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Kolkata, India, May 17, 2018 Newspaper advertising is timeless. In a country like India, where newspapers have a loyal customer base, newspaper advertisement holds a commanding share in the advertising pie chart after television advertising. 

According to the reports of Zenith’s Advertising Expenditure Forecasts in the month December 2017, it was found that 2017 had closed with a total advertising expenditure (AdEx) of Rs 53,918 crore. The report showcased a slower growth rate due to the entry of demonetization in the economy in November 2016. However, the total AdEX for India is expected to rise to Rs 58,422 crore in 2018, and Rs 73,711 by 2020. As per this forecast, by 2020, newspapers will have Rs 28,670 crore, or 38.9% share of the total AdEx, which is a significant number.

Plus, in today’s world where booking a newspaper Ad has become an easy and cost-effective task, the demand for booking such Ads have increased to a large extent. One can indulge in booking various types of newspaper Ads like Matrimonial Ad, Notice Ad, Property Ad, Display Ad, etc. in a plethora of national and regional newspapers like the Times Of India, Hindustan Times, Business Standard, Ananda Bazar Patrika, Bartaman, etc.

However, the perfect approach that will lead to a successful newspaper advertisement is publishing it through an expert Ad agency. Why a newspaper Ad agency plays such an important role towards an effective newspaper advertisement? Here are the reasons.

1.      Targeted Marketing: With the expert touch of a newspaper Ad agency, your newspaper advertisement will successfully hit the targeted audiences or locations, who have already shown interest to learn more about that subject.

2.      Cost-Effective: Thanks to the smart newspaper Ad agencies as they have made Ad booking a cost-effective process with the presence of various pricing options.

3.      Deeper Engagement: As newspaper readers spend at least 10 minutes scanning a particular newspaper, chances are high that a newspaper Ad will get registered in their mind and lead to deeper engagement. Hence, expect them to recall that Ad a couple times in a day, even when the Ad is not displayed in front of them.

4.      Less Time Consuming: Booking a newspaper advertisement through an Ad agency is less time consuming and will generate greater results out of your Ad.

Thus, booking Ads through an Ad agency is not only beneficial but a smart move that one must take for a successful Ad campaign.

One can experience the above-mentioned perks of booking Ads online with Bookadsnow- an online media planning portal for booking newspaper, TV and magazine Ads. Their in-house expert will guide you through every step of your Ad booking process along with setting up a relevant budget. Not just that, if you are new to booking newspaper Ads, they have some ready-made templates or reference creatives that simplifies the Ad booking process even more.

About Bookadsnow

Bookadsnow, an initiative of Looked India Pvt Ltd – is an online media planning portal with 30+ years of experience in the media industry along with full INS accreditation. Their long-term role in this industry has encouraged them to tie up with every media and publication house across the nation that drives various brands to book Ads through Bookadsnow. They maintain complete transparency with their clients until the Ads are released and set up an appropriate budget after learning about the client’s requirements. Apart from that, Bookadsnow also keeps the potential to negotiate the Ad rates with the concerned newspaper on behalf of their clients. Hence, Bookadsnow aims at simplifying the Ad booking process at an affordable rate to produce the best results in no time.

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