Now Pine Pollen Tablet Is Also Available For People to Boost Their Testosterone Levels Naturally

China, March 29, 2018/PRSubmissionSite/— As a potent source of Testosterone, the extract of the pine fruit is very popular among men who know about its medicinal benefits. This herbal extract has been available in the powder form for years. Now, TCM Adaptogen Warehouse Co., Limited has introduced the tablets of this herbal extract, allowing people to consume it in the right dosage and witness the best results.

According to the spokesperson of the company, Pine Pollen contains a significant amount of androgenic substances to help maintain a balanced endocrine system. This is an ancient medicine that is suitable for the modern generation. Available in a light yellow color, the fine powder of this herb contains around 98% protein and can have an immediate effect on the energy and vitality of humans who consume it on a regular basis. The spokesperson reveals that they collect this fruit from the nature with its intrinsic qualities remaining intact.

The company focuses on breaking the cell of the fruit in a pneumatic manner, so that the pine pollen powder remains free from impurities. The fruits are collected from the regions in the foot of the Himalaya Mountain. The spokesperson maintains that fruits are gathered once a year. The company uses the Airflow Separation Technology to remove impurities from the pine fruit. They adopt the Airflow Cell Cracking Technology to break the cell of the fruits. The cracked pollen fruits are passed through the 300 mesh vibrating screen to collect the fine quality powder that humans can easily consume.

Now, the company is offering pine pollen tablet, which one can consume twice a day as per the recommended dosage. The 0.5g tablet can be consumed on a daily basis to fight against stress and boost the immune system. Each tablet contains protein, vitamin and minerals that can boost the essential physical functions of the endocrine system. One can now get these tablets for maintaining the right dosage and boost the Testosterone levels. To know more about these tablets and to purchase them, one can visit the website

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