CoolCake Delivers The Best Customized Cakes Across Hyderabad

May 16, 2019 ( PR Submission Site )  – CoolCake has come up with the new online services for cake delivery in Hyderabad that enables the customers to place an order and get a cake delivered quickly. From sending fresh cake to family and friends to customizing the cake on demand, everything is possible now with CoolCake. This is the source at service to send and deliver fresh cakes and customized cakes on many occasions to make the recipient please and happy. Regardless of the occasion whether it is a birthday party, event, anniversary or wedding, CoolCake specializes in delivering fresh customized cake across Hyderabad with the fastest delivery services. You are guaranteed to get the freshest cake every time you order for cakes at CoolCake. So, enjoy the online ordering services and fastest delivery of Cool Cakes in Hyderabad.

Customized Cakes with Midnight Delivery

CoolCake specializes in a variety of flavoured cakes like chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, black forest and even customized cakes in varied sized to suit your specific needs. Because of their customization option, buyers can now add a personal touch to their selected cakes and this is on request service. Customization like adding sweet notes to the cake to prove your love and care for the recipient and more can be done at CoolCake and this needs to be done at the time of placing an order for the cakes online. You may also ask to print the name of the recipient on top of the cake. The customization option also includes adding a memorable picture on the cake to recall and relish the memory and make the recipient feel happy on receiving the cake on their special occasion.

The nature of cakes available at CoolCake helps the buyers to link with their family and friends in Hyderabad on the crucial events like weddings, commemoration, birthday, anniversary and more. Moreover, if you want to pass on a message along with the cake about the adoration, then you can easily do it when you order online cake at CoolCake. Not only day time delivery services are available but-but, but even the delivery services also extend their services to offer midnight delivery. This is something which is quite amazing because you get the chance to surprise your beloved or friend right at 112 Amon their birthday. This would make the recipient feel their importance in your life. So, for this CoolCake also deliver cakes at midnight across Hyderabad.

Uncompromised and Timely Delivery of Cake at CoolCake

CoolCake is the leading cake delivery brand in Hyderabad and to retain their reputation and value in the market, they claim to deliver your cake timely and uncompromised. You are likely to get freshest cakes in Hyderabad when you order it online from CoolCake. So, it is conceivable to buy cakes in Hyderabad from CoolCake and book a request with them via their online site. Every item they deal in is included on their official website along with the rates and the customization option available for the cake. The website comprises of different cakes which you can order it from their website and get it delivered right at your doorstep in and around Hyderabad. You will see cakes in different flavours and also the customization options available with the cakes. You can choose the type of cake and the size and mention the customization you want in the cake and place order successfully. You may also make the payment for the cake online using cards or net banking or opt for the option of cash on delivery. They accept payments from all major bank cards and net banking and also provide the buyers with the option of cash on delivery.

If you need the cake which is not available on the website, then ensure to call CoolCake on their official number and place an order over the phone and CoolCake will make the arrangement for the delivery of the cake timely and ensure that you receive the cake that you ordered from CoolCake.


CoolCake is the reputed brand in Hyderabad that specializes in customized cakes and flavoured cake delivery across Hyderabad. They have the ultimate setup of pastry kitchen in Hyderabad where they prepare different types of cakes and deliver them to the buyers in and around Hyderabad. All requests for cake delivery is taken online right from their official website and they prepare for the cake delivery rapidly and ensure to deliver it to the right address within the stipulated deadline. So, if you are searching for best customized cake in Hyderabad at a modest price, you are unarguably at the right place where you can get the best cake and fastest delivery services at no extra cost.