid’ translation engine R&D project, named taraXÜ.

“Our previously successful engagements with AMPLEXOR show it is a company that understands AI and how it can be used to develop solutions to improve and transform the translation processes,” said Professor Dr. Josef van Genabith, Scientific Director, Multilingual Technologies at DFKI. “This next collaboration will include the development of a neural machine translation engine that aims to be a truly transformative technology in terms of providing natural and fluent translations.”

AI will also be highlighted at this year’s BE THE EXPERT conference, AMPLEXOR’s annual conference, running June 5through 7 in Dubrovnik, Croatia. This year’s conference keynote has been announced as DFKI’s Professor Dr. Josef van Genabith.  Register for the conference here.


AMPLEXOR International, headquartered in Luxembourg, is a leading digital solution provider offering global compliance, digital experience, content and language solutions. Continuously growing since its foundation in 1987, and today with a presence in over 23 countries, AMPLEXOR helps customers across key industries, including Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Energy & Environment, the Public Sector and Defense, Aerospace & Transport achieve process efficiency, increase revenue generation, reduce time-to-market and ensure quality and compliance. For more information, visit



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Cheap Louboutin Online Store Announces Celebrities High Heel Shoes at Affordable Prices

New South Wales, Australia, March 17, 2018 /PRSubmissionSite/ —– Christian Louboutin pumps are often popular for their elegant style. These shoes represent a mark of luxury and are available at premium prices and may not be affordable for numerous customers around the world. is a popular online store for purchasing replicas of Christian Louboutin pumps at great prices.

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About is a Cheap Christian Louboutin Replica online store of Cltodshoes998 Company, selling a wide variety of replica footwear for all types of customers at the best prices. One can purchase replicas of pumps, boots, red bottoms and other varieties from the online store without paying exorbitant prices. They have shoes for women in different styles and various sizes for best fitting.

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Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Bill Townsend announces his candidacy for the U.S. House of Representatives in Nevada’s 4th Congressional District

LAS VEGASMarch 15, 2018 /PRSubmissionSite/ — Bill Townsend, a media and technology entrepreneur and philanthropist, today announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination to the United States House of Representatives in Nevada’s 4th Congressional District. Townsend is President & CEO of RevolutionSports, Inc. and TRICCAR Holdings, Inc., as well as founder of Amati Foundation, a nonprofit. Townsend was instrumental in the creation of several successful companies, most notably Lycos (sold for $7.6 billion); social media innovator (the technology behind LinkedIn); GeoCities (sold to Yahoo!) and (sold to Google and ebay).

“America faces serious issues: an educational system that is failing our children at a time when global competition is the new way of life; school safety that is not adequately addressed; access to affordable health insurance and prescription medicines; stalled passage of the Equal Rights Amendment and hardly anyone demanding ‘equal pay for equal results;’a nation whose morals and values have declined, and an endless blame game that has consumed Washington,” says Townsend.

“I believe in transparency on the issues. To that end, outlines in detail solutions to major initiatives that I call ‘12 Big Ideas for Nevada,’ including a comprehensive plan to improve education; to dramatically improve school safety; to fully fund and increase Social Security benefits for the next 80 years; to significantly support women’s issues; an end to homelessness as it exists today. In addition, topics of importance are addressed, including: jobs and the economy, affordable healthcare, support for our military and veterans; the 2nd Amendment; reducing taxes for workers, growth initiatives for Nevada that supplement our service job base, and Nevada’s future, including a call for the Federal government to return 15 million acres of land to be owned and managed by the State of Nevada.”

“As an example, to improve school safety, we must identify and treat those requiring behavioral health interventions. We must solve the opiate and anti-psychotic drug problem and the role prescription drugs have on children’s behavior. 50 million students spend the majority of their time in school and they should be given the same type of security our judges, airports, Federal buildings, and Members of Congress enjoy.”

“My message is simple: fiscal conservatism combined with socially compassionate programs to free people from government overreach yet ensure the social support programs and safety net are in place for those in need. It was a message of accountability and fresh ideas to the problems plaguing America. To properly serve the American People, we need to elect innovative thinkers and creative problem solvers, not more attorneys and career politicians.”

On July 1, 1854Abraham Lincoln said, “The legitimate object of government, is to do for a community of people, whatever they need to have done, but can not do, at all, or can not, so well do, for themselves — in their separate, and individual capacities.” It is my intention to take this approach with me to Washington, focusing intently on fixing the many issues in government and giving Nevadans a better shot at achieving their own American Dream.”


Paid for by The Townsend Campaign.


SOURCE The Townsend Campaign

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NASA to Highlight Science Launching on Next Resupply Mission to Space Station

WASHINGTONMarch 14, 2018 /PRSubmissionSite/ — NASA will host a media teleconference at 11 a.m. EDT Monday, March 19, to discuss a number of science investigations and instruments launching in April to the International Space Station on the next SpaceX commercial resupply mission. Audio of the teleconference will stream live on NASA’s website.

To participate in the teleconference, media must contact Stephanie Schierholz at 202-358-1100 or by 5 p.m. Friday, March 16, for dial-in information.

Pete Hasbrook, associate program scientist for the International Space Station Program at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, and Michael Roberts, deputy chief scientist at the Center for Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS), will kick off the call with an overview of the research and technology aboard SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft.

Also participating in the briefing will be:

  • Torsten Neubert, National Space Institute at the Technical University of Denmark – Neubert, principal investigator for the Atmosphere-Space Interactions Monitor (ASIM), will discuss how this Earth observatory will study severe thunderstorms and their role in the Earth’s atmosphere and climate. In addition to space applications, ASIM will help improve current atmospheric models that guide long- and short-term climate predictions.
  • Stephanie Murphy and Mark GittlemanAlpha Space Test and Research Alliance – Murphy, founder of Alpha Space, and Gittleman, the company’s president and chief executive officer, will discuss Alpha Space’s Materials International Space Station Experiment flight facility (MISSE-FF). MISSE will be permanently installed on the exterior of the orbiting laboratory and provide the ability to test materials, coatings, and components in the harsh environment of space, with flight opportunities for experimenters approximately every six months. Testing on MISSE may benefit a variety of industries, including advanced manufacturing of products ranging from protective clothing for astronauts to solar cells.
  • Kim de Groh, NASA’s Glenn Research Center – De Groh, a senior materials research engineer, will talk about how exposing 138 polymer and composite samples to the space environment via MISSE-FF will provide critical data to improve predictions of materials durability for spacecraft and component lifetimes in low-Earth orbit.
  • Elaine Horn-Ranney, Tympanogen, Inc. – Principal investigator for research about wound healing, Horn-Ranney will discuss this investigation into improving the process of antibiotic release from gels that can cover large wounds, a medical advancement that could be used to treat military combat wounds and reduce the occurrence and severity of systemic infection and inflammation.
  • Randall GermanSan Diego State University – German will discuss the NASA Sample Cartridge Assembly experiment (MSL SCA-GEDS-German) that seeks to better understand how the lack of gravity affects a process used to produce high-performance products from metal powders. This research could lead to improved manufacturing techniques and has potential as a way to perform in-space fabrication and repair.
  • Dr. Guy TrudelUniversity of Ottawa and Ottawa Hospital in Ontario – Trudel, a physician and principal investigator for the MARROW study, will discuss an investigation that looks at the effect of microgravity on bone marrow, blood cells produced in marrow, recovery after space missions, and the application of this data to future space explorers as well as healthcare providers on Earth.

SpaceX is targeting no earlier than 4:30 p.m. April 2 for the launch of its Dragon spacecraft on a Falcon 9 rocket from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

Find out more about NASA’s commercial resupply services at:

Learn more about research aboard the International Space Station at:


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NASA Honors Legacy of Renowned Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking

WASHINGTONMarch 14, 2018 /PRSubmissionSite/ — The following is a statement from acting NASA Administrator Robert Lightfoot on the passing of visionary physicist Stephen Hawking, who died at his home in Cambridge, England, early Wednesday morning.

“Today, the world lost a giant among men, whose impact cannot be overstated. Our condolences go out to the family and friends of Stephen Hawking.

“Stephen’s breakthroughs in the fields of physics and astronomy not only changed how we view the cosmos, but also has played, and will continue to play, a pivotal role in shaping NASA’s efforts to explore our solar system and beyond.

“Along with groundbreaking and inspiring work came another attribute that made Stephen a hero not just to younger generations, but also to his peers. A longtime friend to NASA, Stephen was a passionate communicator who wanted to share the excitement of discovery with all.

“His loss is felt around the world by all he inspired with his work and his personal story of perseverance.”


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Is California’s Cap & Trade Rule Unconstitutional? – an Industrial Info News Alert

SUGAR LAND, TexasMarch 13, 2018 /PRSubissionSite/ — Written by John Egan for Industrial Info Resources (Sugar Land, Texas)–Republican state legislators in Utah and Wyoming are trying a new approach to preserve coal mining jobs and coal-fired electricity in their states: invoking the U.S. Constitution’s Commerce Clause.

The Commerce Clause, contained in Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution, gives Congress the power “To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes.” State lawmakers in Utahand Wyoming assert that the cap & trade policy enacted by California to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide from power plants unlawfully interferes with interstate commerce by limiting the importation of wholesale power from Utah.

Within this article:  Details of the pending court case and associated legislation.

For details, view the entire article by subscribing to Industrial Info’s Premium Industry News, or browse other breaking industrial news stories at

Industrial Info Resources (IIR), with global headquarters in Sugar Land, Texas, six offices in North America and 12 international offices, is the leading provider of global market intelligence specializing in the industrial process, heavy manufacturing and energy markets. Industrial Info’s quality-assurance philosophy, the Living Forward Reporting Principle™, provides up-to-the-minute intelligence on what’s happening now, while constantly keeping track of future opportunities. Follow IIR on: Facebook – Twitter – LinkedIn. For more information on our coverage, send inquiries to  or visit us online at

William Ploch



SOURCE Industrial Info Resources, Inc.

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Togetherwork Acquired by GI Partners

NEW YORKMarch 13, 2018 /PRSubmissionSite/ — Togetherwork, the emerging leader in Group Management Software and Payments, announced today that GI Partners, a leading private investment firm, has acquired Togetherwork from Aquiline Capital Partners, a New York-based private equity firm investing in financial services and technology. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

“Our partnership with Aquiline Capital Partners has successfully allowed us to build out and scale our platform, enabling businesses acquired by Togetherwork to become larger and faster growing than they would have on their own,” said Neil Platt, CEO of Togetherwork. “We are confident that under the new ownership of GI Partners, we will continue to focus on driving high quality integrated software and payments solutions and high customer satisfaction while deepening and expanding our reach into vertical markets.”

Togetherwork has a family of entrepreneurial companies that provide SaaS solutions to groups and organizations for administration and payments. Togetherwork was launched by Aquiline as a platform to acquire, integrate and scale leading businesses developing software used to manage and enable payments for groups and organizations.

Vincenzo La Ruffa, Togetherwork Board member and Head of Financial Technology at Aquiline Capital Partners, added, “We are so proud of all that Togetherwork has accomplished since the platform was launched. They have quickly developed into a leader in this space and we believe the future is very bright for Neil and his team. We wish them continued success with GI Partners.”

Travis Pearson, Managing Director at GI Partners said, “We have been impressed by Togetherwork’s ability to acquire and develop high-quality businesses serving attractive member-based markets, the scale of its addressable market opportunity, and its ability to accelerate growth in its operating segments. We look forward to supporting the company’s continued progress and rapid growth.”

Togetherwork represents the third portfolio investment in GI Partners Fund V, a $2.8 billion fund raised in 2017. Kirkland & Ellis acted as legal advisor to GI Partners. Willkie Farr & Gallagher served as legal counsel and Harris Williams & Co. acted as financial advisor to Aquiline Capital Partners.

About Togetherwork

Togetherwork is the emerging leader in software and payments for groups and organizations of all kinds, helping them grow, become more efficient, increase revenues, and provide excellent service to their members and constituents. Togetherwork’s operating companies serve multiple verticals including fraternal organizations, religious congregations, sports leagues, summer camps, charities, and cultural and educational institutions. Togetherwork has more than 300 employees. The company is based in New York City. To learn more about us, please visit:

About GI Partners

GI Partners is a private investment firm based in San Francisco. The firm has raised $16 billion in capital from leading institutional investors across the globe. GI Partners’ private equity team focuses on investments in the IT Infrastructure, Healthcare, Software, and Services sectors. For more information on GI Partners and its entire portfolio, please visit:

About Aquiline Capital Partners LLC

Aquiline Capital Partners, founded in 2005, is a private equity firm based in New York investing in businesses across the financial services sector in banking and credit, insurance, investment management and markets, and financial technology and services. For more information about Aquiline, its investment professionals, and its portfolio companies, please visit:

Media Contacts:

GI Partners
Chris Tofalli
Chris Tofalli Public Relations LLC

Caroline Schimmelbusch
GI Partners Investor Relations

Aquiline Capital Partners
Alex Yankus / Harry Mayfield
Brunswick Group
+1 212 333 3810


SOURCE GI Partners

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SRAX Announces Alpha Release of Blockchain Technology BIG Platform

LOS ANGELESMarch 12, 2018 /PRSubmissionSite/ — Social Reality, Inc.‘s (NASDAQ: SRAX) blockchain identification graph platform, BIG, today announced the release of the Alpha version of its consumer data management and distribution system to a limited, by invitation only group of users.

Today’s announcement represents the first direct engagement for BIG with users and the next step in creating the first consumer-powered data marketplace where people will own, verify and sell access to their data.

“The release of BIG in Alpha is an exciting step in our efforts to build a consumer application and secure data management system with a rewards component,” said Christopher Miglino, CEO and Chairman of SRAX. “BIG will benefit everyone in the Internet ecosystem and deliver an advantage to our advertising clients, while improving the online experience for consumers.”

“After months of hard work and diligence, our vision for BIG, as the first consumer-powered data marketplace, is coming to fruition,” said Kristoffer Nelson, COO of SRAX. “The BIG platform solves challenges for both consumers and businesses. Most importantly, the ability for consumers to verify their existing data and create new data through interactive surveys in the Alpha version, represents a significant milestone in enabling consumers to own and manage their data.”

About SRAX

SRAX (NADAQ: SRAX) is a digital marketing and consumer data management and distribution technology platform company. SRAX’s technology delivers the tools to unlock data to reveal brands and content owners’ core consumers and their characteristics across marketing channels. Through its blockchain identification graph technology platform, BIG (, SRAX is also developing a consumer-powered data marketplace where people will own and sell access to their data thereby providing everyone in the Internet ecosystem transparency, choice and compensation. SRAX’s technology and tools deliver a digital competitive advantage for brands in the healthcare, CPG, automotive, sports and lifestyle verticals by integrating all aspects of the advertising experience, including verified consumer participation, into one platform. For more information on SRAX, visit

About BIG Platform and BIGtoken

BIG Platform, built on the blockchain by SRAX, is a consumer data management and distribution system. Currently under development, SRAX’s blockchain identification graph platform, BIG, is expected to be the first consumer-powered data marketplace where people will own, verify and sell access to their data. Through a secure blockchain platform, token reward and open source governance structure, BIG will provide users with transparency, choice and compensation to manage and access verified data. As envisioned, participating consumers will be rewarded with digital tokens, BIGtoken. Developers will be able to build online experiences on top of the BIG Platform. The system also provides advertisers and media companies access to transparent, verified consumer data to better reach and serve audiences. SRAX’s BIG Platform will improve the online experience for all interested parties.

Safe Harbor Statement

This press release contains certain forward-looking statements that are based upon current expectations and involve certain risks and uncertainties within the meaning of the U.S. Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Words or expressions such as “anticipate,” “plan,” “will,” “intend,” “believe” or “expect'” or variations of such words and similar expressions are intended to identify such forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance and are subject to risks, uncertainties, and other factors, some of which are beyond our control and difficult to predict and could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed or forecasted in the forward-looking statements, including, without limitation, statements made with respect to expectations of our ability to increase our revenues, satisfy our obligations as they become due, report profitable operations and other risks and uncertainties, all as set forth in our Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2016, as filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. All forward-looking statements involve significant risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those in the forward-looking statements, many of which are generally outside the control of Social Reality and are difficult to predict. Social Reality undertakes no obligation to publicly update any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.


Kirsten Chapman
LHA Investor Relations

Steve Stratz
Relevanz Public Relations for SRAX


SOURCE Social Reality, Inc.

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Pre-Market Technical Scan on Medical Research Equities — HTG Molecular Diagnostics, PRA Health Sciences, Quest Diagnostics, and TrovaGene

NEW YORKMarch 12, 2018 /PRSubmissionSite/ – strives to bring the best free research to the investment community.  Today we are offering reports on HTGM, PRAH, DGX, and TROV which can be accessed for free by signing up to On Friday, March 09, 2018, US markets saw broad based gains with eight out of nine sectors finishing the trading sessions in green. Major US indices were also bullish at the close of last Friday’s session. The NASDAQ Composite ended the day at 7,560.81, up 1.79%; the Dow Jones Industrial Average edged 1.77% higher, to finish at 25,335.74; and the S&P 500 closed at 2,786.57, up 1.74%. This Monday morning, looks at the performance of these four Medical Laboratories & Research stocks: HTG Molecular Diagnostics Inc. (NASDAQ: HTGM), PRA Health Sciences Inc. (NASDAQ: PRAH), Quest Diagnostics Inc. (NYSE: DGX), and TrovaGene Inc. (NASDAQ: TROV). All you have to do is sign up today for this free limited time offer by clicking the link below.

HTG Molecular Diagnostics

On Friday, shares in Tucson, Arizona-based HTG Molecular Diagnostics Inc. recorded a trading volume of 1.13 million shares. The stock ended the session 3.42% lower at $5.09. The Company’s shares have gained 51.49% in the last month, 170.60% over the previous three months, and 87.82% in the past twelve months. The stock is trading above its 50-day and 200-day moving averages by 33.37% and 89.07%, respectively. Moreover, shares of HTG Molecular Diagnostics, which develops and markets products and services based on proprietary technology that facilitates the routine use of targeted molecular profiling, have a Relative Strength Index (RSI) of 61.57. Get the full research report on HTGM for free by clicking below at:

PRA Health Sciences

Raleigh, North Carolina headquartered PRA Health Sciences Inc.’s stock closed the day 2.90% higher at $90.46 with a total trading volume of 559,029 shares, which was above their three months average volume of 478.47 thousand shares. The Company’s shares have advanced 11.05% in the previous three months and 54.03% over the last twelve months. The stock is trading above its 50-day and 200-day moving averages by 1.39% and 11.99%, respectively. Additionally, shares of the Company, which provides outsourced clinical development services to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries worldwide, have an RSI of 59.49. Free research on PRAH can be accessed at:

Quest Diagnostics

Shares in Secaucus, New Jersey headquartered Quest Diagnostics Inc. recorded a trading volume of 1.03 million shares, which was above their three months average volume of 1.02 million shares. The stock ended last Friday’s trading session 2.25% higher at $106.99. The Company’s shares have advanced 9.86% over the previous three months. The stock is trading above its 50-day and 200-day moving averages by 4.92% and 4.85%, respectively. Furthermore, shares of Quest Diagnostics, which provides diagnostic testing information and services in the US and internationally, have an RSI of 62.56.

On March 07th, 2018, research firm Argus upgraded the Company’s stock rating from ‘Hold’ to ‘Buy’. Sign up today for the free research report on DGX at:


San Diego, California headquartered TrovaGene Inc.’s stock finished Friday’s session 1.12% higher at $0.36 with a total trading volume of 1.09 million shares. The Company’s shares have advanced 7.63% in the last month. The stock is trading above its 50-day moving average by 11.74%. Additionally, shares of TrovaGene, which develops oncology therapeutics for cancer care by leveraging its proprietary Precision Cancer Monitoring technology in tumor genomics, have an RSI of 54.66. Wall St. Equities’ research coverage also includes the downloadable free report on TROV at:

Wall St. Equities:

Wall St. Equities (WSE) produces regular sponsored and non-sponsored reports, articles, stock market blogs, and popular investment newsletters covering equities listed on NYSE and NASDAQ and micro-cap stocks. WSE has two distinct and independent departments. One department produces non-sponsored analyst certified content generally in the form of press releases, articles and reports covering equities listed on NYSE and NASDAQ and the other produces sponsored content (in most cases not reviewed by a registered analyst), which typically consists of compensated investment newsletters, articles and reports covering listed stocks and micro-caps. Such sponsored content is outside the scope of procedures detailed below.

WSE has not been compensated; directly or indirectly; for producing or publishing this document.


The non-sponsored content contained herein has been prepared by a writer (the “Author”) and is fact checked and reviewed by a third-party research service company (the “Reviewer”) represented by a credentialed financial analyst [for further information on analyst credentials, please email info@wallstequities.comRohit Tuli, a CFA® charterholder (the “Sponsor”), provides necessary guidance in preparing the document templates. The Reviewer has reviewed and revised the content, as necessary, based on publicly available information which is believed to be reliable. Content is researched, written and reviewed on a reasonable-effort basis. The Reviewer has not performed any independent investigations or forensic audits to validate the information herein. The Reviewer has only independently reviewed the information provided by the Author according to the procedures outlined by WSE. WSE is not entitled to veto or interfere in the application of such procedures by the third-party research service company to the articles, documents or reports, as the case may be. Unless otherwise noted, any content outside of this document has no association with the Author or the Reviewer in any way.


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This document is not intended as an offering, recommendation, or a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell the securities mentioned or discussed, and is to be used for informational purposes only. Please read all associated disclosures and disclaimers in full before investing. Neither WSE nor any party affiliated with us is a registered investment adviser or broker-dealer with any agency or in any jurisdiction whatsoever. To download our report(s), read our disclosures, or for more information, visit


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Phone number: +21-32-044-483
Office Address: 1 Scotts Road #24-10, Shaw Center Singapore 228

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SOURCE Wall St. Equities

American Financial Benefits Center Encourages Student Loan Borrowers to Seek Out High-Demand Jobs

EMERYVILLE, Calif.March 9, 2018 /PRSubmissionSite/ — Student loan borrowers who are looking to improve their employment situation may do well to research in-demand jobs, whether it be for their specific geographic area or the country at large. American Financial Benefits Center (AFBC), a document preparation company that helps clients apply for federal programs that potentially lower their student loan payments, encourages student loan borrowers to seek out jobs for which there is high demand.

“For student loan borrowers who may be under- or unemployed, seeking out in-demand jobs may be helpful for changing their situation,” said Sara Molina, Manager at AFBC. “This is for our clients and any student loan borrower who may want to make a change.”

AFBC helps borrowers, who may have been struggling with their student loan payments, apply for and recertify enrollment in federal income-driven repayment plans. Borrowers who have low incomes because of under- or unemployment often find relief in these IDRs because their monthly payments are reduced. And while IDRs can be an important measure to help borrowers having issues with employment, borrowers may not want things to stay the same forever.

Finding a job is not always easy. But when there’s a shortage of labor, the job seeker has the advantage. A broad look at in-demand jobs can be found in current statistics on occupations with job growth nationwide. Zeroing in on certain geographic locations may be more useful, though, as a region may be lacking workers in particular industries. For example, a lack of electricians may be holding up completion of San Francisco’s new Transbay Terminal. Sometimes the need for a certain job is just widespread, though, like the teacher shortages affecting every state in the country.

“Being intentional with a job search and focusing on specifically in-demand occupations may boost success rates when it comes to getting hired,” said Molina. “No matter where they are in their search, though, we hope student loan borrowers are feeling secure when it comes to their loan repayment, so they can focus on finding work and not worrying about student loans.”

About American Financial Benefits Center

American Financial Benefits Center is a document preparation company that helps clients apply for federal student loan repayment plans that fit their personal financial and student loan situation. Through its strict customer service guidelines the company strives for the highest levels of honesty and integrity.

AFBC is a member of the Association for Student Loan Relief (AFSLR), and each representative on the phone has received the Certified Student Loan Professional certification through the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA).


American Financial Benefits Center

1900 Powell Street #600

Emeryville, CA 94608


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AFBC home page

SOURCE American Financial Benefits Center