Sun knowledge is The forerunner of USA’s Prosthetics Billing

October 5, 2018 ( PR Submission Site ) Sun knowledge Services Inc has been the forerunner of DME billings in the United States of America, as ever since its inception it has been deftly dealing with all the premiere medical service providers of the states. It provides standalone as well as end to end billing and revenue generation services to its clients adding its signature touch of impeccable professionalism and perfection. One of its major clients is Prosthetics, which means medical equipment used for enhancing the physical attributes of a patient. Revenue recycling for Prosthetics has been one of Sunknowledge’s top business priorities.

The steps involved in Prosthetics Billing are.

– Prescription by the related doctor
– Time limit consideration in the insurance policy
– Billing of the modifiers
– Additional documents including the letter of medical necessity etc
– Diagnostic certification
– Repair and replacement billing

According to Dr. Dipak Nandy, founder and chairperson of Sun knowledge Services Prosthetics billing, which forms an integral part of DME billing, is one of our key areas of business and target for future improvement. Hence it is being worked on with 360-degree communication approach by our practice team.

Do come in touch with our revenue representatives to know more about our services.

Contact information:

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Director of Business Development at Sun knowledge
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